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Makmiror complex

Суппозитории Макмирор комплексMakmiror a complex – the local complex drug with antibacterial, antifungal and antiprotozoan action applied in gynecology.

Form of release and structure

Makmiror the complex is released in the following dosage forms:

  • Cream vaginal: yellow, homogeneous, liquid (on 30 g in aluminum tubas, on 1 tuba in a cardboard pack complete with the graduated syringe);
  • Suppositories vaginal: yellow with a brown shade, an ovoid form, soft gelatinous; contents of suppositories – yellow oily suspension (on 8 or 12 pieces in blisters, on 1 blister in a cardboard pack).

Active agents are a part of 100 mg of cream vaginal:

  • Nifuratel – 10 mg;
  • Nystatin – 4000 IU (international units).

Auxiliary components: ксалифин 15, carbomer, propylene glycol, methylparahydroxysodium benzoate, пропилпарагидроксибензоат sodium, глицерол, 70% sorbitol solution, trietanolamine of 30%, the purified water.

Active agents are a part of 1 suppository:

  • Nifuratel – 500 mg;
  • Nystatin – 200 000 ME.

Auxiliary component: диметикон (dimethyl polysiloxane of joint stock company 1000).

Structure of a cover: глицерол, gelatin, titanium dioxide, ethylparahydroxysodium benzoate, пропилпарагидроксибензоат sodium, yellow iron oxide.

Indications to use

Makmiror the complex is appointed as a part of complex therapy of the vulvovaginal infections caused by activators, sensitive to effect of active agents, including trichomonads, bacteria, chlamydias and mushrooms of the sort Candida.


Contraindication to use Makmiror of a complex is existence of hypersensitivity to drug components.

Children should not use drug in the form of suppositories vaginal.

Route of administration and dosage

Suppositories vaginal:
If there are no other appointments of the doctor, drug is used on 1 suppository daily for 8 days.

Suppositories should be entered into an upper part of a vagina in the evening before going to bed. In need cases after periods therapy can be repeated.

Cream vaginal:
Cream needs to be entered by means of the graduated applicator. Before use it is necessary to screw an applicator on a tuba and to gather cream, pressing on a tube, a single dose (according to the lines of a scale designating amount of drug in grams). After a detachment from a tube, cream is entered into a vagina, pressing on a core. Not to damage a hymen, it is necessary to use a special nozzle: from an upper part of a core it is necessary to take a cannula and to screw it on a syringe head from the opposite side.

Single dose – 2,5 g of cream, frequency rate of use – 1-2 times a day (in morning or evening), therapy duration – 8 days.

Side effects

In rare instances at use Makmiror of a complex there are allergic reactions in the form of skin rash and an itch.

Special instructions

Because of danger of repeated infection, it is necessary to carry out simultaneous treatment of the sexual partner.

During therapy of sexual contacts it is recommended to avoid.

Medicinal interaction

Clinically significant interaction Makmiror of a complex with other medicines it is not established.

Terms and storage conditions

To store in protected from light, the place, unavailable to children, at a temperature up to 25 °C.

Period of validity – 3 years.

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