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White salmon

White fish or white salmon – fish from family Salmon which is found in the Caspian Sea.

The white salmon Белорыбица – рыба семейства Лососевыхcan be recognized on a blue back and the white belly extended and a thick trunk, an outstanding mandible. Fish rather big – on average she weighs about 20 kilograms, reaches meter in length.

It is possible to call a northern white salmon by a delicacy – remains the fish living in nature less.

Advantage of a white salmon

In meat of a northern white salmon there is a RR vitamin which is the regulator of exchange of fats and carbohydrates, cholesterol level, an effective remedy for prevention of formation of blood clots, prevention of a blockage of vessels.

The white salmon is rich with iodine, nickel, chrome, zinc, molybdenum, fluorine.

The regular use of fish promotes clarification of an organism from toxins, to improvement of a metabolism.

The white salmon is well acquired, positively affects digestion. Fish, despite its fat content, is recommended by nutritionists as the caloric content of 100 grams of fillet makes only 88 calories.

The white salmon is often recommended to the patients having gastrointestinal diseases, a thyroid gland, bone system. Fish is especially useful to children since she promotes formation of bones, prevents rickets.

It is noticed also that the use of fish allows cores to prevent risk of development of a heart attack.

How to use a white salmon

On the tastes the white salmon is very much appreciated, her meat white, gentle and fat. In shops of Russia it is possible to buy salty fish or frozen. Fresh white fish sell seldom – because of the fat content it quickly spoils and is practically not suitable for transportation for long distances.

White salmon it is better to eat salty, boiled, baked or stewed – it is so best of all for digestion. But it is possible to train from this fish everything, including a balyk which thanks to fat content of meat of a white salmon very well turns out.

Those who does not adhere to restrictions in food will like a fried white salmon. She prepares quickly, it is important not to overdo her on a frying pan that on fillet the rigid crust did not appear.

Many refuse boiled fish as they consider that her tastes concede to fried. But, as it was already noticed above, boiled fish is better carried by a GIT therefore we will give the good recipe. Boil broth from a celery, parsley, leek, onions (3 bulbs), allspice, bay leaf in advance, put in it fish, boil thoroughly to readiness, take out, slice it (by the way, fillet of a northern white salmon differs in what easily is divided into plates), impose with greens, boiled potatoes or rice. Pickles, horse-radish, champignons sauce are well combined with a boiled white salmon.

Bake Приготовление белорыбицыa white salmon in the usual way: cut fish across on several parts, put in a form, from above on it spread potatoes, at desire add grated carrots. Fill in fish and potatoes with the cream which is shaken up with milk, seasoned with salt and spices, eggs. Bake a white salmon no more than 20 minutes. Instead of potatoes it is possible to use a Savoy cabbage or broccoli in this recipe. That who does not limit himself, does not keep to a diet, it is possible before putting a form in an oven, to strew fish with grated cheese.


White salmon it is impossible to eat only because of an allergy to fish.

For the rest, not to do much harm to itself, it is necessary to follow the standard rules: to buy fish in shop where she was stored in the refrigerator, to pay attention to freezing term, outward and a smell of fish.

Fried white salmon it is undesirable to eat with that who has inflammatory gastrointestinal diseases.

As fish fat, with care it should be used that at whom the pancreas inflamed, there are problems with a liver.

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