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Акинетон раствор для инъекций

Akinetonum – the synthetic drug used at parkinsonism syndrome, and also at the extrapyramidal symptoms caused by neuroleptics.

Form of release and structure

The drug Akinetonum is produced in the form of ploskotsilindrichesky white tablets and transparent solution for injections.

Tablets contain 2 mg of Biperidinum of a hydrochloride. As excipients cellulose microcrystallic, starch corn and potato, hydrophosphate calcium the dihydrate, lactoses monohydrate, коповидон, magnesium stearate, the water purified talc act. In the blister on 10 or 20 tablets. One packaging contains 2, 5 or 10 blisters.

1 ml of solution of drug contains 5 mg of Biperidinum of a lactate. Excipients – sodium a lactate and water for injections. Solution is produced in ampoules on 1 ml. In one pack of 5 ampoules.

Indications to use

According to the instruction, Akinetonum is applied at:

  • Parkinsonism syndrome at adults;
  • Poisoning with nicotine or phosphorus organic matters at adults;
  • The extrapyramidal symptoms caused by neuroleptics or drugs, similar in action, at children and adults.


According to the instruction to Akinetonum, drug is contraindicated at:

  • Stenosis and obstruction of digestive tract;
  • To closed-angle glaucoma;
  • Megacolon;
  • The increased individual sensitivity to any of drug components.

In the form of tablets means is not appointed to children under 3 years. According to the instruction, Akinetonum is applied with care at pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. In need of use of Akinetonum in the period of a lactation feeding is recommended to be stopped as active ingredient of drug is removed with breast milk. With caution it is necessary to take drug and at advanced age, and also at:

  • To mochevyvedeniye delay;
  • Prostate hyperplasia;
  • Disturbances of a heart rhythm;
  • Predispositions to epileptic seizures.

Route of administration and dosage

In hard cases at Parkinson's syndrome to adult patients Akinetonum is slowly entered intravenously or intramusculary on 2-4 ml divided into several receptions. At use of drug in the form of tablets usually begin with small doses – on 1 mg to 2 times a day. Depending on side effects and therapeutic effect the dose can be raised gradually on 2 mg daily. The maximum dose of drug – 16 mg. It can be divided into 4 receptions.

At motive disturbances which cause the accepted medicines single use of Akinetonum is appointed:

  • To children till 1 year – intravenously 0,2 ml;
  • Children are 1-6 years old – 0,4 ml;
  • To children 10 years – 0,6 ml are more senior;
  • The adult drug is appointed intramusculary or intravenously on 0,5-1 ml, the maximum dose – 2-4 ml.

If necessary the repeated dose can be entered in half an hour. If during introduction development of side effects is observed, use of solution needs to be stopped.

At motive disturbances Akinetonum can also be applied in a pill which are taken in time or after meal. Duration of treatment depends on the course of a disease. The dose for adults makes 1-4 mg to 4 times a day, for children of 3-15 years – on 1-2 mg to 3 times a day.

At drug withdrawal the accepted dose should be reduced gradually.

In cases of poisoning with organic phosphoric mix the dose is appointed depending on poisoning degree, at the same time Akinetonum is applied before disappearance of symptoms.

At poisoning with nicotine drug is appointed as additional therapy intramusculary on 1-2 ml.

Side effects

Use of Akinetonum in certain cases can cause:

  • Drowsiness;
  • Dizziness;
  • Ataxy;
  • Weakness;
  • Alarm;
  • Increased fatigue;
  • Dyskinesia;
  • Confusion of consciousness;
  • Nervousness;
  • Euphoria,
  • Memory disturbance;
  • Delirious frustration;
  • Sleeplessness;
  • Muscular spasms;
  • Disturbance of the speech.

In some cases hallucinations can be observed. At overexcitement of a nervous system it is necessary to lower a drug dose.

Also use of Akinetonum can provoke:

  • Frustration of the alimentary system – a lock, increase in sialadens, dryness in a mouth, nausea, discomfort in epigastriums. For reduction of development of similar undesirable effects drug is recommended to be accepted after food;
  • Tachycardia, bradycardia and lowering of arterial pressure;
  • Disturbances of an organ of sight – closed-angle glaucoma, accommodation paresis, a mydriasis;
  • Allergic reactions, sweating reduction, the complicated urination;
  • Medicinal dependence.

Side effects are most often observed at early stages of treatment, and also at too bystry increase in a dose.

At overdose the following symptoms can be observed by Akinetonum:

  • Erubescence;
  • Hyperthermia;
  • Atony of a bladder and intestines;
  • Delirium;
  • The expanded, slowly reacting to light pupils – a mydriasis;
  • Confusion of consciousness;
  • Collapse;
  • Dryness of mucous membranes;
  • Cardiopalmus.

Special instructions

Simultaneous use of Akinetonum with other anticholinergic psychotropic medicines, and also with protivoparkinsonichesky, antihistaminic and antiepileptic drugs can promote strengthening of peripheral and central side effects.

It is also necessary to be careful at a means combination to the Levodopa, Pethidine, Quinidine and some other medicines.

In case of a long course of treatment by means of Akinetonum regular check of intraocular pressure is necessary.

Drug can reduce speed of reactions, promoting deterioration in ability to manage vehicles.


The following drugs belong to analogs of Akinetonum:

  • Мендилекс;
  • Biperidinum;
  • Biperidinum hydrochloride.

Terms and storage conditions

Medicine is released according to the recipe and belongs to the list A.

Akinetonum should be stored in the dry place unavailable to children, at a temperature not above 25 °C.

Solution period of storage for injections and tablets – 5 years.

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