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Bazalioma of skin

Short characteristic of a disease

Базалиома кожи

Bazalioma of skin or bazalnokletochny cancer is the new growth from a skin epithelium which is characterized by the pink shelled spot arising generally on a face. Bazalioma (or just a tumor) represents the reddish single small knot towering over the surface of skin.

People of advanced age with light skin, and also the people who are regularly subjecting themselves to solar radiation enter into risk group. Sometimes summer residents so are fond of an upclassing of the site that they do not notice the scorching sun and neglect protective creams and wide-brimmed hats. And in vain! It is fraught with emergence of cancer tumors – bazaliy. Also probability of emergence of new growths including bazalioma, increases several times if you often contact to the arsenic and oil products containing carcinogens in large numbers. Among children and teenagers the probability of emergence of a bazalioma is almost excluded.

Skin bazalioma symptoms

The disease proceeds in a superficial form. Symptoms of a bazalioma of skin are at first sight imperceptible therefore it is difficult for elderly people to distinguish it at an early stage. At the beginning of the development the bazalioma has the small sizes (no more than 1 cm in the diameter) and looks as a small face or neck spot. Then it is already small knots, yellowish-gray or deadwhite, painless, causing an insignificant itch. Several such small knots which grew together together form to bazaliy.

Within long years small knots can slowly grow and develop, without causing you inconveniences. But result always same – the bazalioma new growth towering over the surface of skin. It can be several types:

  • Nodular. Has the small sizes, slightly itches and bleeds.
  • Superficial. Looks as a smooth pink brilliant bazalioma, will easily respond to treatment
  • Flat. A reddish plaque with the firm accurate edges similar to the roller. Bazalioma surface scaly, rough. At department of scales allocation of insignificant amount of blood is possible.

You have to know that the bazalioma grows very slowly, but in especially started cases it can destroy nearby fabrics, including cartilages and bones that is fraught with severe pains. Most often the bazalioma is successfully treated by one of the ways given below.

Treatment of a bazalioma of skin

Heavy degree of a bazalioma is dangerous that it destroys deep layers of skin, and having reached bones, causes pain. The modern medicine offers a set of ways of treatment of a bazalioma. You need to consult only with your attending physician that to determine by a stage and a structure of a new growth from all ways the most effective.

Distinguish six a way of treatment of tumors including treatment of a bazalioma:

    • Beam. This look treatment means radiation of an affected area of skin short-focus X-ray in combination with a remote gamma therapy and is applied to treatment of a bazalioma only of an initial stage.
    • Laser. This way on - to the right is considered one of the most progressive and effective. He absolutely painless is also well had by people of advanced age.

Глицифоновая мазь как средство лечения базалиомы

  • Surgical. Removal bazaliy is in the surgical way the most popular today and among specialists it enjoys the greatest confidence. It is worth remembering that this type of treatment can be applied only at the small sizes of a bazalioma or on sites where postoperative hems will not be evident.
  • Medicinal. Perhaps, to you cytostatic, i.e. antineoplastic drugs will be appointed. Apply them only after consultation with the doctor and be not engaged in treatment of a bazalioma independently!
  • Cryogenic. On bazaliy influence liquid nitrogen, thus, freezing it. This procedure painless and bystry therefore there will be enough only one procedure and without anesthesia. One more advantage of this method – hardly noticeable hems.

Treatment of a bazalioma in house conditions does not exist just because it is a cancer disease, and, please, take it seriously.

Prevention of a bazalioma of skin

People "aged" have to remember prevention of a bazalioma and that their organism more than others is subject to frequent colds and other illnesses including to a skin bazalioma. Take for the rule several simple advice which will help you to keep health on long - for many years:

  • In summertime try not to go outside in hours of the maximum solar activity (11:00ch – 16:00ch). Or, going outside, you apply on open sites of skin the special cream which is not passing UF beams with a protection factor not less than 20 units. Especially carefully protect a face and a neck – the bazalioma most often appears exactly there.
  • You watch the food, consuming as little as possible animal protein. Only the phytalbumins which are contained in sunflower seeds, nuts, various beans will be useful. Eat more vegetables.
  • Do not injure old hems. If they are in places where all the time are exposed to friction and other influence, consult with the doctor.
  • Intensively you treat ulcers and wounds which badly begin to live. Harmless at first sight, they can provoke emergence of a bazalioma of skin.
  • Be careful during the work with oil products.

And, finally, there is a little statistics: on average, 26 diseased bazaliomy men and 21 women are the share of 100 000 residents of Russia. Prevent emergence of a bazalioma not to appear in risk group.

Whether you know that:

During sneezing our organism completely stops working. Even heart stops.