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How to conceive the healthy child

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No to smoking
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At women nicotine leads to disturbance of a menstrual cycle, and men – to deterioration have sperms and to decrease in mobility of spermatozoa. Therefore, planning pregnancy, surely refuse smoking. It is possible to plan conception in three months after mutual refusal of nicotine.
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No to alcohol
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The use of alcoholic beverages is capable to cause mutations, malformations in a fruit, heavy mental and physical disturbances, and also pre-natal death of a fruit. Therefore to both parents at a stage of planning of pregnancy will not prevent to refrain from alcohol intake.
Сдайте анализы
Make tests
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At a stage of planning of pregnancy together with the husband make tests: the general analysis of urine and blood, the analysis on hepatitis, infections, sexually transmitted, ToRCH-infections. Both parents should define also a blood Rhesus factor to reveal a possible Rhesus factor conflict. Women should take a blood test on hormones taking into account a phase of a menstrual cycle, and to men – a spermogram.
Пройдите медосмотр
Undergo medical examination
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The obligatory program of future parents includes visit of the therapist, stomatologist, ENT specialist, and also other specialists as required. That to the woman to reveal diseases of the bodies of a small pelvis breaking ability to conceive it is necessary to undergo ultrasonography which is done in the first phase of a cycle.
Займитесь здоровьем мужа
Be engaged in health of the husband
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Do not forget that your husband has to take active part in pregnancy planning process too. Therefore you watch his correct way of life. Excess weight, sedentary work – all this leads to deterioration in blood circulation in the field of a basin. And it reduces male fertility and worsens quality of sperm.
Скорректируйте рацион питания
Correct a food allowance
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For few months before conception exclude all semi-finished products, fat and too salty food, fast food from the diet. Consider that development of spermatozoa – the process controlled by hormones. And the hormonal background is easily broken by anabolic steroids. Therefore if your husband is an athlete, let for a while will refuse their reception.
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One more factor influencing reproductive function of men is temperature. The state which is followed by fervescence to 38 degrees and above is undesirable. So, the man has cold only a couple of days, and on recovery of reproductive function then it is required of 3 months and more. And in general, for conception it is better for future fathers to refuse visits of saunas and baths.
Контролируйте вес
Control weight
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With an excess weight it is difficult to women to become pregnant as fatty tissue produces estrogen and accumulates it in an organism that leads to hormonal disturbances. If you weigh less than 45 kg and every month lose about 10% of the weight, then there is a probability of lack of an ovulation that in general makes conception impossible.
Наполните рацион витаминами
Fill a diet with vitamins
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The diet of future parents has to be the most balanced. If you have a shortage of these or those vitamins, then is not excluded that during pregnancy of a cell of a fruit will badly grow and share, the placenta and blood vessels in a uterus will not be able correctly to be created.
К чему приводит нехватка витаминов
What shortage of vitamins leads to
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Development of defects of a neurotubule in a fruit quite often turns out to be consequence of shortage in an organism of the woman of folic acid. Shortage of vitamin C is connected with a premature rupture of fetal membranes, and at deficit of zinc the risk of premature placental detachment and development of inborn defects in a fruit is high.
Витаминные комплексы
Vitamin complexes
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Even if you are sure that your diet is most balanced, all the same accept a vitamin and mineral complex. The matter is that for today food stuffs not always contain enough nutrients. Therefore vitamin and mineral complexes will become a guarantee that all necessary vitamins and minerals come to your organism.
Выберите правильный момент
Choose the right time
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The only favorable time for conception of the child is the period of an ovulation – the period when the ripened ovum leaves an ovary. After she went out for a walk, she is ready to conception for 48 hours then she perishes.
А сперматозоиды?
And spermatozoa?
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It is necessary to chityvat that spermatozoa are capable to live in the woman's organism for 3-7 days therefore they can quite meet the ovum which came for "walk" already in a female body. As a rule, the ovulation at the woman occurs for 12-16 day of a cycle.
Регулярный половой контакт
Regular sexual contact
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Sexual contacts have to be regular, but it does not mean at all that it is necessary to have sex on 3-4 times per day. Besides, so high sexual activity, on the contrary, leads to decrease in chances of conception as in a male body the cells ready to fertilization will not manage to be synthesized. Optimum frequency of occupations sex – once in 2 days or 3 times a week.
Избегайте стрессов
Avoid stresses
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Any stress has negative effect on an organism, destabilizing work of all bodies including bodies of reproductive system. So, at women against the background of a chronic stress ovulations can be gone, and at men – to arise sexual dysfunction. Therefore for planning of pregnancy it is necessary to do everything possible to exclude stressful situations from the life.


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