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Alor – demulcent.

Pharmacological action

Алора таблеткиThe components which are a part of drug promote decrease in a tone of smooth muscle cells in a human body. Information on this action contains in the instruction to Alor. Carrying out nervous impulses in a head and spinal cord is slowed down, decreases excitability of the central nervous system. Thus, use of drug of Alor gives the following effects:

  • Sedative;
  • Anesthetizing;
  • Spasmolytic;
  • Anticonvulsant.

Responses to Alor contain information on the following positive changes in the state of health of patients:

1. Improvement of mood;

2. Uneasiness reduction;

3. Decrease in mental tension;

4. Easy somnolent effect;

5. A deep and quiet sleep (without condition of depression in the morning);

6. Lack of the oppressing impact on brain activity.

The use of Alor gives the chance to calm down and remove a condition of a stress. At the same time clarity of consciousness is observed, there is no drowsiness during the day. The organism is in a vigorous state, the clearness of thinking and activity in actions remains.

Accepting Alor according to the instruction, not allowing exceeding of the recommended doses, it is possible to get rid of excessive irritability and feeling of alarm.

Release form

Drug is produced in the following dosage forms:

  • Tablets of Alor (packaging on 4 or 20 pieces);
  • Syrup of Alor in bottles with a capacity of 100 ml.

Indications to use of Alor

The main indicators to appointment, according to the instruction to Alor, are the following vegetative diseases of a nervous system:

  • Neurocirculatory dystonia;
  • Arterial hypertension;
  • Tseberalny vascular crisis;
  • Cardiopalmus (tachycardia);
  • Adynamy (weakness, fatigue in muscles).

Besides, when various signs of disorder of work of a nervous system, irrespective of a disease source are observed, it is appointed Alor. Can be such signs:

1. Neurasthenia;

2. Depression;

3. Stress;

4. Condition of alarm;

5. Excessive irritability;

6. Sleep disorder;

7. Sleeplessness;

8. Climax period;

9. The premenopausal period (to women aged after 40 – 45 years);

10. The increased perspiration;

11. Fever;

12. Tremor.

Purpose of Alor in case of a syndrome of a postinfectious adynamy is effective. Drug of Alor in tablets and syrup is appointed at neurosises including at a cardioneurosis.


According to the instruction to Alor, persons should not accept drug more young than 12 years. An absolute contraindication to inclusion of Alor in tablets is the children's age up to 3 years. On doctor's orders we will allow inclusion of Alor in syrup by children is more senior than 3 years and is younger than 12 years, in small doses, with accurate observance of the instruction to Alor.

With hypersensitivity (hypersensitivity) to the components which are a part of Alor it is necessary to refuse use of this medicine. In this case, it is necessary to see the attending physician for purpose of other means which could replace Alor.

At treatment by tablets or syrup of Alor, it is necessary to exclude alcoholic drinks completely. During administration of drug you should not drink even beer.

In responses about Alor there is no certain information on use of drug during pregnancy and during feeding by a breast: dangerously it or not, is authentically unknown. Therefore, the decision on purpose of Alor to pregnant women and nursing mothers is accepted by the attending physician exercising control over the patient. During pregnancy this issue is resolved by the gynecologist, and during feeding by a breast – the pediatrician.

During treatment of Alor it is better to refrain from driving, work on dangerous productions. It is connected with the fact that drug can cause a certain block and reduce concentration of attention.

Application instruction of Alor

It is necessary to take syrup and a pill of Alor before meal.

Сироп АлораLet's remind, only according to the instruction of the attending physician, for the calming effect to children is more senior than 3 years, usually, appoint 1/2 teaspoons (2,5 ml). The interval between inclusion of Alor in syrup has to make from 8 to 12 hours, it is not less. Thus, per day the child has to receive 2 – 3 doses of medicine.

To the children who reached 12-year age and to adults for achievement of sedation, appoint 5 - 10 ml (1 - 2 teaspoons). It is necessary to accept syrup of Alor in this case each 8 hours.

In case of sleeplessness, the single dose of syrup of Alor will be equal to 10 ml.

Alor in tablets it is possible to use after achievement of 12-year age by children and adults. With the sedative purpose 1 tablet of Alor containing 100 mg of extract of a passionflower (active agent) is accepted to food, three times a day.

At sleep disorders, 2 - 3 pill of Alor is taken for one or one and a half hours before desirable approach of a dream.

Duration of a course of treatment by drug of Alor is established by the doctor. How long the patient will take medicine what form of drug he will use (Alor in tablets or syrup), depends on certain factors:

  • Age of the patient;
  • Individual characteristics (weight, floor, constitution);
  • Way of life (existence or lack of the movement);
  • Psychological loading (at work, in a family);
  • Existence of chronic diseases;
  • The accepted drugs (except Alor).

Side effects

Responses about Alor demonstrate that at observance of the reception doses appointed by the doctor and recommended in the instruction to Alor, side effects from administration of drug are improbable. However at overestimate of doses of reception all symptoms of intoxication of an organism (nausea, diarrhea, dizziness, weakness, vomiting) are possible. Besides, the overdose of Alor can result in block, difficulties to a prosypaniye in the mornings, to decrease in working capacity. Excessive exceeding of doses of inclusion of Alor threatens with serious effects, up to a deep faint and falling into coma.

In case of hypersensitivity to the active components which are a part of Alor emergence of allergic reaction is possible. Therefore, allergic persons need to be careful in observance of doses of inclusion of Alor. At purpose of treatment it is necessary not to forget to focus attention of the doctor that the patient has an allergy.

Does not prevent to make before administration of drug an allergoproba on active agents of new medicine. Besides, at the allergic person painful reaction can arise not so much on active ingredient (passionflower extract) how many on composition of syrup on the basis of which it is made Alor in this dosage form. It is possible, in this case, as the option, will be purpose of Alor in tablets.

People need to observe care in appointment and administration of drug of Alor with a serious organic illness of digestive tract. In this case, before purpose of demulcent of Alor, it is better to conduct additional examination on a susceptibility of a stomach and intestines to new drug.

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