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Pharmacological actions of Aevitum

АевитAevitum is a vitamin complex drug with immunostimulating and antioxidant properties. The Aevitum complex, responses of doctors and about which patients unambiguously positive, consists of two vitamins – And (Retinolum пальмиат) and E (alpha tocopherol acetate). Aevitum vitamins promote an angenesis, participates in exchange lipidic and proteinaceous, positively influences sight, supports reproductive function of an organism, improves blood circulation, recovers permeability of vessels, a fabric trophicity.

All effects of use of Aevitum described above are possible thanks to pharmacological properties of vitamins A, E.

Vitamin A is responsible for fabric exchange, is capable to increase cellular and humoral immunity, strengthens a myelopoiesis, improves function of macrophages. By means of reception of vitamin A it is possible to reduce risk of a disease of mucous respiratory tracts and a digestive tract. Thanks to participation of this vitamin B the Aevitum complex, at its use keratinization is slowed down, cells rejuvenate. The beneficial influence of the drug Aevitum on reproductive function is also caused by participation of vitamin A in this complex. Besides, Retinolum пальмиат participates in formation of a visual signal, a bone tissue, promotes growth of bones, positively influences work of sweat, sebaceous, lacrimal glands.

Also, vitamin A, thanks to unsaturated bonds of a molecule of Retinolum, interacts with different types of radicals, and stimulates antioxidant function of vitamin E which, in turn, being the second important component of Aevitum, interferes with Retinolum oxidation, thereby preventing formation of toxic products.

Besides, alpha tocopherol vitamin acetate (E) is responsible for regulation of exchange processes in a human body, protection of cells against action of radicals free, prevention of hemolysis of erythrocytes, positively influences microcirculation and a trophicity of fabrics, vascular system.

Alpha tocopherol also stimulates immunity as the general, and humoral, and cellular. Thanks to this component of the Aevitum complex, activity of T lymphocytes increases. Besides, in total with vitamin A normal formation of a reproductive system and embryonic development is provided.

Pharmacokinetic properties of Aevitum are caused by pharmacokinetics of its components.

Absorption of Aevitum: vitamin E is soaked up in a digestive tract, and vitamin Retinolum - in gastrointestinal. Aevitum components, vitamins A, E are distributed in fabrics and bodies evenly, at the same time excess of vitamin A is postponed in a liver, and vitamin E – in muscular, fatty tissue, adrenal glands, seed plants, a liver, erythrocytes.

Metabolism of Aevitum: vitamin A in the course of metabolism in a liver forms active and inactive metabolites. Vitamin E forms in the course of metabolism only pharmacological inactive metabolites.

Removal of Aevitum: Retinolum acetate already as metabolites is removed with urine and bile. There is it slowly: after single application a third of the accepted vitamin is brought out of a human body three more weeks. Vitamin E is removed only with bile, and with urine only in insignificant quantity.

Indications to use of Aevitum

Thanks to complex structure use of Aevitum is appointed in a number of diseases. Therapy with use of Aevitum registers to patients who on different indicators need long reception of a large number of E and A of vitamins.

According to the instruction of Aevitum, it is necessary and is repaid in some cases:

- the broken microcirculation and a trophicity of fabrics;

- atherosclerosis of vessels;

- obliterating endarteritis;

- psoriasis, lupus erythematosus;

- atrophy of an optic nerve, "night blindness" (hemeralopia), keratomalacia, xerophthalmia, retinitis pigmental;

Use of Aevitum is shown also to that patients at whom food is limited, and receipt And yes E vitamins is reduced in the natural way, at such diseases and states:

  • diarrhea;
  • gastrectomy;
  • steatorrhea;
  • disease Krone, malabsorption, Gee's disease;
  • cholestasia in a chronic stage, jaundice obstructive, impassable bilious ways, cirrhosis;
  • pancreas disease – cystous fibrosis;
  • infectious diseases in acute and a chronicity;
  • defective food, rapid loss of weight (often vitamins appoint Aevitum by that who is on parenteral food – for completion of a lack of Retinolum and alpha tocopherol acetate)
  • alcoholic, nicotinic, narcotic addiction;
  • long stress;
  • use of drugs, mineral oils which contain iron (for example, Neomycinum, Colestyraminum, колестипол)
  • diet which causes the increased intake of fatty polyunsaturated acids;
  • hyperthyroidism
  • peripheral neuropathy;
  • abetalipoproteinemiya;
  • necrotizing myopathy.

Aevitum route of administration

Основная составляющая Аевита - витамины А и ЕAevitum vitamins are accepted after food, are swallowed entirely not chewed) and washed down with water.

Average course of reception, according to the instruction of Aevitum: for the adult – 30 – 40 дн. on one capsule once at 24 o'clock. But more individual dosages of Aevitum and duration of a course are appointed by the doctor at whom the patient is observed. According to observations and responses, Aevitum at the wrong use can lead to undesirable effects.

For more exact purpose and a possibility of repetition of use of Aevitum (only in 3 months or half a year after the termination of a last year - according to the instruction of Aevitum) it is necessary to know precisely the nature of a disease and feature of an organism of the patient.

Description of side effects of Aevitum

According to the description and responses, Aevitum is transferred well, but there is a statistics of side effects against the background of use of Aevitum:

1) vomiting, nausea, allergic manifestations, a gastralgia, disturbance of a chair – the isolated cases connected only with specific features of an organism of the patient;

2) the exacerbation of pancreatitis chronic, cholelithiasis – at those who it is long was accepted by Aevitum;

3) A. Vyrazhayetsya's hypervitaminosis in defeat peripheral and the central nervous system – sleep disorders, irritability, a headache, paresthesia, apathy. It can be shown also damages of integuments – cracks and dryness by a foot and palms, seborrhea, an allopecia. According to reviews, Aevitum led also to a joint pain, increase in a spleen, liver, gait change, but all this was observed against the background of prolonged use of drug and in dosages which exceeded recommended.

Contraindications to use of Aevitum

1. Individual intolerance being a part of Aevitum vitamin;

2. Thyrotoxicosis, glomerulonephritis chronic, and chronic circulatory unefficiency;

3. A myocardial infarction, risk of a thrombembolia, heavy atherosclerosis of coronary arteries, acute and chronic inflammations of kidneys (Aevitum is appointed, but carefully);

According to the instruction, reception of Aevitum at pregnancy and a lactation is allowed only with the permission of the doctor.

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