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Pastrami – a dish from the beef sirloin dried in a special way. In the course of preparation meat is soaked in hydrochloric solution, then under a press delete excess moisture, covered with mix of spices (red and black pepper, garlic, a trigonella, caraway seeds) and placed in the cool place for jerking.Бастурма - вяленая говяжья вырезка

Caloric content of pastrami depends on initial raw materials and fluctuates within 219-240 kcal. The smallest caloric content at pastrami from gammon.

Useful properties of pastrami

Due to technology of preparation at which only low temperature condition is used pastrami keeps all useful substances which are in an initial product in the maximum quantities. These are the vitamins A which are contained in beef, C, PP, groups B; microelements: iron, zinc, potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, sodium; irreplaceable amino acids.

For this reason pastrami can be shown at a lack of a food allowance of proteins and fats of animal origin, vitamins and microelements.

If the person is faced by a task as much as possible to fill up the diet with proteins, he should use the pastrami made from cutting, an upper cut, fillet, an okovalka.

Besides, it is established that thanks to such set of useful properties, the use of pastrami promotes overcoming chronic fatigue and helps at an iron deficiency anemia.

Caloric content of pastrami and high content in it animal protein gives the chance to athletes at inclusion of a product in the diet quickly to build up muscle bulk.

From the point of view of advantage for health also the spices applied in the course of preparation of pastrami – hot pepper, caraway seeds, garlic matter. They have the antibacterial, antiinflammatory, stimulating and antineoplastic properties.

In order that pastrami brought the expected benefit, considering that a product meat, it is important to know as it is correct to choose it. At the choice of pastrami it is necessary to pay attention to its color and existence to layer surfaces from mix of spices. With care it is necessary to treat bright red pastrami. Color can demonstrate maintenance in a product of artificial additives and dyes.

It is possible to store air-dried meat in the refrigerator within half a year.

It is desirable to eat pastrami with vegetables and greens, it is so much better for digestion.Калорийность бастурмы - 219-240 ккал на 100 г


The people controlling body weight should not use more than 100 g of pastrami a day and to include air-dried meat in the diet, keeping to a diet for weight reduction.

As beef fat melts at a temperature of 41-48 degrees, its splitting requires allocation of a large amount of bile and enzyme of a lipase. In this regard, at digestion of pastrami the excess tension of a pancreas, liver and biliary tract is observed. Therefore, and also because of a large amount of spices, the people having gastritis, stomach ulcer, diseases of a liver, gall bladder and other pathologies of digestive tract should refuse the use of pastrami.

Because of the purine bases which are contained in beef at its use, or rather abuse of it, in an organism uric acid is formed and collects that leads to disturbance of permeability of capillaries of renal nephrons, development of osteochondrosis and gout. For the same reason pastrami should not be used to the people having joint pains.

As in the course of production in pastrami a large amount of salt collects, air-dried meat is not shown to people with diseases of kidneys, a hypertension and tendency to hypostases.

The use of a product is not recommended to children up to twelve years.

Whether you know that:

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