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Cherry juice

Вишневый сок - лидер среди других натуральных соков по количеству полезных свойствCherry – a high garden tree from family Pink. Cherry berries, the having 1-1,5 cm in the diameter, have sweet-sour taste. Useful properties of cherry thanks to vitamin and mineral composition are widely used around the world.

Cherry juice is carried to valuable foodstuff as in it all medicinal properties of fresh berries remain. By amount of useful properties it is an undisputed leader among juice from other fruit.

Composition of cherry juice

Juice consists of pulp of cherry from:

  • 84,4 g of water;
  • 0,2 g of fats;
  • 0,8 g of proteins;
  • 10,6 g of carbohydrates.

Are a part of juice:

  • Vitamins C (bolee15 mg in 100 g of fresh juice), A, B2, P, PP, folic acid;
  • Macrocells – potassium (256 mg in 100 g of fresh juice), calcium, magnesium and phosphorus;
  • Microelements – iron and copper;
  • Organic acids (cherry is obliged by acid taste first of all to citric, malic, quinic, succinic and salicylic acid);
  • Saccharites (fructose and glucose);
  • Pectinaceous and tannins;
  • Anthocyans;
  • Enzymes;
  • Coumarin.

Caloric content of cherry juice

Caloric content of cherry juice makes 47 kcal on 100 g of juice. Among juice from other fruit and vegetables the caloric content of cherry juice:

  • It is more than juice from a citrus (grapefruit, orange), carrots and tomato;
  • It is less than juice from grapes, a pear, garnet, a peach and plum.

Advantage of cherry juice

On the useful properties cherry juice is considered one of the best fruit juice.

As medicine traditional medicine long since applied it as febrifugal and an expectorant to treatment of cough and bronchitis.

The high content of copper allows to use juice from berries as the accompanying therapy at treatment of epilepsy and mental diseases.

Content of iron, copper and magnesium does cherry juice by irreplaceable means for treatment of an anemia, especially at small children.

The coumarins which are a part of juice are fine prevention of development of thrombophlebitises, coronary heart disease, and also are useful to people after the had myocardial infarctions and strokes.

For a long time property of chlorogenic acid to regulate functions of a liver and kidneys is known, and in recent years many medical universities of the world study its antisclerous properties.

On the content of pectinaceous substances juice from pulp of cherry takes the second place after juice from a citrus, namely – from oranges. Pectins have various effect – promote growth and life activity of beneficial bacteria of intestines which take part in synthesis of vitamins of group B, promote removal of products of exchange and cholesterol that is especially important that who has atherosclerosis and obesity.

Also pectins promote binding and removal of harmful chemical compounds from an organism that is very useful for people whose work is connected with harmful chemical production.

The cellulose and pectins which are contained in cherry juice are natural stimulators of release of digestive juices, works of a stomach and a vermicular movement of intestines.

Juice from cherry pulp is also important treatment-and-prophylactic cure for various inflammatory diseases of digestive tract.

The undoubted advantage of cherry juice is proved and for athletes as as a result of the conducted researches it is established that fresh juice from cherry accelerates recovery of muscles after exercise stresses, reduces muscular pains, and also increases endurance to exercise stresses.

Antioxidant properties of cherry juice

Cherry juice – the leader among other fruit and vegetables by amount of antioxidants. Scientists from Michigan State University proved that antioxidant properties of cherry remain in an organism for 12 hours.

As a result of numerous researches of advantage of cherry juice it was established that one glass of cherry juice surpasses 23 portions of such fruit in amount of antioxidants and vegetables as peas, tomatoes, a water-melon, carrots and banana.

Antioxidant and antiinflammatory properties of cherry juice help to struggle effectively with such diseases as:Калорийность вишневого сока - 47 ккал на 100 г

  • Diabetes. As a result of numerous researches the fact that juice from fresh cherry reduces sugar level in blood is confirmed and regulates insulin level;
  • Heart troubles. Thanks to the content of potassium and meletin (the flavanol rendering antiedematous, antihistaminic, spasmolytic and antiinflammatory action) cherry juice interferes with development of atherosclerosis which often causes further heart attacks and strokes. Besides, according to the American National college of natural medicine cherry juice promotes decrease in level of cholesterol that prevention of development of such diseases as a diabetes mellitus 2 types and heart diseases also are;
  • Gout. Cherry juice effectively reduces the level of urates (uric acid) which cause gout, and also their accumulation in an organism can lead to formation of stones in kidneys;
  • Sleeplessness. Scientists of university of Northumberland proved that cherry juice possesses insignificant somnolent action as promotes production of hormone of the melatonin which is the regulator of day-night rhythms. Thus, drinking a glass of juice shortly before a dream, duration of a dream increases and its quality improves.

Besides, cherry juice:

  • Improves blood circulation;
  • Relieves the pains caused by sports injuries and morbidity after the training;
  • Facilitates, like aspirin, headaches and migraine;
  • Improves memory;
  • Is fine prophylactic of development of cancer and arthritis.

Use of cherry juice

To provide the organism with optimum amount of antioxidants and other useful substances about one glass of fresh cherry juice in day is recommended to have.

However cherry juice rather acid on taste therefore many cannot drink it in pure form. In this case juice from cherry can be dissolved with water or to add it to various cold drinks and cocktails. Also cherry juice can be used as ingredient at preparation of syrups, marinades for meat and fish dishes and desserts.

Harm of cherry juice

With care it is recommended to include in the diet cherry juice at a hyperoxemia, diabetes, a peptic ulcer of a 12-tiperstny gut or a stomach, and also against the background of chronic diseases of lungs.

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