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General properties of drug Adaptol

АдаптолMedicine Adaptol concerns to group of easy tranquilizers which is appointed at manifestation of a number of symptoms of disturbance of work of a nervous system.

Unlike many other similar drugs, Adaptol does not possess somnolent action. Thanks to this feature, Adaptol's use pertinently and in the afternoon days. In drugstores medicine is sold in the form of white tablets on which are applied identification risk and a facet.

Indications to use

As it is specified in the instruction, Adaptol is capable to have the calming effect on a nervous system. After Adaptol's use improvement of working capacity and cerebration is noted, it is possible to concentrate attention better. At the same time, as Adaptol responses testify to drug, it does not cause such symptoms as the increased emotional activity, irritability, psychoemotional instability. After Adaptol's use there is no feeling of euphoria, as at narcotic substances or at reception of strong tranquilizers. Adaptol it is possible to apply also during study or work, and during driving of vehicles. It does not cause the broken coordination of movements. But during the working day at Adaptol's reception it is necessary to be careful.

Adaptol's use is pertinent at neurosises, an acrimony, uneasiness, regularly and unjustly appearing sensation of fear. In Adaptol's instruction it is specified that he can be applied in combination with other tranquilizers and antipsychotic drugs, softening their influence, improving portability and eliminating possible side neurologic effects. The exception is made only by drugs with somnolent effect – their action amplifies at reception together with Adaptol therefore for treatment of a sleep disorder it is recommended to appoint drug only in combination with other drugs.

Adaptol is appointed by that who decided to leave off smoking as he reduces the need for nicotine. Adaptol's instruction recommends to appoint it in such cases in complex therapy for persons interested to get rid of nicotine addiction.

Thanks to easy antipsychotic action, Adaptol use at treatment of a cardialgia.

Contraindications to use

Adaptol pregnant women are forbidden to appoint also in the period of a lactation.

According to responses, Adaptol can be cancelled as medicine for those who have an individual intolerance to the components which are contained in it.

Features of administration of drug Adaptol

Адаптол применяют при тревожностях и страхахDrug Adaptol in the form of tablets is appointed inside. It is possible to use it regardless of a diet on 2-3 times during the day. The general duration of a course of treatment Adaptol makes no more than three months.

At treatment of nicotine addiction in Adaptol's instruction it is specified that duration of use of drug in complex therapy should not exceed 6 weeks. Drug does not cause accustoming thanks to the low level of toxicity, but at too long use or at Adaptol's overdose dizziness, excessive weakness and lowering of arterial pressure and temperatures is possible. At manifestation of similar symptoms drug is cancelled.

The maximum concentration of drug in blood is reached in thirty minutes after reception, according to reviews of Adaptola, the effect remains for three hours.

The prices in Internet drugstores:

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Adaptol of a tablet 500 of Mg of 20 pieces

680 rub.

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Adaptol тбл 500 mg No. 20, OlainFarm

883 rub.

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