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Orange juice

Orange – a fruit of an orange tree from a subfamily of a citrus. Orange – a hybridАпельсиновый сок хранят в стеклянной посуде of a pomelo and tangerine. China is considered the homeland of orange. For this reason this fruit is called sometimes "the Chinese apple". Oranges grow in the central part of America and along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Orange juice was received for the first time by Don Francisco in 1915. He constructed the first juice extractor and became the pioneer of unique properties of this natural useful drink. Orange juice has quite tempting aroma and the refreshing sweet-sour taste. Supporters of a healthy lifestyle consider this drink a valuable component of a daily food allowance. Fresh natural orange juice contains all richest structure of orange. Such juice not only tasty, but also very useful. But to mention advantage of orange juice pertinently only if it svezheotzhaty, but not recovered from an orange concentrate. The Maltese, Sicilian, Malayan and Genoa grades of oranges are most preferable to production of juice.

Structure of orange juice

Pulp and juice of orange contains many minerals, vitamins and pectinaceous substances.

Drink contains vitamin A, group B vitamins, vitamin E, N and RR. Relatively there is a lot of in juice of oranges of ascorbic acid (40 mg), boron (180 mkg), potassium (179 mkg) and copper (67 mkg). There is in it also a fluorine, phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur, magnesium, sodium and iodine.

Hundred grams of orange juice contain 1 g of proteins and 13 g of carbohydrates and 0,1 g of fats. Caloric content of orange juice as, however, and all citrus, it is small. Caloric content of orange juice – 54 kcal on hundred grams of a product.

Advantage of orange juice

The important advantage of orange juice is that it is capable to raise a power tone of an organism considerably. Therefore it is especially useful to drink this drink at chronic fatigue or short-term overfatigue. If daily to use two hundred grams of the juice diluted with water in a proportion 1:1, it is possible to strengthen immunity gradually considerably. High content of zinc, calcium and ascorbic acid does juice by an irreplaceable product at osteoporosis. It helps to keep calcium reserves, and also prevents its loss by bone system. Therefore it is useful as well to children of school and preschool age. Low caloric content of orange juice allows to include it in the dietary menu. At tendency to corpulence some nutritionists advise to wash down with this drink caloric and greasy food. It is considered that the risk of obesity at the same time decreases almost twice.

Pectinaceous substances of juice promote removal from an organism of slags and harmful substances, and also strengthen a peristaltics, improving work of intestines. This drink is very useful at insufficiency of functions of secretory glands of intestines and stomach. It is also recommended to drink at diseases of kidneys and a liver, at anemia. Juice of oranges has the expressed antibacterial and antiseptic properties. Therefore it can be used for treatment and prevention of an inflammation of gums and a throat.

The daily use of a glass of orange juice partially neutralizes harm of nicotine for health of smokers. It is not less useful to drink juice at infectious diseases with high temperature as it has the expressed febrifugal effect.

Popularity of this drink in cosmetology is obliged to availability in it of vitamins and citric acid. Citric acid saves skin from a nevus pigmentosus and bleaches it.

Harm of orange juice

Апельсиновый сок получают из апельсинаOrange juice can do harm to an organism at enteritis, pancreatitis, cholelithiasis, dyskinesia of biliary tract and an urolithiasis.

The excessive use of juice is also contraindicated at a peptic ulcer of a stomach, cholecystitis, colitis or hyperacid gastritis.

The unlimited use of juice increases risk of development of a diabetes mellitus of the second type as this drink, as well as in oranges, contains a lot of sugar.

Harm of orange juice can be also shown in destructive action on enamel of teeth therefore at its reception it is the best of all to use a straw. It is necessary to drink svezheotzhaty juice at once after preparation until useful components collapsed at interaction with oxygen. It is the best of all to take this drink for half an hour before meal. At the first reception it is desirable to limit a dose to 50-60 ml of juice. In the absence of burning and nausea it is possible to increase a dose gradually to one liter a day.

It is necessary to store juice in ceramic or glasswares.

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