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Адонис весенний

The adonis – a herbaceous plant from a sort of a crowfoot family. The plant is of value for medicine thanks to the glycosides which are in it. In the adonis spring found 25 cardiac glycosides capable to slow down a cordial rhythm, to extend a diastole, to increase stroke cardiac output, to strengthen a systole, to brake conductivity in heart.

Prepare medicinal raw materials generally from the adonis spring which call still an adonis, starodubky and a yellow rocket.

Chemical composition

In addition to cardiac glycosides, at the adonis there are a vitamin C, alkaloids, tannins, phytosterols, flavonoids.

Useful properties

Thanks to useful properties of the adonis, his reception has the following effect:

  • Vasodilating;
  • Sedative;
  • Anesthetic;
  • Moderate diuretic;
  • Laxative.

Indications to use

Pharmaceutical industry produces on the basis of the adonis tincture and the tablets Adonisidum which appoint at cardiac neurosis, vegeto-vascular dystonia, infections which are followed by weakening of cordial function, the renal diseases complicated by heart failure.

Tincture Adonisidum is appointed to accept till 15-20 drops three times a day. The pill Adonisidum is taken by two or three times a day on the 1st piece.

The adonis bromine is issued in the form of tablets. This drug concerns to group of cardiovascular means. Has ability to exert impact on a diastole, makes easy diuretic influence, rasslablyayushche affects a vagus nerve. Therefore it is recommended as soothing and for improvement of a blood-groove. Appoint at vegeto-vascular dystonia for the purpose of simplification of a state, and also in case of neurosises and other similar diseases.

The adonis spring is included in composition of mixture of Traskov (antiasthmatic means) and Bekhterev's mixtures (in combination with codeine and sodium bromide). Three times a day on a tablespoon accept them.

Thanks to medicinal properties of the adonis, its use at typhus, scarlet fever and flu also yields good results.


Use of the adonis spring is excluded at:

  • Hypertensions,
  • Bradycardia;
  • The increased coagulability of blood;
  • To atrioventricular cordial block;
  • GIT ulcers.

It is contraindicated to children up to three years.

Categorically pregnant women as it can provoke an abortion cannot apply drugs on the basis of this plant.

Considering poisonous properties of the adonis, its use without doctor's instructions extremely is not recommended.

House drugs from the adonis

As medicinal raw materials serve leaves, stalks, immature fruits and the adonis's flowers. Bring together them from April to May. The cut-off grass together with flowers is dried for a start in the aired room or just on air. Drying temperature – 50-60 °C, is considered that at such thermal mode the useful substances which are contained in a plant will remain better. In the course of drying the grass needs to be mixed periodically.

During preparation and storage it is necessary to consider, as stalks, and flowers of the adonis are poisonous therefore it is necessary to follow the accepted safety rules. It is necessary to store them separately from other prepared herbs, marking the corresponding mark.

House drugs make of the adonis according to the following recipes:

  • Water infusion. 6-10 g of dry raw materials fill in 200 ml of boiled water, uphold. Use for activation of work of cardiovascular system, three times a day on 1 tablespoon. At prolonged treatment the volume of raw materials needs to be reduced to 3-4 g by 200 ml of boiled water. It is necessary to drink all infusion within a day. To children in some cases it is also appointed, but on one teaspoon three times a day;
  • Broth. One tablespoon of the crushed grass is ready in 400 ml of the purified water within 5 minutes. It is used for removal of the increased intraocular pressure, overexcitation, attacks of epilepsy and for regulation of a dream. The scheme of therapy – one tablespoon of broth once in an hour all the time of wakefulness. At production of drink it is recommended to add a nettle and a valerian.
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