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Useful properties of pineapple

Fragrant and sweet pineapple is known also for the useful properties thanks to the proteins which are in it, citric and ascorbic acid, cellulose, sugar, magnesium, potassium, vitamins A, C, PP, B12, B2, B1 and substance бромелайн.


Fruit reduces puffiness and viscosity of blood, reduces pressure, has diuretic, antiinflammatory effect, removes deposits on walls of vessels, kills joint pains, muscles.

Thanks to the contained cellulose and low caloric content there are a lot of good reviews of pineapple which is included in structure of diets for weight loss. Pineapple caloric content – 48 kcal on 100 grams of pulp.


Fresh pineapple and its juice are effective at thrombosis and thrombophlebitis, a hypertension, heart troubles and vessels, kidneys, a pancreas.

Thanks to antiinflammatory action pineapple well helps at arthritis, quinsy, pyelonephritis, pneumonia, sinusitis. There are reviews of pineapple from which drink gives bystry recreational effect at the first symptoms of cold. To make drink, 100gr fresh sweet pineapple mix in the blender or by means of the mixer with house kvass and juice of a lemon.

The regular use of fruit helps to prevent a heart attack, atherosclerosis, a stroke. It is proved also that pineapple helps to remove free radicals, so, is prophylactic against cancer.

Bromelayn who is in pineapple is the biological enzyme which is helping to recover digestion and removing an inflammation. Data on what бромелайн does effective pineapple for weight loss are a little overestimated. In this process the low caloric content of pineapple plays a role more. And the bromelayn can only increase activity of a gastric juice, it has no effect on processes of combustion of fat. The only thing what it is necessary to remember, antiinflammatory property of a bromelayn is shown only at the use of pineapple on an empty stomach. Otherwise, he will act only as the enzyme helping to digest food. This property can use at the use of "heavy" food which long is digested.

Pineapple can be applied to weight loss as a product of a monodiet at which eat only its pulp and drink juice from it.

Also pineapple for weight loss can be combined with other products. For example, there is a diet which requires 2 kg of pineapple, 1 l of juice, cottage cheese or fowl (day norm – 100gr), rye bread. Cottage cheese and meat can be replaced with rice without salt. Duration of such diet – no more than two days.

Even more often apply sweet pineapple in cosmetology. It turned out that fruit perfectly copes with excess fat on a face, shows antibacterial properties. For giving to skin of dullness and prevention of inflammations recommend to wipe every evening a face with pineapple pulp.

Good reviews of the pineapple applied to removal of callosities. For this purpose for the night it is necessary to put pineapple pulp to a callosity, and in the morning, previously having steamed out, it will be possible to remove the keratosic skin easily.

Сок из ананаса

Instead of fresh fruit it is possible to accept pineapple extract. Let out him in the form of biological additive. It is considered that extract of pineapple helps to remove toxins, stimulates the GIT function and intestines, reduces cholesterol level, releases the vital amino acids, raises a tone, supports microflora of a large intestine, stimulating with that the general metabolism.

Pineapple extract, for prevention of an inflammation of gums, is added to oral cavity care products.

Contraindications to use of pineapple

Thanks to low caloric content pineapple is successfully used for disposal of extra kilos, but it is important to remember that it has a high acidity, and it at observance even of a short monodiet people with GIT pathologies, can badly affect a condition of their stomach.

After the use of this fruit it is necessary to rinse a mouth – the sugar and acid which are contained in it perniciously influence an adamantine substance of tooth.

Crude fruits cause reductions of a uterus therefore pregnant women should approach the choice of fruit with care.

Whether you know that:

People who got used to have breakfast regularly have obesity much less often.