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Short characteristic of a disease

The alopecia is a Latin word which in the literal translation means "baldness". You should not confuse this disease to a hair loss which is a part of natural updating of indumentum and regularly occurs at each person. If the diagnosis an alopecia is made to you, treatment is just necessary as at its absence it is possible to lose all hair very quickly.

Types of an alopecia

Андрогенная алопеция

The androgenic alopecia – appears from behind the increased level of testosterone or from behind abnormally high sensitivity of hair to availability of this hormone. In the latter case baldness can occur even at the normal level of testosterone. The androgenic alopecia at women, especially during pregnancy and feeding is most often observed, and also during a climax. At men this type of a disease comes to light much less often and generally affects elderly people.

The diffusion alopecia – is a consequence of any serious disease or disturbances in work of the main systems of an organism. Besides, this form can be caused by a stress, shortage of iron and improper feeding. The diffusion alopecia is characterized by the fact that hair drop out plentifully and evenly that partly complicates statement of the correct diagnosis.

The focal alopecia (other name – a nested alopecia) – is equally often shown both at women, and at men at any age. A symptom of a disease is emergence of several growing bald sites on the head or a hair loss on other areas of a body, for example, on a beard and eyebrows. Over time bald spots can move or at all disappear. The reason for which at the person the focal alopecia begins to develop - is not clear. Researchers believe that failure in immune system of an organism takes place.

Once again there is a wish to repeat that you should not confuse the reason to the investigation. So, for example, very often the diagnosis an alopecia at women is not confirmed during the appointed treatment as the hair loss is connected with seasonal factors or with pregnancy and the child's birth. Temporary baldness is observed and at oncological patients is after carrying out a course of chemotherapy. For this reason the androgenic alopecia and other forms of a disease are diagnosed only after comprehensive inspection and a research of necessary analyses.

Alopecia – treatment of a disease

Очаговая алопеция

At the diagnosis "a gnezdny alopecia" the patient appoint immunocorrective therapy. As it was already told above, this form is considered an autoimmune disease that partly is confirmed by high performance of the immunomodulators and means of a nonspecific immunotherapy accepted by the patient.

If the alopecia is connected with disturbances of a nervous system, then it is necessary to get rid of psychoemotional experiences, effects of craniocereberal injuries, vegetative frustration, first of all. If necessary to the patient appoint tranquilizers, sedative drugs, vegetotropny means, 2% novocaine solution. A hypnotherapy course is sometimes conducted.

The diffusion alopecia caused by improper feeding, anemia and a hypovitaminosis is treated by means of biogenic stimulators (phytin, extract of an aloe or placenta, aloe syrup with iron). Good results are shown by Natrii arsenas which is entered subcutaneously 2-3 times a day, and novocaine solution. Also folk remedies, in particular, of magnolia vine tincture, a wolfberry and an aralia enjoy wide popularity.

Often baldness of the person is connected with seborrhea, an erythrosis and other dermatosis. If they caused an alopecia, treatment consists in elimination of the reason, that is directly a dermatosis then process of a hair loss stops. Consider also that bald spots can be a consequence of reception of some drugs (sex hormones, an isoniazid, anorectic means, anticoagulants), intoxications, influences of X-ray and a frequent chemical hairdressing. At children the physiological alopecia is most often shown. She does not demand any special treatment and passes by itself on the expiration of a certain period.

The severe forms of a disease which are followed by development of hems and atrophic changes of skin will practically not respond to treatment as negative processes affect system of updating of indumentum, completely stop its normal functioning. Exceptions are, but they are rather rare and it is possible to achieve positive dynamics only at prolonged, complex treatment in specialized clinics.

As the alopecia at women and men is quite often connected with improper feeding, to patients the rigid diet is appointed. Limit to it amount of table salt in food, include in a standard diet a large number of vegetables, fruit, a liver, fish, milk, bean, potatoes and cereals. One of the most effective ways to lose excess weight and to clear an organism of slags is a cucumber diet. Along with it also local therapy is carried out, that is various means and ointments which are rubbed in the baldness center are used.

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