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Peanut butter

Description of peanut butter

Peanut butter – the valuable dietary vegetable product competing on the energy and nutrition value with cheese and meat. It is received from peanut fruits ("peanut", "the Chinese pistachio" or "the Chinese nut"). For the first time it was made at the beginning of the nineteenth century in America then oil received wide popularity around the world.Арахисовое масло - растительное масло из плодов арахиса

It is possible to allocate three main types of peanut butter:

  • Not refined oil of brick-brown color with pleasant and saturated taste of a peanut produced in the Asian countries;
  • The oil refined not deodorized and deodorized enjoying popularity in America and the countries of Europe. Such oils, as a rule, light yellow color with soft taste and aroma.

The greatest nutrition value the "live" oil made without use of extraction by means of a cold extraction and in the medical purposes to preferably take such form of oil has.

Structure of peanut butter

Excellent tastes and high nutrition value of peanut butter speak being its part:

  • Digestible fats;
  • Irreplaceable amino acids. Omega-6 and Omega-9 polyunsaturated acids which contain in peanut butter promote strengthening of immunity, normalization of hormonal balance, and also improvement of functioning of nervous and sexual systems;
  • Vitamins – B8, A, B1, E, D, B4, V2, B3, B5, B9. Vitamins-antioxidants A and E promote improvement of work of organs of sight, and also render the strong antiinflammatory, immunostimulating and wound healing action. B4 vitamin prevents fatty infiltration of a liver and development of cholelithiasis. Vitamins of group B promote health of hair, nails and skin, and also to good sight and strong immunity;
  • Macro - and to microelements, among which iodine, magnesium, potassium, calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, zinc, cobalt and some other.

Besides, are a part of peanut butter also some other elements (phospholipids, polyphenols, a betaine, phytosterols) which make favorable impact on a functional condition of cardiovascular, nervous, immune and digestive systems of an organism.

Useful properties of oil of a peanut

Oil of a peanut has the wound healing and expressed antibacterial properties. Also ability belongs to distinctive features of peanut butter:

  • To improve a physical activity and a muscle tone;
  • To reduce the content in cholesterol blood;
  • To recover forces after loadings or long diseases;
  • To improve quality of a dream;
  • To stimulate natural production of collagen;
  • To prevent a diabetes mellitus;
  • To improve work of a liver;
  • To lose excessive weight.

In traditional medicine peanut butter is often applied outwardly to treatment of the eczemas which are hardly healing and diapyetic wounds, exudative diathesis and herpes.

Advantage of peanut butter

Many researches confirmed advantage of peanut butter at treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases. It is especially effective at the ischemia and disturbances of blood circulation connected with formation of blood clots.

In traditional medicine peanut oil along with pumpkin is long since applied as effective cholagogue remedy. It stimulates processes of bile secretion and bile production, promotes recovery of cellular structure of a liver and prevention of inflammatory processes in a gall bladder, a liver and biliary tract.

The advantage of peanut butter at a diabetes mellitus and such diseases of blood is proved as hemophilia, hemorrhagic diathesis, anemia. Also it will be useful at:

  • Depressions, increased fatigue, sleeplessness, irritability and apathy;
  • Diseases of kidneys;
  • Disturbance of erectile function at men;
  • Diseases of organs of sight as reduces risk of development of glaucoma, "night blindness", cataract, macular dystrophy, diabetic retinopathy and conjunctivitis.

Use of peanut butter

Use of peanut butter is very various. It is used in confectionery, baking and pharmaceutical industry, in cosmetology and house cookery, by production of margarine and soap, and also in the medical purposes.

Арахисовое масло - источник насыщенных поликислотIn modern cookery oil of a peanut is used in salad gas stations, sauces and desserts. Thanks to high caloric content it is suitable for a diet of athletes.

For treatment and prevention of diseases of various systems of an organism peanut butter is recommended to be taken on one teaspoon three times a day.

Use of peanut butter in cosmetology

Thanks to saturated polyacids, "youth vitamins" of A and E, a betaine and polyphenols use of peanut butter promotes food, mitigation and intensive moistening of an integument. At the same time oil is perfectly absorbed and gives to skin elasticity and elasticity.

At regular use oil of a peanut prevents a senilism of skin and promotes bystry recovery of protective functions of epidermis.

It is used for preparation of balms, lotions, creams and cosmetic cream for care of the withering, dry, sensitive and shelled skin, and also it is a part of shampoos and soap.

Harm of peanut butter

Harm from peanut butter is possible in the presence of an allergy to nuts that it should be revealed before including it in the daily diet. Also it is not necessary to apply it at individual intolerance of a peanut.

Besides, harm from peanut butter can arise against the background of bronchial asthma, diseases of joints (gout, arthritises and arthroses) and the increased coagulability of blood. At these diseases oil of a peanut should be used with care.

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