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Мидокалм таблеткиMydocalmum – the medicine promoting relaxation of the raised tone of skeletal muscles at osteochondrosis, arthrosis and other neurologic syndromes.

Pharmacological action

Mydocalmum – highly effective and safe means for treatment of neurologic syndromes which are connected with pains, increase in a tone of muscles and disturbance of a trophicity.

Active ingredient of Mydocalmum has membrane stabilizing and mestnoanesteziruyushchy effect.

Drug reduces musculoskeletal tension and causes indirect analgeziruyushchy effect, and also expands vessels and improves the address of blood and a lymph.

According to reviews Mydocalmum has bystry effect and is rather well transferred.

Release form

Mydocalmum is released in the form of the round, film coated round tablets with a slight smell containing 50 mg (with an engraving "50") also by 150 mg (with an engraving "150") active ingredient – hydrochloride Tolperisonum. Excipients – stearic acid, monohydrate of citric acid, cellulose microcrystallic, silicon dioxide colloid starch corn and sugar milk. On 10 pieces in packaging.

For pricks Mydocalmum is released in the form of solution for injections in dark ampoules on 1 ml containing 100 mg of Tolperisonum of a hydrochloride and 2,5 mg of lidocaine. Excipients – diethylene glycol monoethyl ether, methylparahydroxybenzoate and water for injections. On 5 ampoules in packaging.

Indications to use of Mydocalmum

Mydocalmum according to the instruction is applied at:

  • Diseases of bodies of a musculoskeletal system – a spondylarthrosis, a spondylosis, cervical and lumbar syndromes, arthroses of large joints which cause muscular spasms, the tone patholologically raised and muscular contractures;
  • Children's cerebral spastic palsy and other encephalopathies which are followed by muscular dystonia;
  • Patholologically the raised tone and spasms of cross-striped muscles which arose owing to organic neurologic diseases – multiple sclerosis, a myelipathy, defeat of pyramidal ways, a stroke or encephalomyelitis;
  • Recovery treatment after traumatologic and orthopedic operations.

Also Mydocalmum is applied as a part of a combination therapy at treatment:

  • Obliterating arteriosclerosis;
  • Intermittent angioneurotic dysbasia;
  • Raynaud's diseases;
  • Diabetic angiopatiya;
  • Crocq's disease;
  • Obliterating thromboangitis.


Mydocalmum is not applied aged up to one year, at hypersensitivity to drug components, and also at a myasthenia.

Mydocalmum it is contraindicated to apply pricks at an allergy to lidocaine.

Application instruction of Mydocalmum

Mydocalmum dose according to the instruction is appointed individually depending on portability of drug and a clinical picture.

The tablets Mydocalmum are taken after food. Usually adults accept up to three times a day on 1 tablet (50 mg). If necessary the dose can be increased three times, accepting 3 tablets of Mydocalmum three times a day.

For children use of Mydocalmum in the form of tablets on 50 mg is authorized. The daily dose of Mydocalmum is accepted in three steps:

  • 1-6 years – expecting a daily dose, on 5 mg 1 kg of weight;
  • 7-14 years – on 2-4 mg on 1 kg of weight.

At impossibility to swallow Mydocalmum tablet, it can be pounded.

Мидокалм уколыAt use having pricked Mydocalmum enter:

  • Intramusculary – on 200 mg a day divided into two receptions;
  • Intravenously the drug is administered slowly, once a day on 100 mg.

There are no data limiting use of Mydocalmum with other medicines. Drug can be used at the same time with sedative, the hypnotic drugs and drugs containing ethanol.

However it is necessary to consider that Mydocalmum strengthens effect of niflumovy acid.

To apply Mydocalmum at pregnancy, especially in the first trimester, and also in the period of a lactation it is possible only according to strict indications.

Side effects

According to reviews Mydocalmum is transferred well and side effects pass independently at a dose decline. Mydocalmum according to the instruction can cause:

  • Nausea, feeling of discomfort in a stomach or vomiting;
  • Muscular weakness, arterial hypotension.
  • Headache.

Mydocalmum according to reviews extremely seldom can cause various allergic reactions, such as an erythema, a skin itch, a Quincke's disease, an acute anaphylaxis, a small tortoiseshell and a bronchospasm.

Storage conditions

Mydocalmum is released according to the recipe of the doctor and belongs to list B drugs. A period of storage – up to 3 years.

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Mydocalmum of a tablet 50 of mg of 30 pieces

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Mydocalmum of a tablet 150 of mg of 30 pieces

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Mydocalmum of an ampoule of 1 Ml 5 pieces

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Mydocalmum solution for инъ 10% 1 ml No. 5, Gedeon Richter/Pharmograd (Moskovsk.obl)

544 rub.

Сеть московских аптек ИФКNetwork of the Moscow drugstores of IFC
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