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Useful properties of cherry

Cherry – an eurysynusic fruit plant. Long since its fruits used not only for food and and as a rich source of vitamins and useful microelements. Today cherry is cultivated in many countries and, by some estimates, charges extra about 200 grades.

Вишня на дереве

Sweet-sour fruits of cherry contain many in the chemical composition of useful organic acids – lemon, apple, salicylic and amber, sugar, pectinaceous substances, folic acid, vitamins A, C, E, B1, B2, PP, and also micro and macrocells, including zinc, potassium, copper, phosphorus, manganese, iron, iodine, chrome, molybdenum, fluorine, boron, calcium, vanadium, nickel, cobalt, rubidium and magnesium. Caloric content of cherry is low - only 49 kcal on 100 g of ripe berries.

Bactericidal and antiinflammatory qualities belong to the main useful properties of cherry. Exactly thanks to them cherry has ability, rather rare for fruit, to destroy streptococci and staphylococcus, and also to influence on causative agents of dysentery.

Antotsianidina, contained in pulp of fruits, reduce contents of uric acid in an organism. Thanks to it in traditional medicine cherry is applied at gout and arthritis.

Fresh fruits are capable to eliminate quickly inflammations of joints and to stop pain.

R-vitaminoaktivnye tannins with ascorbic acid and pigments which contain in cherry fruits promote strengthening of circulatory capillaries and increase in their tone that helps to prevent hemorrhages. Also it is useful to eat cherry for decrease in high arterial pressure. These useful properties of cherry are confirmed by many medical researches as decrease in frequency of heart attacks at those who regularly include it in the diet is noted. Also fruits of cherry help to increase hemoglobin level quickly.

The coumarin which is a part of pulp of berries lowers coagulability of blood thanks to what it is useful to use fresh cherry for prevention of some complications of arterial atherosclerosis.

The copper which is contained in cherry allows to apply it at treatment of mental diseases and epilepsy. Also fruits often use at treatment of catarrhal diseases as an antipyretic, and also as an expectorant at cough and bronchitis.

Fresh berries or juice from them are considered as the most useful. Cherry juice on the medical qualities is considered one of leaders among fresh juice. Useful properties which it possesses have fortifying effect and promote improvement of exchange processes in an organism.

It is useful to drink cherry juice at an anemia, both for prevention, and for treatment as being chemical composition of berries magnesium, cobalt, iron, pigments and vitamins C and groups B are easily acquired by an organism and do not cause side effects. It is considered that in one glass of cherry juice contains in 25 times more of antioxidants, than in juice from other vitamin-rich fruit and vegetables.

It is possible to refer ability of fruits of this tree to bring nitrogenous slags out of an organism to one more useful property of cherry.

Useful substances are not only in fruits, but also in stones, fruit stems, leaves, roots and bark of a tree. Stones of berries contain radio and fat oils and a glycoside dl-mandelonitrile gentiobioside, bark – coumarin, tannins, dl-mandelonitrile gentiobioside.

On some researches stones of cherry contain ellagic acid – vitamin B 17 which blocks development of cancer cells. However today there is no unambiguous opinion of scientists on efficiency of use of these properties in oncology.

Use of cherry

Fresh fruits of cherry are most useful. For increase in hemoglobin and prevention of development of cardiovascular diseases it is enough to have a glass of fresh cherry juice in day. It is very useful to drink juice at pregnancy as the folic acid which is in its structure helps to protect the child from development of various pathologies. For preparation of cherry juice it is the best of all to combine several grades of cherry. The best results are yielded by a combination of fragrant medium-sized grades with juicy and fleshy.

At dysentery, as diuretic, and also styptic cure for long and plentiful menstrual bleedings, it is possible to prepare broth from fruit stems of berries for what 2 teaspoons of fruit stems of cherry boil in a glass of water and insist within several hours. Apply the received broth on a tablespoon to 4 times a day. Also broth from fruit stems of berries possesses the knitting action.

Компот из вишни

Infusion from roots of cherry is applied at stomach ulcer, and from bark – at spasms, rheumatic pains and neurosises. Broth is prepared from one tablespoon of a root or bark and drunk on a glass daily. Broths from young branches of cherry apply at chronic colitis and diarrhea.

Cherry leaves often are a part of medicinal collecting. At diseases of kidneys they are applied along with blackberry leaves, heads of a red clover and flowers of a tansy, at an anemia and inflammatory diseases – with leaves of a mountain ash and flowers of a thyme and calendula, at colds – in equal proportions with a camomile.

In cosmetology cherry is used most often for fat skin. Pulp of fresh fruits narrows enlarged pores and helps to get rid of eels, and also does skin elastic and healthy, protecting it from influence of external environment.


Is in large numbers cherry contraindicated at a diabetes mellitus and obesity because of high content of sugars in it. With care it is necessary to include it in the diet at a hyperoxemia of a gastric juice and a peptic ulcer of a stomach. Also it is contraindicated to use cherry at chronic inflammatory processes and digestive disturbances.

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