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Whisky belongs to the category of the hard alcoholic beverages made of grain of different types byВиски со льдом malting, distillation and long fermentation in special barrels from an oak. Grains which can be used at whisky production – barley, wheat, corn or rye. Content of alcohol in drink reaches 40-50% of turns.; there are, however, kinds of whisky with a strength up to 60% of turns. Drink has a characteristic light-amber shade, sugar in it either is absent completely, or contains in a small amount. Historically it developed that the main producers of whisky are the countries which as it is considered, possess the right to call itself "inventors of whisky" is Ireland and Scotland. However, as the question of in whisky, what of them, was prepared for the first time, open, between the countries heated arguments which purpose – to prove the superiority continue. At the same time the very first mentioning of drink is dated 1494 and belongs to a feather of the Scottish monks.

Nevertheless, history of production of whisky contains an order of 1000. At that time drink prepared in the medical purposes and is exclusive in monasteries. Its miracle force was so big that whisky called neither more nor less "vivifying water" or Aqua vitae. Celts named it uisque baugh, from where, as it is considered, the modern name takes roots.

Only by the 15th century the secret of preparation of drink extended out of borders of monasteries, having turned into use of the Scots who are traditionally growing up grain crops. Soon enough – is closer to the 16th century – demand and consumption of drink grew so that the authorities were forced to introduce rigid restrictions for its sale and production which then turned into monopoly.

Depending on raw materials on the basis of which drink is made whisky can be divided into three main types:

  • The malt whisky received from barley malt. Drink excludes presence of impurity;
  • The grain whisky used for blends with a malt grade thanks to what new types of drink turn out. Besides, on its basis by repeated distillation vodka or gin is often made. The small share of drink goes on sale where it is designated as single grain whisky that is translated as "pure grain whisky". Such kind of drink, unlike previous, is manufactured generally in the USA and Canada;
  • The mixed (blended) whisky represents connection grain and malt in different proportions. This look is most widespread among all kinds of drink, about 90% of all output fall to its share.

Flavoring properties of whisky depend on several parameters: quality of the used water, grains, ways of filtering and malting, feature of a barrel, hold time, temperature at which whisky spills in bottles and some other. To give whisky unusual aromatic and flavoring shades drinks quite often place in barrels in which wines – a sherry, Madeira, port, etc. were placed earlier.

Despite variety of grades, distinguish two main directions applied in production of drink. The tradition of the "Scottish" direction includes drying of malt by means of peat thanks to what drink develops a smoky taste and aroma. In the "Irish" direction of whisky it is made thanks to "bestorfyany" drying and triple distillation that gives to drink softness.

Useful properties of whisky

The dosed use of drink really brings benefit, exactly thanks to the useful properties whisky became so popular drink in the monastic environment one thousand years ago.

If to adhereВиски в бутылке to the recommended daily dosage – no more than 30 g – the risk of developing of a heart attack considerably decreases. Not for nothing Scots add this noble drink almost everywhere – to juice, tea, coffee or Coca. Thanks to the fortress whisky has fine antiseptic qualities and antiinflammatory action.

Tinctures of herbs and compresses using whisky are extremely useful.

Tincture of a mallow medicinal on whisky is irreplaceable at various diseases of upper respiratory tracts since it possesses expectorating, enveloping and antiinflammatory actions. For tincture production the mallow in number of 20 g should be filled in with whisky of 500 ml then the turned-out medicinal drink needs to be placed in the dark place where it will be stored about 10 days. After term tincture is accepted three times a day till 10-15 of drops.

Root tincture the lyubistka prepared on the basis of whisky has the diuretic, stimulating and toning effect. It is necessary for its preparation истолочь 100 g of a root and to prepare 300 ml of whisky. It is necessary to infuse solution not less than 15 days then to accept on a tablespoon every time before food.

To lower pressure, and also to improve a condition of cardiovascular and digestive systems green walnuts tincture on whisky will help. It is possible to prepare it, the gulf of 500 ml of drink of 100 g of the crushed nuts then to infuse solution on the sun in a dark glass bottle for two weeks. Mix needs to be shaken up every day. Ready tincture to filter and accept three times a day to food on one tablespoon. Also tincture can be added to tea with honey and to use at bronchitis.

The red clover, infused on whisky, is effective at atherosclerosis, headaches, a sonitus. Train her as follows: add 600 ml of whisky to 40 g of flowers of a clover, infusing mix two weeks. To accept tincture before a lunch or before going to bed on 20 g. The term of treatment makes about 3 months with breaks in 10 days after every month. It is recommended to repeat a course of treatment not earlier than in 6 months.

Harm of whisky

Despite abundance of useful properties, whisky – strong alcoholic drink. From this it follows that its excessive use by all means will negatively affect functioning of an organism.

It is frequent it is not recommended to accept whisky in high doses since developing of the most severe intoxication which can develop afterwards into alcoholism is possible. Noticeable harm of whisky renders on kidneys and a liver owing to what work of these bodies is broken, and in certain cases there is a termination of their functioning.

It is necessary to refuse the use of drink to persons with mental disorders, to pregnant women and women in the period of a lactation.

Essential harm of whisky at the excessive use puts to a brain, functions of sight, coordination of movements and the speech as a result suffer.

In other words, harm of whisky, as well as its advantage, completely depend on in what quantity drink is taken.

Whether you know that:

The weight of a human brain makes about 2% of all body weight, however it consumes about 20% of the oxygen coming to blood. This fact does a human brain extremely susceptible to the damages caused by shortage of oxygen.