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Useful properties of an eggplant

The eggplant contains a lot of useful to heart: potassium, RR vitamins, groups B, C, carotene, calcium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, copper, iron.


The advantage of an eggplant is noticeable in prevention of atherosclerosis, other heart troubles, vessels therefore they are strongly recommended to be used to elderly people.

Thanks to the fact that eggplants tasty and low-calorie, easily are digested they are included in structure of medical diets and diets for weight loss.

It is noticed that there is enough vitamin C which is contained in eggplants for effective prevention of catarrhal diseases, and vitamins B well affect a nervous system. Disposal of bad mood and sleeplessness at the regular use of these vegetables – here one more proof of advantage of eggplants.

The manganese and zinc which are in fruits help to improve a state after a stroke, they can be eaten at a diabetes mellitus. Thanks to iron vegetable helps to fight against the lowered hemoglobin therefore it is recommended to pregnant women and a sick anemia.

Are noted and the regenerating properties of an eggplant – it helps to get rid quickly of wounds on skin.


For treatment it is possible to prepare infusion and juice from an eggplant. For preparation of the juice having antibacterial property, the eggplant is cleared, grated, wrung out. It is recommended to drink juice on a half-glass three times a day to food. Apply juice and outwardly – for the fastest healing grease grazes and wounds.

Useful properties of an eggplant are more observed in young fruits what it is necessary to pay attention to, buying vegetable.

For preparation of eggplant infusion which well helps to remove bile the peeled vegetable is cut in cubes and filled in with boiled water – 250 ml. After that place on the water bath for about 30 minutes, and after warming up filter. Apply infusion as well as juice, to food not less than three-four times a day on a half-glass.

Many know that eggplants tasty fried – for separate pieces or in the form of caviar, but their ability to absorb fat that, undoubtedly, it is very nutritious, but can do much harm to people with GIT pathologies, disturb digestion is known. Therefore for bigger advantage eggplants for prevention of heart diseases and cold, maintenance of a nervous system, it is better to eat boiled. For giving to a dietary dish of flavoring attractiveness it is necessary to boil 3-4 eggplants on an extent 10-15min., after to husk, cut or mash vegetables a fork, to salt, add a little any vegetable oil and lemon juice.

Especially the advantage of the eggplant prepared in such a way is observed at hypostases of legs and the persons called by heart troubles. There are such boiled eggplants enough only once in day.

Not less useful and tasty eggplants stewed – only one their tablespoon serves as excellent prevention of diseases of kidneys, a liver. For those who nevertheless prefer more this vegetable in a fried look, consult for bigger advantage the eggplant which is already cut to wet in water at least for 10 min. So they will absorb less oil and fat.

These vegetables are useful and at gout – they do not allow to collect to uric acid which in a large number provokes developing of a disease.

It is considered also that the regular use of eggplants, thanks to the niacin which is contained in them, helps to leave off smoking.

The advantage of an eggplant at a hypertension is noted. It is especially recommended to use not pulp, but the dried-up vegetable peel at supertension. It is crushed to a powdery state in the coffee grinder and on one teaspoon accepted before food. It is possible to prepare from such powder salt infusion for rinsings of a mouth, for the purpose of prevention of an inflammation of gums and strengthening of teeth. To prepare infusion, one teaspoon of powder is filled in with boiled water, add a salt teaspoon.

Considering useful properties of an eggplant, low content of carbohydrates and low caloric content (only 28 kcal), it is possible to practice the diet based on the use of this vegetable. The diet lasts no more than two weeks, for the entire period it is possible to remove 6-8kg. For breakfast it is recommended to cook boiled eggplants salad and tomato, for lunch – carrots, parsnip, eggplants, paprika and onions soup, and for dinner – stewed ragout from eggplants, tomato, carrots, greens, onions.

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Contraindications to use of an eggplant

The eggplant can do harm if to use an overripe fruit – it contains poisonous solanine which can provoke poisoning. Poisoning symptoms: gripes, short wind, vomiting, diarrhea, nausea, confusion of consciousness, spasm. Plentiful drink, milk and crude ovalbumin helps to eliminate the harm done by an overripe eggplant.

The overripe fruit is distinguished by a fruit stem stale by sight, a large number of seeds inside. Therefore that the eggplant did not do harm, it is necessary to choose upon purchase young people, oblong shape vegetables at which a surface, brilliant and elastic without spots.

Irrespective of a way of preparation, the cut eggplants in order to avoid poisoning and elimination of bitterness inherent to some of its grades, it is recommended to wet before preparation in the added some salt water for half an hour.

Not less tasty eggplants of unusual white color, and it is considered that it is less harm from eggplants of this grade, they practically do not contain solanine.

It is not recommended to use, despite all useful properties, eggplants to people with GIT pathologies: ulcers, gastritises, digestive disturbances.

Sick diabetes and that who undergoes an insulin therapy it is necessary to remember that in eggplants there are not enough carbohydrates and they are low-calorie therefore hobby for an eggplant diet at such patients can provoke a hypoglycemia.

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