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Soap nuts

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Дерево с мыльными орехамиSoap nuts call fruits of the soap trees growing in India. There are nuts in November-December, they a round form, yellowish-brown color, no more 2,5sm in the diameter.

The nutshell containing natural frothers – saponins which have washing qualities is of value for the person, at the same time they completely break up, getting to the environment and, respectively, unlike modern household chemicals, do not contaminate it. The same sparing impact is made by soap nuts on a human body – they are not toxic, do not cause an allergy, have no smell therefore they can be applied to washing, rinsing of linen, washing of ware. Use of nuts instead of detergents for ware and powders for linen saves the person from contact through clothes and absorption with food of various chemical compounds which, as we know, are badly rinsed and cause deterioration in immunity, an allergy, skin diseases. In cosmetology use soap nuts for hair, care of skin, treatment of skin diseases.

Soap nuts have antibacterial properties, remove an inflammation, accelerate healing of wounds, reduce hypersecretion of sweat glands.


As it was already told, the shell of nuts is of interest – it needs to be put in a sack from fabric, it is the best of all from flax and to shatter.

If to apply nuts to automatic washing, this sack is put in a drum together with linen and erased in the usual mode. On average 2-5 nuts are the share of one washing. If hard water, or quality of washing is unsatisfactory, the quantity of a shell can be increased.

Judging by responses, it is possible to use soap nuts not once. If washing takes place at a temperature no more than 50 degrees, it is possible to apply a shell 3-4 times if it is more than 50 degrees, then only 1-2 times.

If washing is supposed manual, the same sack with a shredded shell is placed in the capacity for washing filled with warm water (it is necessary to consider that the saponins which are in a shell of soap nuts begin to work only in warm water). After placed a sack in water, it it is necessary to knead and stir water before emergence of foam there. In this water linen is presoaked then it is rinsed already in cool water. For rinsing nuts can all the same be added to water, so linen becomes softer.

For hair soap nuts use as broth. It is necessary to fill in 10-15 pieces shattered nut скорлупок, to fill in with liter of water and them to boil half an hour. As a result the broth similar to liquid soap will turn out. It is possible to store it two more weeks in the refrigerator.

When using nuts for washing of hair it is necessary to consider that to wash with it the head as usual shampoo will not turn out – broth liquid as water. It is recommended to water with broth the head and at once to mass, at the same time it is possible to collect the soap liquid merging from hair in capacity and again to water with it the head until hair are cleared. Foams at the same time can not be, but hair are washed also without it.

Reviews of soap nuts say that for washing of long hair it is necessary to take 8 nuts decoction, for washing of short – 3 nuts and are even less – for washing of children's hair. More exact quantity of a shell depends on hardness of water and degree of fat content of hair.

It is noticed that nuts help to get rid of dandruff, but at the same time consults during treatment to replace a hairbrush and to wash the headdress by means of nuts.Мыльные орехи

Also apply soap nuts to hair of the weakened, dyed hair, besides, broth from a shell helps to stop a hair loss.

Nuts decoction can be used at eczema, psoriasis, herpes, a fungus and other skin diseases – it is noticed that protective functions of skin increase, it becomes smooth, soft.

Broth can be applied not only in the cosmetology purposes – to them wash the dishes, wash off linen, water and fertilize houseplants.

It is necessary to store soap nuts in the cool, dry place. Sometimes nuts stick together, but on their quality it is not displayed, apply them as well as dry nuts.


Except individual intolerance, contraindications at soap nuts is not present.

It is impossible to allow hits of nut broth in eyes – saponins irritate mucous. If it occurred, it is rather good to wash out eyes.

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