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Pharmacological action

АмброксолAmbroxol is mucolytic means, that is medicine which liquefies a phlegm and facilitates process of its removal from lungs. Active agent of this drug is Ambroxol a hydrochloride. The main effect of Ambroxol is directed to increase in secretion of glands of respiratory tracts, stimulation of activity of fibers of respiratory tracts, strengthening of process of release of surfactant (surfactants) by lungs. All these processes lead to the fact that the otkhozhdeniye of slime and process of its removal is facilitated that, in turn, allows to reduce cough. Use of Ambroxol promotes decrease in hyperreactivity of bronchial tubes and does not cause excess formation of a secret. Ambroxol a hydrochloride is a Bromhexine metabolite, differing from it in the non-toxicity and bigger efficiency.

After use Ambroxol begins to work in 30 minutes, keeping the therapeutic effect within 9-10 hours. Absorption (absorption) of drug happens quickly and almost completely. Achievement of the maximum levels in plasma can be observed in 0,5-3 hours after reception. Linkng of Ambroxol with proteins of plasma – within 80-90%. Drug is quickly distributed from blood in fabric, especially in lungs. Ambroxol is metabolized in a liver, and removed by kidneys (90% - water-soluble metabolites, 5% - in an invariable look).

Indications to use

This drug is appointed at the following diseases:

  • chronic obstructive pulmonary disease;
  • chronic and acute bronchitis, tracheobronchitis;
  • bronchoectatic disease;
  • mucoviscidosis;
  • pneumonia;
  • bronchial asthma with the complicated phlegm otkhozhdeniye.

Ambroxol for children is one of the most popular mucolytic means.

Ambroxol route of administration

Ambroxol is produced in the form of capsules of the prolonged action, solution for intake, syrup Ambroxol, solution for intravenous administration, the tablets Ambroxol and solution for intake and inhalations. The tablets Ambroxol can be usual, the prolonged action or sparkling.

Амброксол для детейSyrup Ambroxol can have concentration of 15 mg in 5 ml or 30 mg in 5 ml depending on what the drug dosage is calculated. Syrup Ambroxol is accepted from calculation: 30 mg at one time (to adults and children 12 years) and 15 mg at one time (to children up to 12 years are more senior). It is necessary to accept drug in this form three times a day.

The tablets Ambroxol are applied orally during food and washed down with a small amount of water. One tablet of Ambroxol contains 30 mg of active agent. If to accept drug three times a day, then the scheme of reception for adults and children is more senior than 12 years following: po30 mg the first 2-3 days, then it is necessary to pass to ½ tablets or to continue to take one pill, then it is necessary to reduce frequency rate of receptions to two times a day. Ambroxol for children is younger than 12 years is appointed on ½ tablets, the number of receptions on the discretion is defined by the attending physician – two or three times.

According to the application instruction, Abroksol in the form of solution for intake (7,5 mg/ml) at three receptions a day by the adult is appointed according to the following scheme: on 4 ml the first two-three days, and then a single dose it is necessary to reduce to 2 ml, it is possible to reduce number of receptions to two in day and to leave a former dose (4 ml). Ambroxol for children of 5-12 years is appointed on 2 ml, frequency rate of receptions – two or three times a day; children are 2-5 years old – on 1 ml of drug it is necessary to accept three times a day; concerning children 2 years the single recommended dose are younger makes 1 ml which should be accepted twice a day.

Without observation of the doctor Ambroksol it is not necessary to apply longer than five days.

Side effects

This drug is well transferred by patients, side reactions are observed extremely seldom.

In the application instruction of Ambroxol the following negative effects of its reception are specified:

  • heartburn, dryness in a mouth, dyspepsia, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea;
  • rash, urticaria, anaphylactic reactions, Quincke's disease, allergic reactions;
  • weakness, headache;
  • very seldom - Stephens-Johnson's syndrome, a Lyell's disease.


Ambroxol is not appointed if at the patient is:

  • hypersensitivity to drug components;
  • inherited disorders of tolerance to carbohydrates (drug contains lactose);
  • peptic ulcer of a duodenum;
  • spasms.

Use of Ambroxol is contraindicated in the period of the first trimester of pregnancy.

Additional information

It is convenient to apply Ambroxol to children in the form of syrup. Patients can appoint this form of production of drug with a diabetes mellitus. The patients having bronchial asthma should accept bronchial spasmolytics before performing inhalation by Ambroxol.

It is necessary to store drug at the room temperature, in the dry and dark place. The period of validity of Ambroxol makes 3 years.

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