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Pharmacological action

АдельфанAdelphanum represents the combined hypotensive drug. Active ingredients of Adelphanum – Reserpinum and дигидралазин. Reserpinum has vasodilating neurotropic effect therefore there is nervous control of a tone of blood vessels. Adelphanum promotes improvement of a dream and a lowering of arterial pressure. Antipsychotic action of Adelphanum is caused by the fact that after use of drug concentration of neurotransmitters in neurons decreases.

Reception of the tablets Adelphanum promotes improvement of a vermicular movement of digestive tract, increase in a renal blood-groove, strengthening of glomerular reaction. Drug reduces metabolic rate, causes a hypothermia, a miosis, deepens the respiratory movements. The stable effect of use of the tablets Adelphanum is observed in 2-3 weeks from an initiation of treatment. Decrease in a tone of smooth muscles of arterioles, reduction of resistance in vessels of a brain, heart, kidneys, skin, increase in a blood-groove is caused by action of the digidralazin which is a part of Adelphanum.

Indications to use

In the instruction to Adelphanum several diseases at which use of this drug is reasonable are specified:

  • idiopathic hypertensia of an easy and average form of weight;
  • hypertension with the obscure reason of growth of arterial pressure.

Instruction of use of Adelphanum

Adelphanum is issued in the form of tablets. It is necessary to accept drug 2-3 times a day on 1 tablet. The maximum daily dose should not exceed 3 tablets. The maintenance therapy the tablets Adelphanum assumes reception of a minimal effective dose. Need for correction of doses of drug is necessary for elderly people with disturbance of functions of a liver.


The following diseases at which administration of drug is inadmissible are listed in the instruction to Adelphanum:

- Parkinson's disease;

- epilepsy;

- depression;

- recent transferring of a myocardial infarction;

- aggravation of a peptic ulcer;

- severe form of stenocardia and arrhythmia;

- the expressed tachycardia;

- abnormal liver functions;

- a renal failure in a severe form.

Individual sensitivity to Reserpinum and a digidralazin, the lactation, pregnancy of the third trimester are also a reason for refusal of reception of the tablets Adelphanum.

If the patient has a disease at which use of this drug is impossible, the doctor is obliged to offer, than it is possible to replace Adelphanum.

With special attentiveness this drug is appointed in the presence at patients:

  • coronary and cerebral atherosclerosis;
  • anamnestic data on a myocardial infarction;
  • heart failure;
  • zhelchekamenny disease;
  • erosive gastritis;
  • depression;
  • gouts;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • bronkhoobstruktivny syndrome;
  • pregnancies (I and II trimesters).

Side effects

At observance of the dose recommended in the instruction for Adelphanum undesirable effects from drug use are practically absent. Such manifestations as a headache, sleeplessness, weakness, a depression, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, feeling of a congestion of a nose are only in rare instances possible.

Additional information

It is necessary to store Adelphanum in the dark and dry place. The period of validity makes 5 years and it is specified on packaging.

Adelphanum analogs


Sometimes, either in connection with intolerance, or for other reason there is a question: "With what to replace Adelphanum?".

Adelfan-Ezidreks belongs to the most widespread analogs of Adelphanum.

This analog of Adelphanum represents a combination of three components: Reserpinum, digidrapazin and hydrochlorothiazide. Additional substance гидрохлоритиазид which is absent in Adelphanum, increases secretion and removal of potassium ions and hydrogen due to increase in quantity and speed of receipt in a cortical segment of collective tubules of ions of sodium and water.

Also Enap, Tririzid, Rezerpin, and also other inhibitors of an angiotensin-converting enzyme treat analogs of Adelphanum.

It is necessary to remember that a question of what to replace Adelphanum, exclusively attending physician has to solve, independent use of any medicine is life-threatening also health.

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