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In most cases the lowered concentration of hemoglobin in blood of the person is connected with deficit of iron in an organism. Such state is called anemia, and on official medical statistics it is diagnosed for nearly 20 percent of the population.

The normal hemoglobin content in an organism of the adult healthy person is defined in the following limits: 115-145 g/l for women and 132-164 g/l for men.

Along with decrease in hemoglobin at a disease of anemia there is also a reduction of quantity of erythrocytes in blood (red blood cells).

Anemia reasons

The considerable blood losses arising at extensive operating rooms, gastric, uterine, nasal bleedings belong to number of the main reasons causing iron deficiency states and the subsequent disease of anemia; and also at continuous donorship.

In addition to the long bleedings which are followed by plentiful losses of blood, acute and chronic diseases of digestive tract at which in a human body iron absorption function is broken can serve as the reasons of anemia.

The periods of the increased need of an organism for iron preparations are also followed by decrease in hemoglobin in blood. Often such state develops at women during pregnancy, childbirth and feeding of the child a breast.

It is possible to carry to the reasons of anemia unambiguously - long vegetarianism, defective food, strict observance of hungry diets. All listed shortcomings and errors of food significantly increase risk of development of anemia even at absolutely healthy person.

The anemia reasons at children are covered in even physiologically unripe system of a hemopoiesis of the child. Anemia at children against the background of the same, above-mentioned adverse factors, as at adult population progresses.

Anemia degrees

Симптомы анемии

Specialists allocate three main degrees of anemia which are subdivided on easy, average and heavy. To measure by eye, without use of laboratory researches to what degree of anemia this or that case very difficult even for the health worker belongs. The matter is that the main criterion of degree of anemia is the level of a hemoglobin content and it is possible to determine its level only on the basis of blood test of the patient.

Easy, first degree of a disease of anemia is characterized by insignificant decrease in level of hemoglobin with the following indicators - men have 100-120 g/l and women have 90 - 110 g/l.

As a rule, patients do not experience any changes in the state. As treatment of anemia of this kind recommend observance of a diet and consumption of food stuffs with the increased content of iron.

At the second, average degree of anemia hemoglobin has more essential extent of decrease - to 70-80 g/l. Emergence of the following symptoms of anemia and complaints is characteristic of this state: headaches, slight dizzinesses, etc. In this case one correction of food happens insufficiently, and medicamentous iron preparations are appointed.

Heavy, third degree of anemia is considered already life-threatening the person. Hemoglobin goes down to the level of 70 g/l and below. Disturbances in work of cardiovascular system are observed, there is a blood fluidifying, the general condition of an organism considerably worsens.

Anemia symptoms

The general, symptoms, characteristic of a disease of anemia, following. Patients, as a rule, complain of increased fatigue, weakness, trembling of extremities (tremor) and constant dizziness. At further progressing of a disease of anemia perhaps also development of unconscious states.

Outward, the people having anemia easily is defined at external survey. Integuments at such patients dry also have very pale, sometimes a cyanotic shade, mucous membranes - also unnaturally pale color.

Even the insignificant exercise stress causes the most severe short wind and heartbeat in the person having anemia. Without timely treatment of anemia at patients symptoms of coronary heart disease can develop.

Treatment of anemia

Ферлатум - препарат для лечения анемииThe regular use of ferriferous food stuffs can be recommended as the main means for independent treatment of anemia and prevention of its emergence. It is possible to carry the whole list of the available and inexpensive vegetable products growing on our domestic beds to such means.

Carrots, beet, sorrel, celery, pumpkin, swede, turnip – all these vegetables which are daily eaten as salads or freshly squeezed juice will become a reliable obstacle in a way of developing of such serious disease as anemia.

In addition to garden vegetables it is possible to advise to accept infusions and broths of some wild plants for treatment of anemia. Clover flowers, dandelion roots, a nettle and many other natural drugs effectively will help you with increase in level of hemoglobin in blood.

Whether you know that:

In Great Britain there is a law according to which the surgeon can refuse to do to the patient operation if he smokes or has excess weight. The person has to refuse addictions, and then, perhaps, he will not need an operative measure.