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Абактал - антибиотик широкого спектра

Abactal represents an antibiotic of a broad spectrum of activity. Concerning gram-positive, gram-negative microorganisms and intracellular activators Abactal has bactericidal effect.

Form of release and structure

Drug is produced in the form of tablets, coated, for oral administration and liquid for infusions.

Tablets from white till yellowish color biconvex an oval form, the containing 558,5 mg of a pefloksatsin of a mezilat of a dihydrate corresponding to 400 mg of a pefloksatsin.

Besides, each tablet as excipients contains:

  • Monohydrate lactoses – 79.5 mg;
  • Starch corn – 32 mg;
  • Povidone – 32 mg;
  • Karboksimetilkrakhmala of sodium – 32 mg;
  • Talca – 27 mg;
  • Silicon of dioxide colloid anhydrous – 2 mg;
  • Stearate magnesium – 7 mg.

The cover contains:

  • Gipromelloza – 13.166 mg;
  • Dioxide titanium – 2.09 mg;
  • Talca – 854 mkg;
  • Macrogoal of 400 - 1.79 mg;
  • Wax karnaubsky – 100 mkg.

Tablets Abaktal on 10 pieces are packed into blisters which are packaged in individual cardboard packs.

The concentrate intended for production of solution for intravenous administration from yellow till light yellow color, transparent. In one ampoule – 400 mg of a pefloksatsin, in 1 ml – 80 mg.

As excipients solution contains:

  • Ascorbic acid;
  • Dinatrium эдетат;
  • Natrii hydrocarbonas;
  • Sodium metabisulphite;
  • Benzyl alcohol;
  • The water distilled.

Packaging on 10 ampoules, of 5 ml, in plastic pallets, one pallet in a cardboard pack.

Indications to use

Abaktal's use is reasonable at treatment and prevention of infectious diseases which are caused by bacteria, sensitive to action of a pefloksatsin.

Treat them:

  • Infectious diseases of ENT organs of upper and lower respiratory tracts (bacterial pneumonia, chronic and recurrent bronchitis, bronchopulmonary infections, mucoviscidosis);
  • Otitis, antritis, quinsy, frontal sinusitis, tonsillitis; infectious diseases of urinogenital bodies: urethritis, cystitis, pyelonephritis, vaginitis, prostatitis, tubular abscess, endometritis;
  • Gonorrhea and clamidiosis;
  • Cholera, salmonellosis, typhoid, shigellosis, cholecystitis, empyema of a gall bladder; osteomyelitis and arthritis;
  • The infected burns, ulcers, abscesses, wounds;
  • Prevention and treatment of intrahospital infections;
  • Complications after gynecologic and surgical interventions;
  • Intra belly abscesses, endocarditis, peritonitis and bacterial meningitis;
  • The lowered immunity, at prevention and treatment of infectious diseases.

According to the instruction to Abaktal it is used in a complex with other antimicrobic drugs or as means of monotherapy.

After oral administration Abaktal is absorbed in digestive tract. The maximum level in blood is observed in 1,5 hours. Extent of communication with proteins of plasma makes no more than 30% of the accepted dose. The medicine is metabolized in a liver, removed by the most part with urine and partially with bile both in the form of metabolites, and in an invariable look. After a single dose of Abaktal the elimination half-life makes 8 hours, and after repeated – 13 hours. It is possible to define existence of a pefloksatsin in urine within 3,5 days after the last use.


Often negative reviews of Abaktala are connected with the fact that precautionary measures at its use were broken.

Drug is contraindicated:

  • To persons with hypersensitivity to drug components;
  • To pregnant women and the nursing women;
  • To children up to 18 years.

With care Abaktal appoint to people with organic lesions of TsNS, a heavy liver failure, disturbance of functions of a liver and kidneys.

Route of administration and dosage

Pill Abaktal should be taken inside in time or after food, washing down with enough water. They do not need to be crushed or divided. Abaktal's use will be more effective if to divide a daily dose into two parts and to use drug at regular intervals.

According to the instruction to Abaktal the necessary dose of drug makes:

  • At diseases, sexually transmitted, gynecologic infections and infectious diseases of an urinary system – 400 mg of 1 times a day;
  • At gonorrhea – 800 mg of 1 times a day;
  • Other diseases of infectious character assume Abaktal's reception 2 times a day on 400 mg.

At disturbance of functions of a liver Abaktal's use in the form of solution for infusions is recommended for what previously part contents of one ampoule in 250 ml of 5% of glucose. The received structure needs to be entered in slowly drop way. In order that therapeutic concentration of Abaktal were reached quicker, introduction in the first dose of 800 mg is admissible. The maximum daily dose of drug makes 1,2 g.

In surgery for prevention of infectious complications Abaktal's introduction is carried out in 1 hour prior to operation in a dose of 400-800 mg. Frequency of drop injection for patients with jaundice makes 1 time at 24 o'clock, with ascites – 1 time at 36 o'clock, with jaundice and ascites – is not more often than 1 time at 48 o'clock. To patients of advanced age, especially with disturbances of functions of kidneys, it is necessary to accept the reduced drug dose about what it is specified in the instruction to Abaktal.

Side effects

Negative reaction to drug is possible from outside:

  • The alimentary system (diarrhea, vomiting, appetite loss, taste change, dyspepsia, it is rare – pseudomembranous colitis);
  • TsNS (dizziness, concern, a headache, a depression, a vision disorder, sleeplessness, hallucinations, a tremor, confusion of consciousness, is rare – spasms);
  • Urinary system (a crystalluria, it is rare – intersticial nephrite, a hamaturia);
  • Musculoskeletal system (arthralgia, tendinitis, mialgiya).

Developing of phlebitis, skin rash, erubescence, itch is also possible.

Special instructions

At Abaktal's use it is necessary to consider that:

  • It is possible to use drug for droppers only in hospital, under observation of medical staff;
  • It is necessary to avoid ultra-violet radiation during treatment also not less than 6 days upon termination of therapy;
  • To stop Abaktal's use at any allergy, reaction of TsNS, suspicion to a tendinitis;
  • Important with extra care to accept drug aged after 60 years;
  • The analysis by definition of glucose in urine during therapy by drug should be done by enzymatic methods;
  • Beta лактамные antibiotics, Vancomycinum, metronidazole and rifampicin are admissible to be applied in a combination with Abaktal;
  • At the same time it is necessary to appoint пефлоксацин with an isoniazid with care;
  • At the occupations requiring special attention, potentially dangerous types of works, driving of the car, accepting Abaktal, it is important to be careful.


Abaktal's drugs analogs on active active ingredient: Пелокс, Pefloksatsin, Peflotsin, Yunikpef, etc.

Terms and storage conditions

The period of validity of Abaktal makes 3 years. It is necessary to store drug in the place, unavailable to children, avoiding light hit, temperature indoors at the same time should not exceed 25 °C.

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