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Make-up lessons: we correct errors

Ошибка №1: тональный крем
Mistake No. 1: foundation
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More precisely, the mistake consists not the foundation, and in its absence. Quite often women refuse it, reasoning with the fact that after it the person looks unnaturally. But with its help it is possible to level tone of skin and to humidify it. Therefore whether it is worth refusing it?
Как быть?
How to be?
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It is necessary to approach the choice of a tone basis carefully. If you have a dry skin, then give preference to the transparent and moistening basis. And at the fat and mixed skin choose tone cream, on the consistences reminding powder. They will help you to gain ideally equal tone.
Ошибка №2: светлый маскирующий корректор
Mistake No. 2: the light masking proofreader
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The masking means very much helps women at whom dark circles under eyes are observed in the mornings. But the main mistake consists in the wrong choice of a shade of means. Too light proofreader will lead to the fact that you not only will not hide the shortcoming, but also you will draw unnecessary attention to it.
Как быть?
How to be?
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The masking proofreader should not differ from color of your person. Otherwise light spots under eyes will be too noticeable. Therefore if nervousness and sleeplessness affected your appearance, choose the proofreader whose color is in limits of peach scale.
Ошибка №3: уход за кожей
Mistake No. 3: care of skin
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One make-up you will not be beautiful. Our skin needs permanent care, only this way she will reciprocate to you and to shine beauty. Therefore do not neglect skin care products, only choose them correctly. They will help you to moisten skin and to delay time of emergence of the first wrinkles on a face.
Как быть?
How to be?
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In your arsenal there have to be cream, sun saving skin from negative impact. If you have a fat skin, it needs to be cleared special lotions. But you watch that your means did not contain a large amount of various oils.
Ошибка №4: макияж по времени года
Mistake No. 4: a make-up on season
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Recently many women conform to the rule: to every season – the paints of a make-up. Therefore many sort the cosmetics bag depending on seasons. As a result at the end of summer all are bothered by warm colors of a make-up, there is a wish for something "cold".
Как быть?
How to be?
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We are hostesses of the cosmetics bags and I have the right to solve what tones and shades to use. Art to be beautiful is first of all art for itself. Therefore if you wanted to make up in the fall or in the winter lips bright red lipstick – forward even if weather behind a window does not correspond. To implicitly submit to styles – absolute recklessness.
Ошибка №5: макияж без аппликаторов
Mistake No. 5: a make-up without applicators
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To do a make-up without special applicators and brushes is bad manners. And why then they were created by cosmetologists? Of course, for convenience of work with cosmetics. So why ourselves remember the Stone Age and we put shadows with fingers?
Как быть?
How to be?
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Of course, in certain cases not to do without fingers, for example, when it is necessary to mix cream. But during the work with blush and shadows it is necessary to use applicators and brushes which will help to do an equal make-up and will make your image perfect.
Ошибка №6: выдавливание прыщей
Mistake No. 6: expression of spots
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Sometimes, having looked at itself in a mirror, we notice a heat-spot in the most improper place. And what is done by most of us? Squeezes out it. And it can never and under no circumstances be done –. Such action can promote an infection razneseniye on all person.
Как быть?
How to be?
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If you gathered for a party or other responsible action, and the heat-spot does not let to you to feel surely, use application means which will help you to get rid of a pustule.
Ошибка №7: форма бровей
Mistake No. 7: shape of eyebrows
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Eyebrows – an important detail of a female appearance. They have to be just ideal – wide at a nose bridge, vrazlt, narrowed to temples. We quite often decide that independently we will be able to make eyebrows not worse than specialists in salons. As a result, having excessively been fond of process, we do not notice how between hairs noticeable empty intervals appear.
Как быть?
How to be?
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The best exit will be to entrust the shape of eyebrows to specialists. If you hurried, and the shape of your eyebrows leaves much to be desired, give them the form by means of a pencil. And when will grow – address to salon. And still – do not try to change a natural shape of eyebrows. During removal of hairs delete only those which are over and under eyebrows.
Ошибка №8: румяна
Mistake No. 8: blush
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Blush – indispensable attribute of a professional make-up. They are capable to recover you and to rejuvenate. However it is important to put them correctly, otherwise the effect can be really comical.
Как быть?
How to be?
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Blush of dark shades should not be applied directly on cheeks. Draw a striola from the middle of a cheek to temples. Light tone of blush - the peach, coral, gentle-pink shade needs to be applied by means of a brush on the necessary points of cheekbones. Then your person will freshen up and will change.

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