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10 reasons for joy

Мы существуем
We exist
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Already one this thought warms heart. We live, we exist! What can be finer? Unless it is not a reason for joy? We can admire the star sky, grandiose sunrise, we can feel whiff of fresh wind and plunge into warm waves, we can look at fire, listen to singing of birds, dream, think, feel! We a part of this world, we change it to the best, we live in it!
Мы любим
We love
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Our hearts are warmed by fine feeling, the main thing in life of each person – love. For one it becomes meaning of life, and they spend years for searches of the soulmate, for others it – the warm, tender feeling connecting hearts of people and giving feeling of strong indestructible bonds. Lyubov helps us to establish a family, cares for it and to live in consent with the world surrounding us.
Мы растим детей
We raise children
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Children – our joy! How many disorders, alarms and happy minutes are connected at us with them. They our pride and at the same time a subject of cares and experiences, they force us, both to long and to cry with happiness. Children are treasures with high potential for joy. The kid causes affection, looking at it, involuntarily begin to smile. And the words of gratitude told by the adult child? Nothing can be more pleasant to heart of parents!
Нас любят родители
We are loved by parents
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The love of the father and mother for some people is an unattainable dream. As those who have it have to appreciate it. This happiness – to have a family, to have strong indestructible bonds, to feel support of relatives! To see native faces at the holiday table, to have an opportunity to leave alarms in strong embraces of the father or to warm the soul a gentle kiss of mother – all this the reasons to be infinitely grateful and to rejoice this every day!
Мы заводим домашних животных
We get domestic animals
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Those who has pets should not long. The favourite of a family will bring to the owner the mass of positive emotions. He will manage to organize cheerful minutes and will distract from sad thoughts. Domestic animals are not just joy sources, these are the true loyal friends who are always ready to give us the heat and devotion. Responsibility for canine friends fills our life still with big sense.
Мы путешествуем
We travel
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As there is a lot of fine and novel conceals the world around us. If to move away only on several cells of kilometers from a home, it is possible to see absolutely other tenor of life. And if to visit other country, then emotions and new impressions will be more than enough. Other language, culture, customs, a way of life – all this extraordinary fascinatingly and will be a source to joy for long time.
Нас окружает природа
We are surrounded by the nature
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The surrounding nature can become a source of the real joy if to be able to notice its beauty and uniqueness. Those people who are able to be glad to both a pouring rain, and a bright sun, and frosty air, and aromas of meadow flowers are happy. To feel joy at the sight of all this, it is necessary to get out to a thicket to the nature. Why not to plan a campaign in the wood, a travel for the lake or just a picnic with friends in the country.
У нас есть вкусная еда
We have a tasty food
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Someone will tell that food a source of joy to call wrong because it indulges an overeating. But if not to abuse, then the food in reasonable quantities is capable to give us pleasure the taste. Fragrant coffee in the mornings, newly-baked bread, a smell of the preparing dish lighten our mood, and we anticipate pleasant minutes. Joy will repeatedly be increased if at a table we appear not one.
У нас есть любимая работа
We have a favourite work
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If these words are told by the person in all sincerity, then it is possible to call him happy. It is incredibly healthy if in what we are engaged, in addition to the income gives us pleasure and joy. Specialists even advises at a reverse situation to take steps for search of other work if we do not want to be engaged all life in unloved business. As soon as the person finds the business, and his life cardinally changes for the better.
Нам доступны маленькие радости
Small pleasures are available to us
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Every day to us there is something new and a lot of things from this are capable to give us joy. It can be acquisition of a desired thing long ago, a solution which haunted, and someone can to us arranged a surprise, invited at cinema, or we heard a beautiful melody. What would not happen to us, let's rejoice to progress, not to long excessively concerning failures and to be able to enjoy life because it is fine!


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