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Лечение аденомиоза и профилактикаOne of the most mysterious diseases in gynecology is endometriosis. As well as all terms in medicine the word is formed of two components: эндометр (ий) and a suffix – the lake. A suffix "оз" designate the pathological process proceeding as chronic, but without strong indications of an inflammation. The endometria is an inside layer of a uterus which part is torn away every month. When there occurs pregnancy, any monthly does not happen. If only the woman does not have an adenomyosis at which in initial terms emergence of sanious allocations is possible.

The periods center outside anatomic localization is called endometriosis. This general name of process and when the adenomyosis means, the uterus is involved, and any other bodies.

The bloody allocations containing endometria cells are normal, are allocated from a vagina. When the center of menstrual activity is in a uterus wall, they are torn away not completely. Besides, the adenomyosis is regarded as the opukholepodobny disease inclined to growth and innidiation. Cells from the center have no cancer activity, nevertheless, the adenomyosis is followed by strong pain.

Mechanism of development and reason of emergence of endometriosis and adenomyosis

Endometriosis is divided on genital, that is, the adenomyosis at which uterus suffers, and extragenital – when the center of periods is located outside body. According to the embryonal theory of development of endometriosis, at laying of bodies of a fruit there is a failure of the genetic program therefore cells of an internal cover of a uterus appear in other bodies. In an eye iris of the eye, for example. Similar incidents meet in 2-3% of cases.

Most often the adenomyosis develops, the uterus at the same time increases by the end of each menstrual cycle. The uterus represents hollow, powerful muscular body which width of walls reaches 1-3 centimeters. Uterus wall layers:

  • Mucous – an endometria;
  • Muscular – a myometrium;
  • Serous – makes an external cover of body.

The inside layer – an endometria increases to the middle of each cycle, in the second phase there is a maturing of cells. During monthly they are torn away in a cavity of the uterus. At an adenomyosis of a cell of an endometria appear in a muscular layer. The similar arrangement is the main cause of illness. Business that cells of an inside layer of a uterus, being outside anatomic localization, continue to function. They in the same way increase in sizes, irritating pain receptors of muscles of a uterus. In a bleeding time at an adenomyosis of the patient note the insignificant, smearing allocations of chocolate color. Cells of the center of the endometriosis located in a muscular layer of a uterus are so torn away. As endometrioid fabric is inclined to growth, the centers of an adenomyosis extend deep into uterus walls that aggravates the course of a disease.

The main reason for which endometriosis, this disturbance of personal hygiene of the woman develops. At an adenomyosis which begins within a uterus a bit different reasons.

Disturbances of the personal hygiene in the period of monthly bleedings leading to endometriosis:

  • Bathing in an open reservoir or in a bathroom;
  • Sex life during monthly;
  • Ignoring of instructions for use vulval pads.

When bathing during monthly, irrespective of quality of laying, at immersion in water on a belt, owing to pressure difference, there is an absorption of cells of an endometria in uterine tubes. Endometrioid cysts, more rare, an adenomyosis are so formed if bleeding proceeds after abortion.

At sex life the rule of a difference of pressure between the environment and internal generative organs in the same way works. Endometriosis of pipes and a peritoneum is so formed.

Contents of vulval pads, after six-hour use are exposed to the return absorption. If on a mucous membrane of a uterus there are microcracks, the adenomyosis develops, at their absence – cells of an endometria move ahead to uterus appendages.

Reasons of development of an adenomyosis exclusively surgical:

  • Operation with the abortion purpose at which, the muscular layer of a uterus is inevitably damaged;
  • Cesarean section with penetration of cells of an endometria into space between seams.

After operation on extraction of a fruit the adenomyosis develops much less often as cells of an inside layer of a uterus lose activity in connection with the physiological end of pregnancy.

Adenomyosis symptoms

Displays of a disease characteristic and to confuse them with other manifestations very difficult. All symptoms of an adenomyosis have accurate communication with a hormonal cycle:

  • Increase in the sizes of a uterus before monthly and reduction after them;
  • Increase of pains in the bottom of a stomach and a waist is closer to the term of monthly bleedings;
  • Allocations of chocolate color before and after monthly;
  • Infertility against the background of an anovulatory syndrome.

Аденомиоз матки - признаки и методы диагностикиFirst symptoms of an adenomyosis are maleficiated and are perceived as usual premenstrual change of an organism. Then, in process of progressing, intensity of pains increases, and time increases. Patients feel pains not only before monthly, but also is constant.

Treatment of an adenomyosis

The disease is accompanied by a hormonal background of the woman therefore treatment of an adenomyosis is effective only with use of hormonal therapy. Operation becomes only according to vital indications when endometrioid fabric sprouts all layers of a uterus to an abdominal cavity. But even after removal of a uterus treatment of an adenomyosis continues with use of hormonal drugs. There are several ways of hormonal correction at an adenomyosis having a different focus:

  • Termination of menstrual function;
  • Pregnancy;
  • Regulation of a hormonal cycle.

Drugs are appointed by the doctor the obstetrician-gynecologist who chooses the most suitable, optimum method of treatment.

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