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The amenorrhea in translation from Latin means absence of monthly bleedings, that is periods. The amenorrhea is not an independent disease, it is the syndrome characteristic of many diseases, and not only a female genital, but also some general. Besides, the amenorrhea happens the woman's life, physiological, that is normal for this period. That is an age amenorrhea (at girls of prepubertal age and women who reached a menopause), an amenorrhea during pregnancy and a lactic amenorrhea.

Amenorrhea reasons

Причины аменореи

Approach of periods is regulated by the neurohumoral mechanism which is provided employment a brain, a nervous system and hormones. Failure at any stage of this mechanism can become the amenorrhea reason. Also the physiological processes in the woman's organism which are not deviations can be the reasons of an amenorrhea. One more group of the reasons of an amenorrhea – deviations in an anatomic structure which can be inborn or acquired.

All reasons of an amenorrhea divide on primary and secondary.

Primary amenorrhea is a state when periods did not appear in general. A secondary amenorrhea – a state when already available periods for any of several reasons stopped.

Primary amenorrhea can be caused by the following reasons:

  • Anatomic reasons of an amenorrhea. An arrest of development of a reproductive system, and also anomaly of a structure of external genitals (the false amenorrhea when bloody allocations are formed belongs here, but do not come to light because of fusions in the field of a hymen or a vagina);
  • Hereditary, or genetic reasons of an amenorrhea. In this group refer anomalies of a structure of internal generative organs as a result of hereditary diseases (Turner's syndrome, Kallmann's syndrome, a syndrome of testicular feminization, etc.) or other disturbances which happened during pre-natal development;
  • Physiological reasons of an amenorrhea. Physiological primary amenorrhea is norm before pubertal age.

The secondary amenorrhea can be caused by the following factors:

  • Zmotsionalno-psikhichesky reasons of an amenorrhea;
  • Physical overworks. Hard physical activity, excessive interest in sport can become the amenorrhea reason;
  • Pituitary insufficiency, as a rule, caused by tumoral process in a hypophysis;
  • Chronic inflammatory diseases of appendages of a uterus (chronic adnexitis);
  • Polycystosis of ovaries;
  • Regeneration of normal tissue of ovary in cicatricial and fibrous structure as a result of the postponed adnexitis;
  • Tumors of ovaries and uterine tubes;
  • Endocrine diseases;
  • Disturbances of a lipometabolism: obesity or on the contrary, critical decrease in amount of the fatty tissue necessary for normal exchange of estrogen;

Diagnosis of an amenorrhea

Диагностика и симптомы аменореи

The diagnosis of a pathological amenorrhea is made on the basis of lack of periods after approach of sixteen-year age (primary amenorrhea) or as a result of the termination of periods more than for half a year (a secondary amenorrhea).

Diagnostic events are held for the purpose of clarification of a reason for rejection, and depending on a form (primary amenorrhea or a secondary amenorrhea) have some differences.

At primary amenorrhea carry surely out karyotyping – the genetic diagnosis consisting in a research of chromosomal complement. Carry out collecting the family anamnesis, for the purpose of identification of possible genetic predisposition. Also ultrasonography of bodies of a small pelvis, gynecologic inspection, definition of the hormonal status in dynamics is applied. Depending on the found deviations these or those additional researches can be appointed.

Diagnosis of a secondary amenorrhea includes gynecologic survey, ultrasonography including intravaginalny ultrasonography, blood tests, urine, bacteriological crops of allocations of a vagina, hormonal diagnosis, a research of immune system, an endoscopic research of internal generative organs. At suspicion on tumoral process CT (computer tomography) or MRT (magnetic and resonant tomography) carry out.

Treatment of an amenorrhea

Treatment of an amenorrhea consists in elimination of the reason which caused its emergence. General scheme of treatment of an amenorrhea is as follows:

  • At an amenorrhea as which reason hormonal insufficiency served remove the insufficiency cause and if it is impossible, carry out correction of hormonal insufficiency by means of gormonozamestitelny therapy;
  • Treatment of the amenorrhea caused by inflammatory gynecologic diseases consists in use of antiinflammatory therapy, sometimes there is a need for carrying out surgical intervention (elimination of commissures, recovery of passability of uterine tubes, etc.);
  • Treatment of the amenorrhea caused by psychoemotional problems consists in correction of the neurologic status: soft sedative drugs are appointed, training in technicians of a relaxation is provided, a necessary condition is normalization of the mode of rest and activity, change of the place of work sometimes is required;

Besides, the most important condition of successful treatment of an amenorrhea in any its form, is normalization of a way of life in general. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with sufficient, but not excessive physical activity and healthy nutrition is necessary.

Treatment of an amenorrhea folk remedies

Ременс - таблетки для лечения аменореи

Treatment of an amenorrhea folk remedies can be effective only if the amenorrhea is caused by inflammatory processes or the psychoemotional reasons. In all other cases correction can be made only by the qualified medical intervention.

For elimination of the inflammatory reasons of an amenorrhea, folk remedies usually present themselves the officinal herbs in the form of broths and infusions applied or locally in the form of trays and syringings, or in the form of teas for the purpose of the general strengthening of an organism. As anti-inflammatory drugs apply broths and infusions of an acorus, eucalyptus, train, celandine, St. John's Wort, coltsfoot, sage, a camomile pharmaceutical and other officinal herbs. As fortifying – juice an aloe, a St. John's Wort, an inula, a rue fragrant. Also as the fortifying and immunostimulating folk remedies at an amenorrhea use honey and other products of beekeeping: pollen, uterine bee milk.

In the presence of the psychoemotional reasons of an amenorrhea, folk remedies are applied as soft soothing. These are tinctures or teas from a motherwort, a yarrow, a valerian, a peppermint, a melissa, a valerian, hop.

Before carrying out treatment of an amenorrhea by folk remedies, it is necessary to consult with the doctor and to undergo diagnosis, and also to be convinced of lack of allergic reaction to the applied means.

Whether you know that:

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