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АльбуминAlbumine is the drug intended for parenteral food, which is partial substitute of a blood plasma.

Form of release and structure

Produce 5, 10 and 20% Albumine solution for intravenous administration. It looks as transparent viscous liquid. Active ingredient in its structure is protein the albumine secreted from plasma of the person. As excipients chloride, sodium caprylate and water for injections act sodium.

Solution is produced in ampoules on 10 and 20 ml and in bottles on 50, 100, 200 and 400 ml.

Indications to use

According to the instruction, Albumine should be used at the following morbid conditions and diseases:

  • Traumatic, toxic, hemorrhagic, it is purulent - septic, operational shock;
  • Hypovolemia;
  • Hypoproteinemia;
  • Hypoalbuminemia;
  • Severe forms of burns;
  • Nephrites with a nephrotic syndrome;
  • Hemolitic disease of newborns;
  • Liver diseases with dysfunction of synthesis of protein;
  • Ascites (liquid in an abdominal cavity);
  • Digestion diseases with disturbance of absorption of protein (a peptic ulcer with a dekompensirovanny stenosis, disturbances of passability of an anastomosis);
  • Respiratory distress syndrome at adults;
  • Long it is purulent - septic diseases with development of proteinaceous deficit;
  • Brain hypostasis;
  • Carrying out hemodialysis, medical plasmapheresis;
  • Operations using artificial circulation.


Contraindications to use of Albumine are:

  • Thrombosis;
  • Chronic heart failure;
  • The proceeding bleeding;
  • Arterial hypertension;
  • Chronic renal failure;
  • Hypersensitivity to albumine;
  • Fluid lungs;
  • Hypervolemia.

At chronic heart diseases drug should be used with care as there is a risk of development of an acute heart failure.

It must be kept in mind that means increases arterial pressure because of positive oncotic activity. Therefore after transfusion of drug in the post-operational and posttraumatic period bleeding from the damaged vessels which because of low pressure did not bleed earlier can begin.

Control from the doctor in time is obligatory and after infusion.

Route of administration and dosage

According to the instruction, Albumine is entered intravenously kapelno with a speed of 50-60 thaws (3 ml) a minute.

The daily volume of solution makes 100-500 ml.

For each patient the dose is selected individually depending on weight of a state, a clinical picture and age.

Usually appoint 10% Albumine solution. The average dose is calculated proceeding from a formula: 1-2 ml/kg. Intravenous administration is carried out daily or every other day to achievement of effect.

20% solution are used in hard cases. It is contraindicated to patients of advanced age.

It is important to observe the infusion speed as at more bystry introduction there can be a disturbance of functions of cardiovascular system.

Side effects

At Albumine transfusion side effects arise extremely seldom. Manifestation of by-effects in the form of allergic reactions is possible at earlier sensibilized persons (those who already transferred infusions of protein of albumine).

Also they can arise if in the anamnesis the patient has instructions on reaction after plasma transfusion, vaccines and serums. From allergic complications developing of urticaria, a Quincke's edema, fervescence, lowering of arterial pressure, an acute anaphylaxis is possible.

At emergence of allergic reactions infusion of solution needs to be stopped and, without taking out a needle from a venous vessel, to enter to the patient antihistaminic, cardiotonic means.

Special instructions

Before use of Albumine it is necessary to examine a bottle on existence of a deposit, suspension, discoloration. In the presence of such signs use of drug is forbidden. If the bottle was used not completely, then it is impossible to apply it repeatedly. For the purpose of prevention of bacterial complications it is not necessary to use the burst, damaged or previously opened bottles with solution.

There are no data concerning impact of drug on a fruit at pregnant women therefore use of Albumine during this period is possible only according to strict indications.

Administration of drug can be carried out together with transfusion of components of blood (a packed red cells, whole blood), electrolytic solutions. However it cannot be mixed with solutions of amino acids and alcohol-containing solutions.


The most widespread analogs of solution are drugs Plazbumin 20, Uman Albumin, Albumin of human 20% and Zenalb-20.

Terms and storage conditions

According to the instruction, Albumine should be stored at a temperature of 2-10 °C.

The period of validity makes 5 years.

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