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Grass carp

The grass carp is a herbivorous fresh-water fish from family Cyprinid, living in Northern Asia, in the European part of the CIS, in the Far East. Cupid is in appearance similar to a carp, but his body is more extended, and scales lighter, silvery and large. What is interesting, cupid on seaweed, fresh cucumbers, corn young ears, perhaps also therefore its second widespread name – a grass carp is caught.

Белый амур

Useful properties of a grass carp

Grass carp appreciate that he contains vitamins A, In, With, E, phosphorus, calcium, sodium, potassium. The special benefit to the person is brought an omega-6 by fatty acids which are also found in meat of a grass carp.

Chemical composition of fillet of fish allows to show to it antioxidant properties, to prevent development of pathologies of a brain, cardiovascular system.

The regular use of a grass carp gives the chance to support the nervous and alimentary system, to adjust sugar level in blood, to stimulate intake of oxygen to cells.

Caloric content of a grass carp makes 134 calories.

Secrets of preparation of a grass carp

Grass carp – fish, universal from the culinary point of view. It can extinguish, smoke, fry, cook, to be baked.

Considering that learned to breed a grass carp in artificial conditions, today it is quite simple to buy him fresh. And it considerably increases quantity of dishes which can be prepared from cupid.

For preparation of a grass carp it is better to take big fish as from her bones easily are removed.

It is possible to prepare the fish cut on pieces, or I kiss. It is possible to fry fatter pieces, and drier, what is closer to a tail part, it is better to stushit with fried onions and carrots, a lemon and black pepper: fish needs to be brought to boiling then to reduce fire and to weary about half an hour-hour.

To bake fish, she is cleaned at first, take out a backbone through a stomach, leaving skin on spin whole. After that fish is salted, pepper, opened and put a back down on a baking sheet, grease with mayonnaise, put from above fried onions with carrots. Bake a grass carp of 30-50 minutes, more exact time depends on its sizes.

Белый амур фаршированный

It is possible to bake the cupid in a foil, his juice with which it is possible to water a garnish – pounded potatoes or boiled rice so will remain. The cleaned fish without bones is washed, dry, salted, pepper, watered with lemon juice, turned in a food foil, bake 30-50 minutes.

Those who have no diseases of a GIT or pancreas, liver, and are not afraid of excess calories, can fry fillet or pieces of fish on a bone in batter from eggs and flour. Before preparation of a grass carp, as usual, salt and pepper, at desire will spray soy sauce. It is possible to add to batter other spices to taste, for example, garlic or khmeli suneli.


The grass carp can do harm only to those who have an allergy to fish or seafood.

It is better for that who keeps to a low-calorie diet to refrain from the use of fish. Despite low caloric content, the grass carp rather fat, and it can reduce effect of a diet.

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