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The mammologist is engaged in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of various diseases of mammary glands.

Маммолог - врач, занимающийся профилактикой, диагностикой и лечением различных заболеваний молочных желез

Quite often there are situations when the woman, having noticed at itself any changes in mammary glands, makes herself the scary diagnosis at once – cancer. But actually mammary glands during life of the woman undergo a number of physiological changes. Therefore if something disturbs you, then you should not panic. It is necessary to address on reception the mammologist. Only the specialist will be able correctly to estimate a condition of your mammary glands, if necessary will appoint inspection, will make the diagnosis and will appoint timely full treatment.

What diseases the mammologist treats?

On reception to the mammologist women most often handle such diseases as mastitis, лактостаз, a cyst, fibroma, a mastopathy, etc. The good specialist is capable to cure the majority of these diseases in the conservative way, without resorting to an operative measure. Therefore it is so important to take an interest in comments on the mammologist, going to him to reception.

The doctor the oncologist-mammologist is engaged in treatment of malignant diseases of a mammary gland. A modern integrated approach to their treatment allows to achieve positive takes in many cases.

Consultation of the mammologist can be required also before implementation of some medical procedures and surgical interventions (EKO, plastics of mammary glands, etc.).

The mammologist it is necessary to address for consultation also to women who have problems with breastfeeding of children.

How it is often necessary to come to reception to the mammologist?

Frequency of survey and inspection at the mammologist depends on many factors: heredity, age, existence of gynecologic diseases and others. Also urgent consultation of the mammologist is necessary for women of any age at emergence at them of a stethalgia and allocations from a nipple.

After thirty years of the woman, not having any complaints and with not burdened heredity have to come to appointment to the mammologist once in 18 months. In the presence at them is a mastopathy or the close relatives having diseases of a mammary gland, they should go to the mammologist more often – each 6 months.

Usually at the first symptoms of diseases of mammary glands of the woman address the gynecologist who sends them for consultation to the mammologist since only he can conduct full examination and make the correct diagnosis.

Children's mammologist

The children's mammologist is engaged in treatment of diseases of the mammary glands arising at children and teenagers. Most often patients with the following diseases come to reception to it: inflammatory pseudoneoplasms, injuries, asymmetry, hypertrophy of mammary glands, fibroadenoma, age mastopathy. At the timely address the mammologist can appoint their adequate treatment leading in most cases to an absolute recovery.

Consultation of the mammologist is necessary for all girls of teenage age during the so-called period of "a hormonal storm" when they quite often have diseases of mammary glands which are shown sometimes is much later, for example, at pregnancy or feeding by a breast.

The children's mammologist has to be not only the high quality specialist, but also the psychologist knowing features of mentality of children and teenagers. He has to be able to come into contact with the young patients, to cause in them feeling of trust. Therefore before conducting the daughter on appointment, take an interest in comments on the mammologist which can always be found in the Internet or to learn from the acquaintances.

What inspections are usually appointed by the mammologist?

Survey of the mammologist begins with careful collecting the anamnesis and a palpation (palpation) of mammary glands. If there is a need, the doctor appoints performing ultrasonography and/or mammography. Also the mammologist can appoint carrying out the cytologic research separated from the nipples or cells received as a result of a puncture biopsy. At operational treatment of diseases of mammary glands the histologic research of remote fabrics is surely conducted.

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