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Short characteristic of a disease


Atherosclerosis represents the chronic pathology of vessels which is followed by formation of plaques which considerably narrow a gleam of vessels and lead to deformations of their walls. Now atherosclerosis of arteries is one of the most common causes of disturbances of blood circulation and, as a result, damage of internals.

Emergence of plaques is caused by accumulation of fats in walls of vessels and the subsequent germination of connecting fabric. As a rule, plaques arise in large arteries, but at the same time they exert impact absolutely on all systems of an organism as our body is incapable to function normally without the correct blood flow. The reasons for which at the person atherosclerosis of a brain or pathology of vessels of the lower extremities is shown – are very various. Conditionally all provocative factors can be divided into two big groups – changeable and unchangeable. The reasons which are considered as inevitable concern to the last:

  • the sex of the person – at women atherosclerosis of a brain is shown on average for 10 years later, than at men. At the same time men suffer from deformation of vessels about 4 times more often. The balance of incidence is leveled only by 50 years. At this age atherosclerosis of vessels of a brain is equally often diagnosed both for men, and for women that is explained by powerful hormonal changes in a female body;
  • the age – the is more senior than people, the risk that it will have an atherosclerosis of extremities or a brain is higher;
  • genetic predisposition – aged up to 50 years those people whose relatives already had atherosclerosis of the lower extremities or other forms of pathology suffer from vasoconstriction generally. In this case deformation of vessels proceeds more intensively and painfully.

With the changeable reasons of emergence of atherosclerosis it is possible and it is necessary to fight. Fixed assets are medicines and change of a way of life here. As for directly reasons, we will give the most significant of them:

  • smoking – no doubt, nicotine strengthens risk of emergence of pathologies of cardiovascular system to which also obliterating atherosclerosis of the lower extremities belongs. It is proved that smoking promotes emergence of coronary heart disease, a lipidemia, a hypertension and many other diseases. At the same time owing to the features tobacco smoke exerts the strongest impact on blood vessels, so, and on all organism in general;
  • obesity – the excessive body weight and fatty deposits on walls of vessels is the increased risk of emergence not only atherosclerosis, but also many other diseases, in particular, of a diabetes mellitus and an arterial hypertension;
  • disturbance of exchange of fats (dislipidemiya);
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • improper feeding – if the person eats generally animal products, then by 40-50 years it will surely showed atherosclerosis of arteries;
  • the slow-moving way of life leading to disturbance of balance of fats and carbohydrates;
  • various infections, for example, Chlamidia or Cytomegaloviral, also increase risk of development of atherosclerosis of a brain.

As it was already told above, it is possible to fight against changeable factors. It is necessary both for the prevention of atherosclerosis, and for prevention of other diseases of cardiovascular system. The earlier you refuse addictions and an unhealthy way of life, the better, it is easier to prevent any disease, than to treat. Go in for physical culture: easy jogs on the park, fitness classes, exercise bikes will help to reduce risk of developing of a disease significantly.

Atherosclerosis forms

Blood vessels pass on all body parts of the person. Therefore, pathological changes can arise anywhere. Depending on the place of localization, allocate atherosclerosis of a brain and atherosclerosis of vessels of extremities.

  • obliterating atherosclerosis of the lower extremities is one of the most widespread pathologies of circulatory system. It is shown in the form of disturbances of blood circulation and trophic changes of tissues of extremities that quite often provokes a gangrenosis;
  • atherosclerosis of vessels of a brain – in this case the blood vessels feeding a brain are surprised. As a result of pathological changes the risk of developing of a stroke and intracranial bleeding considerably increases. Besides, atherosclerosis of vessels of a brain leads to disturbances of the movement, visual disturbances, sensitivity and hearing, to an uneasy dream and emotional failures.

Irrespective of a disease form, treatment of atherosclerosis needs to be begun as soon as possible. At the first adverse signs you should see immediately a doctor who will make the exact diagnosis and will plan long-term, complex treatment.

Atherosclerosis – symptoms and a clinical picture

Симптомы атеросклероза

Symptoms of a disease are very different and depend both on the place of localization of pathology, and on degree of its development. In certain cases atherosclerosis affects several arteries at once that also influences intensity and expressiveness of symptoms. As for the main symptoms of a disease, first of all it should be noted such symptoms as:

  • long homotopic pain of vessels which has property to amplify and weaken depending on loadings and time of day;
  • abdominal pains, disturbance of functions of a digestive tract in a case with atherosclerosis of a ventral aorta;
  • decrease in memory, dizziness, decrease in intellectual working capacity, emergence of paresis and paralyzes if brain atherosclerosis develops;
  • increase of attacks of stenocardia, emergence of symptoms of the approaching heart attack at atherosclerosis of arteries of heart.

Irrespective of the place of development of pathological process, at patients with the diagnosis atherosclerosis is observed disturbance of lipidic exchange, increase in amount of cholesterol and lipoproteids in blood.

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