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Bekhterev's disease

Short characteristic of a disease

Воспаление межпозвоночных суставов - болезнь БехтереваBekhterev's disease represents an inflammation of intervertebral joints. As a result of a course of a disease they are spliced that significantly limits freedom of the movement of a backbone. In the international medical practice this disease carries the name "ankylosing spondylarthritis". In the different countries suffer from it from 0,5 to 2% of the population. Men, especially at young age, get sick much more often than women (at the moment 8 men and only 2 women are the share of 10 cases of the diagnosed Bekhterev's disease).

The reasons of emergence of a disease are up to the end not studied. Researchers believe that the large role in this process is played by the genetic factors and persistent infections affecting digestive tract. Besides, Bekhterev's disease at women and men is provoked by sexually transmitted infections, stresses and injuries of a musculoskeletal system. Easy forms of a disease do not cause serious complications. Other situation develops if the started Bekhterev's disease is diagnosed for the person – disability in this case is almost inevitable. Let's notice also that there are certain problems with statement correct and that the most important, the timely diagnosis. Usually people do not pay attention to unpleasant symptoms and see a doctor too late when treatment of inflammatory process has no effect.

Bekhterev's disease – disease symptoms

  • pains in sacroiliac area, constraint of joints – quite often pain extends to the lower extremities and is given to buttocks, and it considerably amplifies in the second half of night because of what people cannot normally sleep;
  • the severe pains in calcaneuses which are not passing eventually;
  • pain and feeling of constraint in the field of chest department of a backbone;
  • at a research of samples of blood find substantial increase of SOE in the sick person.

These symptoms are not always symptoms of a disease of Bekhterev, but if they stick to over one month, it is necessary to address the rheumatologist immediately. In certain cases the first pains develop not in a backbone, and in joints of hands and legs. At the same time they very much remind a pseudorheumatism. Besides, Bekhterev's disease can begin with an inflammatory disease of eyes, damage of heart or an aorta. Slow progressing of a disease meets extremely seldom. In the majority of cases inflammatory process develops rather violently and during shortly period affects practically all backbone.

In process of a course of a disease limitation of mobility of joints increases, shortening of a backbone, severe pains at the simplest movements, for example, inclinations appear aside. Also at patients difficulties with breath, sharp pains are noted at cough or sneezing. Many people aim to get rid of unpleasant feelings and for this purpose try to lead a quiet life, limit physical activity, without suspecting that these measures only promote progressing of an inflammation of joints. If Bekhterev's disease is found in the person, treatment is based on active lifestyle and moderate exercise stresses. Otherwise, the full obezdvizhennost of a backbone and people can come forever gets irreversible changes of a body (the inclined head, hands bent in elbows, the bent bearing).

Bekhterev's disease – treatment of a disease

Лечение болезни Бехтерева

The deep breath and active sports strengthening muscles of a back and buttocks, for example, walking on skis or swimming helps to slow down development of an immovability of a thorax. It is very desirable to refuse a soft bed and a pillow as the rigid mattress prevents emergence of severe pains in a backbone in the second half of night. For the reason that Bekhterev's disease which symptoms are even more often shown at young people has the progressing character – to struggle with it rather difficult. The main task of both the doctor, and the patient – to stop development of an inflammation, not to allow it to promote on even healthy joints. Task this very difficult, but feasible. You remember that, at diagnosis Bekhterev's disease, treatment not just saves you from pains, and guarantees the high standard of living, removes symptoms of rigidity of a backbone. For this reason to self-medicate inadmissibly at any stage of a disease.

The complications which are shown at an inflammation of joints

The greatest danger is constituted by the started Bekhterev's disease. Disability at late stages of a disease is almost inevitable, and irreversible changes concern not only a backbone and a bearing, but also other bodies. In particular, at 20% of patients the aorta and cardiovascular system is surprised. It is shown in the form of a constant asthma, pains behind a breast, interruptions in cardiac performance. Also at patients the renal failure which is a consequence of an amyloidosis – regeneration of kidneys often observes.

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