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Smoker's lungs

According to World Health Organization smoking is the main reason for death in the modern world. This terrible habit has character of global epidemic and claims annually about 6 million lives, overtaking heart troubles and cancer. Smoking does huge system harm to quality of life and all human body, but one of the main blows is undertaken by respiratory organs, in particular the smoker's lungs.

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Smoker's lungs: ticket for the next world

In an initial stage of process of substance, being a part of tobacco smoke, immobilize fibers of an epithelium which covers the internal surface of airways. The role of fibers consists in removal of toxic substances, viruses and bacteria, thus, the smoker begins to have much more often various diseases of a respiratory organs and to accumulate in the lungs hazardous to health and lives of substance.

The chronic obstructive disease (HOBL) which is incurable also in 80-90% of cases affects exactly lungs of smokers. Bronchial tubes are narrowed, lungs are overflowed with air, there is a chronic inflammation and development of emphysema. The patients suffering from HOBL and emphysema feel constant shortage of air at first at the movement, and then and at rest.

The negative impact of smoking on one more serious illness of lungs – tuberculosis is also proved: according to the statistics of about 95% of TB patients smokers make. The vast majority of the died patients with tuberculosis also suffered from this addiction during lifetime.

In the visual analysis of lungs of the smoker availability of soot which corks alveoluses pays attention to a photo first of all on itself, complicates process of breath and is the prime cause of cancer tumors. Also photos of easy smokers are characterized by existence of serious violations of blood supply, such as sclerosis and fibrinferments of arteries which lead further to heart attacks and strokes.

If to compare easy healthy and easy the smoker, the huge difference is obvious. The light pink, evenly penetrated by full-fledged blood vessels elastic lungs healthy and easy the smoker, representing black worn-out impractical body, apparently, have among themselves nothing in common.

Lung cancer and world tobacco epidemic

The connections called by production of tobacco products as pitches, in fact, represent phenolic connections, that is the most powerful carcinogens. Without exaggeration by a terrible tar-like plaque they cover a surface of easy smokers with an experience and promote development of oncological processes. Among all crayfish, lung cancer most often leads to death, at the same time in 90% of cases death at lung cancer comes owing to smoking (but not occupational diseases, an ecological situation, etc.).

Insidiousness of lung cancer consists in a long absence of symptomatology. Short wind, rattles, cough, discomfort in a breast, etc. develop, as a rule, when the disease is already started. Even the hi-tech modern medicine is not always able to resist to it considerably – only measures for extension of life of the patient are in certain cases possible.

Psychological state of smokers with lung cancer often aggravates disease and the forecast. It is caused by awareness of the fault in developing of a fatal disease. Along with it there are specific scientific data proving positive effect of refusal of smoking in treatment of patients with lung cancer. It is also proved that the major role in prevention of lung cancer belongs to banal refusal of smoking.

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