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General characteristic of a disease

The endometritis is an inflammation of a mucous membrane of an internal part of a uterus.

Carry the stress, avitaminosis, chronic diseases, intoxication and other phenomena causing decrease in immunity to the factors provoking the beginning of an endometritis.Сильная боль внизу живота - признак эндометрита

The probability of emergence of the first symptoms of an endometritis after traumatizing a neck of uterus is high during abortion, introduction of an intrauterine spiral, a diagnostic or medical scraping or childbirth.

Acute endometritis

The acute endometritis develops as a result of primary inflammatory process of a mucous epithelium of a uterus. Brings infection of the ascending type to it: through the broken cervical barrier deep into a uterus.

At an acute endometritis distribution of an inflammation on a muscular layer of body is possible. In that case the disease passes into the complicated form of an acute endometritis – an endomyometritis. In the most hard cases of spread of an infection on all layers of walls of a uterus the pan-metritis develops.

Chronic endometritis

The chronic endometritis most often arises as a result the acute endometritis which is not cured in time. Approximately in half of cases the childbirth complicated by deep ruptures of a neck of uterus without adequate subsequent treatment comes to an end with a chronic endometritis.

Other possible reasons of a chronic endometritis – a repeated uterus of a scraping, the remains of a suture material after the delivery by means of Cesarean section. Considerably the vagina dysbacteriosis caused by increase in the vulval environment of quantity of opportunistic pathogenic bacteriums burdens the course of a chronic endometritis.

Endometritis symptoms

The acute endometritis begins with sharp temperature increase. Among symptoms of an endometritis of an acute form call also severe pain in the bottom of a stomach and feeling of a fever. Refer to symptoms of an endometritis of this type still plentiful purulent or sanious and purulent vulval discharges.

Duration of an acute endometritis – 7-10 days. Without treatment the disease passes into an endometritis of a chronic form or comes to an end with process generalization:

Prichiny endometrita

  • parametritis,
  • peritonitis,
  • thrombophlebitis of veins of a small pelvis,
  • pelvic abscess
  • or sepsis.

The recurrence of a disease is characterized by the following symptoms of an endometritis of a chronic form: disturbances of a menstrual cycle, nagging pains in the bottom of a stomach, not plentiful serous and purulent vulval allocations.

In the anamnesis of patients with symptoms of an endometritis of chronic type spontaneous abortions are frequent. Temperature increase does not belong to symptoms of an endometritis of a chronic form. The health of the patient, as a rule, strongly is not broken.

Diagnosis of an endometritis

In diagnosis of an endometritis an important role is played by collecting the anamnesis – a regularity of a menstrual cycle, existence in the history of the patient of intrauterine interventions, use of intrauterine contraceptives, cases of the unprotected sex with the non-constant partner.

During physical inspection the following symptoms of an endometritis can be found:

  • increase in the sizes of a uterus,
  • consolidation of body,
  • special sensitivity of sidewalls of body at a palpation.

In laboratory blood tests of patients with symptoms of an endometritis of an acute form the leukocytosis, increase in the SOE level and the C-reactive protein indicating an inflammation in an organism is diagnosed. The important role in diagnosis of an acute and chronic endometritis is played also by microscopy of a vulval smear. Ultrasonography of bodies of a small pelvis and histologic studying of scraping of an endometria of a uterus are in addition applied to confirmation of symptoms of an endometritis.

Treatment of an endometritis

In treatment of an endometritis of an acute form use of antibacterial therapy as the reason of primary inflammation of a mucous uterus in most cases an infectious etiology is obligatory.

After stopping of acute process treatment of an endometritis is supplemented with use antiinflammatory and physical therapy, fortifying vitamin drugs and immunomodulators. For prevention of an aggravation of process reception of oral contraceptives, at least, during 3-5 menstrual cycles is recommended to the patient.

Амоксициллин - препарат для лечения эндометрита

It is desirable to begin treatment of an endometritis of a chronic form in the first day of a menstrual cycle. If the disease has not the infectious, but functional character caused by prescription of process in treatment of an endometritis cyclic hormonal therapy is used.

Surgical treatment of an endometritis is applied in case of a complication of a disease of polyps and intrauterine reductions. Removal of polyps and a scraping of an endometria of a uterus with numerous signs of scarring promotes updating of fabrics, recovery of a menstrual cycle and safe incubation of a fruit.

Prevention of an endometritis

Endometritis – the reason of the problems of the woman connected with pregnancy incubation is frequent. It can result in placental insufficiency and massive puerperal bleedings also. For prevention of an endometritis the exception of accidental sexual bonds without barrier ways of contraception is recommended.

It is desirable to use the same type of contraceptives for pregnancy prevention to prevent use of medical abortion. Therefore, such gynecologic diseases as an endometritis, it is necessary to begin to treat as soon as possible, and it is obligatory to finish treatment.

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