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АллапининAllapinin – drug for treatment of diseases of cardiovascular system.

Form of release and structure

Allapinin release in the form of tablets and solution.

Enters into structure of round, biconvex tablets of white color:

  • Lappakonitina hydrobromide (аллапинин) – 25 mg;
  • Sucrose (sugar, refined sugar or granulated sugar) – 65,5 mg;
  • Potato starch – 7,5 mg;
  • Calcium stearate (calcium stearate) – 1 mg;
  • Croscarmellose sodium – 1 mg.

Solution for intravenous and intramuscular administration contains 2 ml on 5 mg/ml of active ingredient.

Indications to use

According to the instruction, Allapinin apply at disturbances of a heart rhythm:

  • Ventricular and supraventricular premature ventricular contraction;
  • Paroxysms of trembling and atrial fibrillation;
  • Ventricular and supraventricular Bouveret's disease.


Allapinin's use is contraindicated at:

  • Cardiogenic shock;
  • Heavy hypotension;
  • Renal or liver failure;
  • To blockade of intra ventricular conductivity;
  • Chronic heart failure of the II-III degree;
  • To blockade of the right leg of a ventriculonector;
  • Pregnancies;
  • Lactations.

Under medical control children and teenagers up to 18 years, and also patients accept drug with:

  • The compensated chronic heart failure;
  • Bradycardia;
  • Closed-angle glaucoma;
  • Prostatauxe;
  • Blockade of AV I of degree;
  • Disturbance of conductivity on Purkinye's fibers;
  • Disturbance of electrolytic balance;
  • Blockade of one of Gis's legs;
  • Cardiomegaly.

Care is required at electrocardiostimulation.

During treatment it is necessary to consider that Allapinin's use strengthens action of not depolarizing muscle relaxants.

Allapinin's efficiency is reduced by inductors of microsomal liver enzymes, means against arrhythmia of other classes. The combination to inhibitors of a microsomal oxidation can cause toxic complications.

Route of administration and dosage

Allapinin according to the instruction accept each 8 hours 0,025 g.

If there is no effect, the daily dose can be raised, having increased frequency rate of reception – each 6 hours. Increase in a single dose to 0,05 g which accept each 6-8 hours is admissible.

The course of treatment can proceed several months. In general its duration depends on extent of disturbance of a cordial rhythm and the general condition of the patient.

The most admissible doses: daily – 0,3 g, one-time – 0,05 g.

Effect of drug at internal use begins in 40-60 minutes after reception of tablets and more than 8 hours last.

For intramuscular and intravenous use Allapinin part with solution of sodium chloride and enter intramusculary each 6 hours in a dosage 0,4 mg/kg, and intravenously – 0,3-0,4 mg/kg, for 5 minutes.

In 6 hours if necessary it is possible to enter a repeated dose – 0,3 mg/kg.

At intravenous administration therapeutic action begins in 15-20 minutes and 6-8 more hours remain.

Side effects

Allapinin can cause a headache, an ataxy, dizziness, a diplopia, sinus tachycardia, delay of intra ventricular conductivity, erubescence of the person, reaction of allergic character.

Special instructions

At emergence of side effects it is necessary to reduce a dose.


There are no Allapinin's analogs on active ingredient. The Ethmosinum possesses the close mechanism of action.

Terms and storage conditions

To store at a temperature not above 25 °C. To protect from children. A period of validity – 5 years.

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