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Magnesium sulfate

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Pharmacological action

Магния сульфат порошок

Magnesium sulfate represents medicine which therapeutic effect depends on a route of administration.

So, at magnesium intake sulfate has laxative and cholagogue effect.

The laxative effect of drug is caused by its bad absorbability that leads to creation in intestines of high osmotic pressure which involves water accumulation, fluidifying of contents of intestines and as result, strengthening of a vermicular movement.

The cholagogue effect of magnesium of sulfate is explained by its reflex impact on a mucous membrane of a duodenum.

This means represents an antidote at poisoning with salts of heavy metals.

Magnesium sulfate begins to work in 0,5-3 hours after intake, the therapeutic effect remains for 4-6 hours.

Intravenous and intramuscular use of magnesium sulfate renders the diuretic, vasodilating, antiarrhytmic, anticonvulsant, spasmolytic and calming action. Parenteral administration of high doses of drug can cause tokoliticheskiya (prevents premature births), somnolent, kurarepodobny (oppresses neuromuscular transmission) and narcotic effect of drug.

Use of magnesium of sulfate allows to lower excitability of a respiratory center, to reduce arterial pressure that is caused by the calming properties of drug, to strengthen a mocheotdeleniye.

After intravenous administration drug begins to work almost instantly, keeping the medical effect within half an hour. After intramuscular use of magnesium sulfate begins to work in 60 minutes and continues for the next 3-4 hours.

Indications to sulfate Magnesium use

Magnesium sulfate powder which is intended for preparation of suspension or solution for intake is appointed at: locks, cholecystitis (acute inflammatory process in a gall bladder), a cholangitis (an inflammation of bilious channels), a diskenziya of a gall bladder (disturbance in reduction), duodenal sounding, purgation before diagnostic procedures.

Magnesium sulfate in the ampoules containing solution for intramuscular and intravenous administration is applied at:

  • hypomagnesiemia;
  • spasms at a gestosis (frustration of systems of an organism during pregnancy);
  • to threat of premature births;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • epileptic syndrome;
  • encephalopathies (disease of a brain of noninflammatory character);
  • eclampsias (critically high arterial pressure at pregnant women or women in labor);
  • ischuria.

Magnesium sulfate in any dosage form is effective at poisonings with such salts of heavy metals as arsenic, tetraethyllead, mercury.


Orally the instruction does not recommend to apply magnesium sulfate at rectal bleeding, appendicitis, intestinal impassability, dehydration, a gipermagniyemiya.

Magnesium sulfate in ampoules for parenteral use is contraindicated at oppression of a respiratory center, the arterial hypotension expressed to bradycardia, AV blockade. It is not necessary to use drug in 2 hours prior to childbirth.

Magnesium sulfate in any dosage form is not appointed at a chronic renal failure and hypersensitivity to drug.

Application instruction of Magnesium of sulfate

Before magnesium intake sulfate powder is dissolved in 100 ml of slightly heated water. For obtaining laxative effect as a single dose for adults use contents of one package (20-30 g), and for children – the amount of powder in grams has to correspond to age of the child advanced in years.

Magnesium of sulfate of 20-25% solution is accepted inside in need of obtaining cholagogue effect – 3 times a day on 15 ml. Duodenal sounding assumes introduction via the probe of 10% (100 ml) or 25% (50 ml) of warm solution. For clarification of a stomach from salts of heavy metals either washing of 1% is carried out by solution, or the patient accepts sulfate of the powder dissolved in 200 ml of water in 20-25 g of magnesium. The daily dose of drug for adults should not exceed 40 g of drug.

Магния сульфат в ампулахMagnesium sulfate in ampoules is intended for parenteral administration which should be carried out slowly – within the first three minutes more than 3 ml should not be entered. Usually drug is used by 1-2 times a day on 5-20 ml, using 20-25% solution. Treatment duration – 2-3 weeks.

For clarification of an organism from salts of heavy metals of magnesium sulfate the instruction recommends to enter intravenously in the form of 5-10% of solution 5-10 ml.

Stopping of spasms at children assumes intramuscular use of drug, at the rate of 20-40 mg on kg.

Side effects

Magnesium sulfate can provoke such undesirable reactions of an organism as:

  • exacerbation of diseases of a digestive tract, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, meteorism, thirst, in case of a renal failure – signs of a gipermagniyemiya (dizziness);
  • disturbance of electrolytic balance which is shown in the form of spasms, arrhythmia, the confused consciousness, an adynamy, increased fatigue.

Gipermangiyemiya at the initial stage can be expressed by a lowering of arterial pressure, a headache, short wind, weakness, vomiting, nausea, a speech smazannost, bradycardia, sudden "inflows" of blood to the person.

Excessive concentration of magnesium in blood serum has the following signs: oppression of a respiratory center, loss of deep tendon jerks, disturbance of conductivity of heart, a cardiac standstill, uneasiness, the increased sweating, the increased formation of urine, deep sedation (consciousness oppression), a uterus atony (sharp decrease in a tone and loss of sokratitelny abilities of muscles).

Additional information

The instruction recommends to store magnesium sulfate at the room temperature, performance of this condition will allow drug to remain suitable within 5 years.

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