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Atrophic vaginitis

Unfortunately, symptoms of such disease as an atrophic vaginitis, are well familiar to many women of advanced age. Its development is caused by the deficit of estrogen (female sex hormones) coming in an organism of women after approach of a climax.Атрофический вагинит протекает бессимптомно

The atrophic vaginitis is observed almost at 75% of the women who are in the menopause period.

Reasons of development of an atrophic vaginitis

Estrogen improves blood circulation of a vagina, supports in it the acid medium necessary for life activity of sticks of Doderlyayn – the beneficial bacteria suppressing reproduction of pathogenic microflora.

At a climax production of estrogen in the woman's organism sharply decreases. As a result of it the epithelium of a vagina becomes thinner, vaginal folds smooth out, and the gleam of a vagina decreases. These atrophic changes create conditions for an aggravation of chronic vaginit.

Main symptoms of an atrophic vaginitis

Very seldom atrophic vaginitis proceeds absolutely asymptomatically. But most often women show complaints to feeling of dryness in a vagina and an itch of various degree of manifestation. In generative organs quite often there is a burning, and walls of a vagina fall. Women quite often test the speeded-up desires for an urination.

At an atrophic vaginitis there is an increase in fragility of circulatory capillaries of a mucous membrane of a vagina. Therefore when carrying out a gynecologic research or sexual contact quite often there is bleeding. In the started cases bloody allocations from a vagina appear rather constantly.

In the field of a pubis and big vulvar lips it is noted a hair loss, up to full baldness of this area.

Diagnosis of an atrophic vaginitis

At suspicion on an atrophic vaginitis gynecologic inspection in mirrors of a vagina and neck of uterus is performed. Surely the smear from the cervical channel of a neck of uterus on a cytologic research undertakes that allows to exclude possible oncological pathology. From a vagina take a smear for the bacteriological analysis.

Before appointing treatment of an atrophic vaginitis, the gynecologist surely conducts the kolposkopichesky research allowing in details and in all details to examine walls of a vagina and a neck of uterus.

Atrophic vaginitis: treatment

Therapy Атрофический вагинит создает условия для обострения хронических вагинитовof an atrophic vaginitis first of all is directed to completion of a lack of an organism of the woman of estrogen. Replacement hormonal therapy which program is selected the gynecologist-endocrinologist is for this purpose appointed. Usually to the woman appoint reception of oestrogenic drugs in tablets. Replacement hormonal therapy of an atrophic vaginitis allows not only to save women from unpleasant feelings, but also prevents development in them of such serious disease as osteoporosis.

In certain cases treatment of an atrophic vaginitis consists in local use of the candles or ointments containing synthetic analogs of estrogen. At the same time bystry elimination of symptoms of a disease is reached, at the same time hormonal drugs have no systemic action on the woman's organism.

At treatment of an atrophic vaginitis antibiotics since in development of this disease the infectious component has no crucial role are never used.

In addition to hormonal therapy in treatment of an atrophic vaginitis physical therapy methods are widely used. Also the polyvitaminic drugs used as fortifying means are used.

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