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Таблетки АмиридинAmiridin – the drug stimulating neuromuscular transmission.

Form of release and structure

Amiridin produce in the form of tablets (50 pieces in polymeric bottles (bottles)).

Active ingredient as a part of 1 tablet: амиридин – 20 mg.

Indications to use

  • Diseases of a peripheral nervous system (myasthenic syndrome, polyneuritis, neuritis, myasthenia, polyneuropathy, polyradiculoneuropathy), demyelinating diseases (in combination with other drugs);
  • The bulbar paralyzes and paresis, organic lesions of the central nervous system proceeding with motive disturbances (during recovery);
  • Intestines atony.



  • Peptic ulcer at an aggravation;
  • Bronchial asthma;
  • Epilepsy;
  • Vestibular/extrapyramidal disturbances;
  • Bradycardia;
  • Stenocardia;
  • Pregnancy and period of a lactation;
  • Hypersensitivity to drug components.

Relative (Amiridin appoint with care against the background of the following diseases / states):

  • Peptic ulcer of a stomach;
  • Diseases of cardiovascular system;
  • Thyrotoxicosis.

It is necessary to consider Amiridin's ability to raise a uterus tone.

Route of administration and dosage

Amiridin accept inside.

The recommended dosing mode:

  • Diseases of a peripheral nervous system, myasthenia: 1-3 times a day on 10-20 mg, course duration – from 1 to 2 months;
  • Myasthenic crises (short-term therapy): 5-6 times a day on 20-40 mg;
  • Intestines atony (treatment/prevention): 2-3 times a day on 20 mg, course duration – from 1 to 2 weeks.

Side effects

  • Alimentary system: strengthening of a vermicular movement, hypersalivation, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea;
  • Others: dizziness, bradycardia.

Special instructions

During therapy it is impossible to accept alcohol.

During Amiridin's reception it is necessary to refuse control of motor transport and works which performance demands the increased concentration of attention.

Medicinal interaction

At the combined Amiridin's use with some medicinal means / substances development of the following effects is possible:

  • The drugs oppressing the central nervous system including alcohol: strengthening of sedative action;
  • M-cholinomimetics, other inhibitors of cholinesterase: strengthening of their action;
  • Other cholinergic drugs: increase in probability of development of cholinergic crisis at a myasthenia;
  • Beta adrenoblockers: potentiation of bradycardia.

Terms and storage conditions

To store in protected from light, the place, dry, unavailable to children.

Period of validity – 3 years.

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