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Widespread mistakes of women in gym

Ошибка №1: однотипные тренировки
Mistake No. 1: same trainings
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Beginners with such eagerness start working, trying to put emphasis on the most problem zones. However the same trainings lead only to the fact that muscles do not manage to have a rest and be recovered, and, therefore, do not find a required tone and force.
Что делать?
What to do?
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It is important to understand that each group of muscles has to have a rest not less than 48 hours in breaks between trainings. Many professionals do not recommend to train one group of muscles more often than once a week at all. Do not forget that rest is also important, as well as work.
Ошибка №2: боязнь гантелей
Mistake No. 2: fear of dumbbells
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Many girls are sure that the raising of weights will make them similar to Schwarzenegger. Actually it absolutely not so, and weights are not capable to turn you from the tiny woman into the huge weightlifter.
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Exactly thanks to power trainings the body of girls becomes more beautiful and more sexual, the flat stomach, elastic buttocks and accurate forms appears. Also consider that the you lift a bigger load, the more leaves calories. Besides, power loadings improve density of bones and nullify risk of developing of osteoporosis.
Ошибка №3: недостаточное количество воды
Mistake No. 3: insufficient amount of water
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It is rather widespread mistake which occurs among women and men. Specialists in general claim that in gym it is seldom possible to meet the person using necessary amount of liquid. And in vain … pay attention to bodybuilders. They during the trainings always during the trainings drink a lot of water.
Почему пить воду необходимо
Why it is necessary to drink water
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During the trainings the organism loses liquid and it needs to be filled. Otherwise you will begin dehydration and you just will begin to be tired too quickly. Besides, water well removes toxins, prevents possible faints and protects joints.
Ошибка №4: упор на брюшной пресс
Mistake No. 4: emphasis on a prelum abdominale
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Many women in the aspiration to make a waist overload a prelum abdominale more harmoniously. Uncountable number of exercises, inclinations aside, load of a stomach, rises and twisting of legs. Actually, these exercises do not help to make a waist thinner.
А что помогает?
And what helps?
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It is possible to reduce waist volume only in one way – training abdominal muscles. These exercises will promote disposal of the fat which accumulated on sides. And exercises on a press will be done a stomach more flat – no more than that.
Ошибка №5: кардио-тренировки
Mistake No. 5: cardio-trainings
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Many women consider that the raised cardio-trainings help to achieve desirable result quicker. It not absolutely so. One cardio-trainings it is impossible to achieve bystry effect even if to increase loadings.
Что делать?
What to do?
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Too active trainings promote development in a human body of cortisol which stimulates permission of muscular tissue. And the less muscle bulk, the more slowly metabolism. Therefore also no more than half an hour for a session is recommended to carry out cardio-loading not more often than four weekly.
Ошибка №6: использование духов
Mistake No. 6: use of spirits
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This mistake is inherent to all women who do not want to sweat. At the same time they do not even think that the smell of perfume mixed with a sweat smell after the trainings does not paint them in any way. Besides, it also disrespect in relation to another the training row.
Не забывайте о других
Do not forget about others
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Remember that near you people at whom, allergic reactions to certain smells or chemical components of spirits are not excluded train. Besides, at people in gym air hunger therefore to them it can become quite bad because of a smell of your spirits is observed.
Ошибка №7: боязнь протеинов
Mistake No. 7: fear of proteins
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It is quite widespread mistake not only among women, but also men. Actually, in proteins there is nothing bad, they help muscles to be recovered after the trainings. In many gyms offer special protein cocktails, or they can be prepared independently.
Как выбрать протеины?
How to choose proteins?
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A certain structure does not exist. Everyone has to choose for himself individually. And it is even better to address the trainer who will help to define amount of fats necessary for you, carbohydrates, a protein and a glutamine in cocktail.
Ошибка №8: попытка не потеть
Mistake No. 8: attempt not to sweat
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Many girls in the aspiration to be perfect everywhere, try not to sweat in gym. But the gym is not a podium and release of sweat here it is just necessary. The more you sweat, the it is more than effect of trainings. Whether it is worth saying that during visit of gym it is better to forget about a make-up?

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