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Heart in a human body is key body. The cardiologist – the doctor who is engaged in diagnosis, the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Кардиолог – врач, занимающийся диагностикой, предупреждением и лечением сердечно-сосудистых заболеваний

Areas of work of the cardiologist

In many comments on cardiologists it is spoken that these specialists help to estimate a condition of cardiovascular system, to eliminate risk factors of cardiovascular diseases. They carry out treatment and prevention of the revealed pathologies and their complications.

Allocate the following areas of work of the cardiologist:

  • Diagnosis of diseases of vessels and heart;
  • Detection of the accompanying diseases – digestive tract, a respiratory organs, diseases of kidneys, pathology endocrine, neurologic and other systems and bodies;
  • Assessment of cardiovascular risk in each separate case – dangers of development of cerebrovascular, cardiovascular diseases and their complications;
  • the accounting of opportunities of non-drug correction of the found risk factors of heart diseases and vessels;
  • Development of the programs for modification of a way of life directed to prevention of cardiovascular diseases, normalization of indicators of metabolism and other disturbances;
  • Development of effective recommendations about correction of the revealed metabolic, hemodynamic and humoral disturbances according to national and international standards of rendering medical aid;
  • Providing the advisory help to other specialists – to neurologists, endocrinologists, urologists.

Reception of the cardiologist

Reception of the cardiologist – rather traditional procedure. Proceeding from responses, to the cardiologist most often come with supertension and various complaints in heart. It is worth registering in reception to the cardiologist at pains in heart at an exercise stress or without it, at short wind, hypostases of feet and a shin, the strengthened or slowed down heartbeat, at interruptions in cardiac performance. Consultation of the cardiologist is also necessary when smoking and excess body weight, after the had stroke.

The cardiologist treats disturbances of conductivity and a cordial rhythm, heart failure, the inborn and acquired heart diseases, arterial hypertension, a cardiomyopathy, myocardites, a cardiomyodystrophy, neurocirculatory dystonia, arrhythmia of heart and other diseases of cardiovascular system.

Consultation of the cardiologist is important as for people with already available diseases of cardiovascular system, and for the persons of middle and young age entering into risk group of development of pathology of heart and vessels. There will be no consultation of the cardiologist superfluous and at non-constant headaches, at incidental increase in arterial pressure, and also at disturbance of lipidic exchange and in the period of a menopause at women. On the eve of reception of the cardiologist it is necessary to avoid exciting procedures – acceptance of alcohol, saunas and considerable exercise stresses. On the eve of reception it is also necessary to measure arterial pressure in the evening and in the morning - to the doctor these data will be very useful.

Iskhodyaiz of responses, the cardiologist during the first reception examines the patient, listens to his heartbeat, measures arterial pressure, checks work of joints, collects data on the hereditary and postponed diseases. For obtaining additional data the cardiologist can write out the direction on load tests, ultrasonography, an ECG of heart, laboratory inspections. With their help at repeated reception the doctor will establish the diagnosis, will appoint necessary treatment or will recommend the measures directed to a training and strengthening of the blood circulatory system.

Reception of the children's cardiologist

Statistically, with inborn pathologies of heart seven-eight babies from one thousand are born. Pre-natal infections, genetic predisposition, emotional stresses and frequent overloads of a maternal organism during pregnancy, the use of drugs, strong medicines can be the reasons of development of pathologies. Regular survey of the children's cardiologist is necessary if cardiovascular diseases were diagnosed for the child earlier, and also at a posineniya of feet, brushes, lips and skin of a nasolabial triangle, at the increased perspiration and bystry fatigue. In consultation of the children's cardiologist there is a need at constant headaches, at hypostases and short wind, faints, dizziness and the general slackness of the child.

The children's cardiologist – very demanded profession. The children's organism is much more vulnerable and is weaker, than the adult's organism. Children require attentive approach and special attention. According to reviews, the cardiologist working with children is obliged to have sufficient experience, extensive knowledge in children's health and the developed sense of responsibility.

Whether you know that:

Was considered earlier that yawning enriches an organism with oxygen. However this opinion was disproved. Scientists proved that yawning, the person cools a brain and improves its working capacity.