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Мифепрекс – synthetic steroid antigestagenny medicine.

Structure and form of release

Release Mifepreks of a tablet. One tablet contains the operating component – mifepristone of 200 mg.

Pharmacological action

According to the instruction of Mifepreks blocks effect of progesterone at the level of gestagenovy receptors. Antagonism with GKS is observed, has no gestagenny activity.

According to Mifepreks increases sokratitelny ability of a myometrium, increases its sensitivity to prostaglandins and stimulates release interleykina-8 in horiodetsidualny cells. For strengthening of effect of drug it is quite often appointed in a combination with a synthetic analog of prostaglandin. Effect of drug leads to desquamation of a decidua and removal of fetal egg. Use of medicine brakes an ovulation, promotes change of an endometria therefore implantation of an oospore cannot be performed.

Besides, drug promotes blockade of progesteronovy receptors that helps to suspend growth of a tumor, and also to reduce the sizes of myomatous nodes and a uterus.

Indications to Mifepreks's use

According to the instruction of Mifepreks appoint for medicamentous abortion on very early terms (up to 42 days of absence monthly).

Also drug is appointed for an emergency contraception at once (no more than 72 hours) after the unprotected sexual intercourse, and also in that case when there are doubts that the way of contraception chosen earlier unreliable. Drug for treatment of a hysteromyoma which sizes reach 12 weeks pregnancy, and for preparation and induction of childbirth at the full-term pregnancy is shown.

Route of administration and mode of dosing of Mifepreks

Мифепрекс it is authorized to apply only in specialized institutions where there is all necessary equipment.

For the purpose of medicamentous abortion of a tablet of Mifepreks appoint once in a dosage of 600 mg or 3 tablets. The patient accepts drug inside only in the presence of the attending physician. Reception should be carried out 1-1,5 hours later after meal. Tablets are washed down with a half of a glass of water. For two hours after administration of drug the patient has to be under constant control of the doctor. 1,5-2 days later after drug use the patient has to be in hospital on inspection and for ultrasonography passing. If necessary to the patient can appoint мизопростол.

Two weeks later the patient has to undergo ultrasonography again, and if necessary, to make the test on determination of level of a chorionic gonadotrophin for the purpose of confirmation of a misbirth.

If drug did not render due effect for two weeks (incomplete abortion or the continuing pregnancy), to the patient conduct vacuum aspiration and a histologic research of aspirate.

In case of the full-term pregnancy of Mifepreks can appoint for an odynagogue. The drug dosage in this case makes 200 mg a day (1 tablet). Administration of drug is carried out in the presence of the attending physician. Days later repeated reception in the same dosage can be appointed, and in 2-3 days it is necessary to carry out assessment of a condition of patrimonial ways. If necessary to the patient further appoint oxytocin or prostaglandins.

Contraindications to Mifepreks's use

According to the instruction of Mifepreks has quite wide list of the general contraindications, namely:

  • acute or chronic renal or liver failure;
  • long reception of GKS;
  • hysteromyoma;
  • adrenal insufficiency;
  • the age is more senior than 35 years and smoking;
  • inflammatory processes in female generative organs;
  • porphyria;
  • hypersensitivity to acting or to auxiliary components of drug;
  • anemia in a severe form;
  • existence of difficult extragenital pathology;
  • disturbances of a hemostasis, including owing to therapy by anticoagulants.

If tablets of Mifepreks are appointed for medicamentous abortion, they are contraindicated in such cases:

  • pregnancy which term is more than 42 days after lack of monthly;
  • unconfirmed pregnancy;
  • extrauterine pregnancy or suspicion on it;
  • the pregnancy which arose during use of intrauterine contraception or right after cancellation of hormonal contraceptives.

By preparation and induction of childbirth of Mifepreks it is contraindicated in such cases:

  • heavy gestosis;
  • eclampsia;
  • wrong provision of a fruit;
  • preeclampsia;
  • postmature or premature pregnancy;
  • bloody allocations from a vagina during pregnancy of the obscure genesis;
  • discrepancy of the sizes of a head of a fruit and mother's basin.

According to Mifepreks patients should appoint with care with bronchial asthma, obstructive diseases of lungs, arrhythmia, arterial hypertension, chronic heart failure.

Side effects of Mifepreks

According to Mifepreks can cause a febricula, feeling of discomfort in the bottom of a stomach, vomiting, nausea, a headache, a hypothermia, dizziness, uterus subinvolution, a lohia serosa.

In a case with holding a procedure of medicamentous abortion bloody allocations from a genital tract, an aggravation of inflammatory processes in appendages and a uterus, pain in the bottom of a stomach are possible.

In case of overdose of Mifepreks, according to reviews, can cause adrenal insufficiency.

Mifepreks's use during pregnancy and breastfeeding

After Mifepreks's reception it is not recommended to nurse the child for three days.

Tablets of Mifepreks at use for preparation for childbirth do not make negative impact on the subsequent lactation.

Mifepreks's interaction with other medicines

Drug weakens action of GKS therefore at their simultaneous use it is recommended to increase GKS dosage.

It is impossible to combine Mifepreks's reception with NPVS.

Special instructions

Patients who use drug for medicamentous abortion have to be aware that if for two weeks drug does not render due effect and pregnancy continues, it is necessary to interrupt it in a different way as there is a risk of formation of inborn malformations at a fruit.

Storage conditions

Мифепрекс 3 years belong to list A drugs with the recommended period of storage not longer.

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