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General characteristic of a disease

Симптомы бельма на глазу

Eyesore or leucoma call opacification of a cornea. Bring the cicatricial changes on an eye cornea caused by a number of the reasons to it. In the course of scarring the cornea loses the transparency and ability to freely pass light. An eye with a cataract becomes specific porcelain white color. Over time coloring of a cataract changes a little: burgeons network of blood vessels, is exposed to fatty regeneration and becomes a yellowish shade.

Influence of a cataract on sight of the person can be various. In certain cases the eyesore leads to a total blindness. Though at this pathology also the situation only of partial loss of visual acuity is not excluded. Quality of sight depends on the sizes of a cataract and the place of its arrangement on a cornea.

To the maximum complications gives formation of a cataract in the center of a cornea, directly opposite to a pupil. Peripheral localization of opacification of a cornea influences visual acuity a little. At the same time an important role as sight is played also by the amount of cicatricial educations on a cornea. The cataract of the large size in the central part of an eye is the most dangerous.

Multiple a leucoma of the small size it is often possible to find only by means of the ophthalmologic equipment. They lead to insignificant loss of visual acuity, and the person often does not even suspect about existence a cataract at it.

Types of an eyesore

The eyesore can be inborn, caused by pre-natal inflammatory processes. It is the most rare species of pathology of scarring of a cornea.

Most often a cataract – the phenomenon acquired. The postponed inflammatory process of a cornea – a so-called keratitis can provoke formation of multiple hems. He is a syphilitic or tubercular origin. And in both cases the keratitis leads to massive scarring of a cornea.

Врожденное бельмо на глазу

The acquired eyesore as one their investigations of a helcoma, it is combined with considerable thinning of a cornea of an eye and pathologies of intraocular pressure. This kind of an eyesore is called an ektazirovanny (convex) leucoma.

Also corrosive burn or injury of a cornea can provoke formation of an eyesore. Alkaline burns are especially dangerous to sight. After them at the person ability of an eye only to photoperception can remain.

The serious getting eye injury quite often leads to soldering of a cornea with an iris of the eye. This situation can cause development of secondary glaucoma (opacification of a pupil). There is also a probability of scarring of a cornea and formation of an eyesore as a result of unsuccessfully performed ophthalmologic operation.

Treatment of an eyesore

Treatment of a cataract preferential surgical. Statistically the optimum forecast in treatment of an eyesore is observed at diseases of an infectious etiology. In that case to the patient conservative therapy of a basic disease is carried out, and then he goes for surgical treatment of a cataract.

The technique of a keratoplasty allows to achieve considerable results in improvement of quality of sight. Surgical treatment of a cataract is carried out by means of change to the patient of a donor cornea. Through and partial implantations of a cornea of the donor are possible.

The forecast of treatment of a cataract of the traumatic or burn nature depends on character and weight of damages of a cornea. In cases of massive destruction of an epithelium of a cornea and stripping of a large number of nerves installation of an intraocular protective lens is carried out. This method of surgical treatment of a cataract leads only to simplification of a condition of the patient. At the person the photophobia, dacryagogue decreases, however sight completely is not recovered.

At the minimum expressiveness of opacification of a cornea on the body periphery surgical treatment of a cataract is not carried out. In this case dynamic observation and conservative treatment of an eyesore for a raising of local immunity is shown to the patient.

National treatment of an eyesore

In national treatment of an eyesore lotions with infusion to an eyebright are applied. He prepares at the rate of 1 tablespoon on a glass of water, infuses within an hour, is filtered and cooled. The eyebright is recommended to put cotton plugs with infusion to eyes daily for 20-30 minutes. The eyebright can also drink infusion on a quarter of a glass 3 times a day.

Лечение бельма на глазу

One more way of national treatment of an eyesore - an instillation of eyes mix of juice of red onions with honey in proportions 1:1.

In national treatment of an eyesore also breast milk is applied. It should by all means fresh be dug in to the patient in the affected eye.

In the most exotic way of national treatment of an eyesore the instillation of eyes is considered bile of a fresh pike.

Efficiency above the called methods of national treatment of an eyesore is not confirmed with official medicine.

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