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Biopsy of a neck of uterus

Биопсия шейки маткиThe biopsy of a neck of uterus is carried out after on gynecologic survey or by results of analyses deviations were found. A neck of uterus – the narrow and lower part of a uterus connecting a vagina and a uterus, located between a rectum and a bladder from it take a fabric sample for the further analysis and confirmation or a denial of suspicions on existence of anomalies, precancerous states or cancer.

Features of holding procedure

The biopsy is carried out for 5-7 day of a cycle, after the termination of menstrual bleeding. It is possible to carry out a material intake for a research only in the absence of an infection therefore before a biopsy surely investigate vagina flora. If the infection is found, to the woman at first appoint treatment and only after obtaining good results of analyses carry out a biopsy.

The biopsy of a neck of uterus – the procedure painless, short, is carried out without anesthesia: on a neck of uterus there are no painful terminations, and during the procedure the woman feels only easy pandiculations – it is reduced a uterus in response to a touch by tools. To reduce reductions, it is enough to relax.

For an intake of material use a scalpel, a radio knife, kelectomes, an electroloop.

Carry out a biopsy under control of a kolposkop - the devices similar to a microscope, and as dye apply Lugol solution to designation of the changed site of an epithelium.

Biopsy of a neck of uterus at an erosion

Erosion of a neck of uterus call reddening which the gynecologist can find at standard visual survey. Reddening indicates that on a neck there is an inflammation, so, the risk of development of an infection is increased. An antibioticotherapia is often ineffective, and it is necessary to work directly with the inflammation center. Therefore except a kolposkopiya to the woman appoint to pass a biopsy of a neck of uterus at an erosion – for definition of a condition of an epithelium and the choice of approach to treatment: medicamentous or surgical.

Биопсия шейки матки при эрозииAt an erosion the biopsy of a neck of uterus helps to reveal a chronic cervicitis – appoint antiviral or protivovospalitelno treatment; a planocellular metaplasia – the process of healing of an erosion which is not demanding treatment; a leukoplakia – a disease treat in the surgical way; a flat condyloma – appoint antiviral therapy and it is possible, after a repeated biopsy, operation; a dysplasia – appoint antiinflammatory, antiviral or surgical treatment; cancer of a neck of uterus – the woman should be under observation of the oncologist and to undergo the corresponding treatment.

Kinds of a biopsy of a neck of uterus

Depending on the received results of a kolposkopiya and condition of a neck of uterus, on a biopsy can take or a small sample of fabric or remove the site on which anomaly is found. Therefore distinguish such types of a biopsy:

  • conization. By means of a scalpel or the laser delete a cone-shaped fragment of fabric from a neck of uterus;
  • trepanobiopsiya. Material for a research – small pieces of an epithelium take from several sites of a neck of uterus;
  • endocervical biopsy. By means of the special tool – curettes from the cervical channel scrape out slime;

What occurs after a biopsy

The woman after holding a procedure can feel some more days moderate spastic pains for which removal it is possible to accept anesthetic.

The recovery period after a biopsy can last several days or weeks. At this time allocations after a biopsy of a neck of uterus – as insignificant, brown color, and moderate vaginal bleeding can be observed.

After a biopsy of a neck of uterus at least two weeks it is necessary to abstain from exercise stresses and sexual activity.

Allocations after a biopsy of a neck of uterus can be greenish or brown color and go several days in that case if prior to a procedure the expanded kolposkopiya was carried out and the neck of uterus was processed special solutions.

Yellow allocations after a biopsy of a neck of uterus or allocation with an unpleasant pungent smell can indicate development of an infection therefore the woman needs to see a doctor.

Ask for medical care and if during the recovery period such symptoms appeared:

  • severe vaginal bleeding, on intensity the similar or surpassing menstrual bleeding;
  • severe pain in the bottom of a stomach;
  • temperature increased.

After a biopsy and the analysis of the received results to the woman either the repeated kolposkopichesky research, or adequate treatment of the revealed deviations can be appointed.

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