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Short description of a disease

АлкоголизмAlcoholism – a serious social problem. Its sources in demoralization of society and in personal problems of the certain person: inability to take place in professional and family life, uncertainty in tomorrow. And still the alcoholism is a serious illness. And let its reasons are unseemly, and are expressed in systematic alcoholism, the reason of many troubles - the alcoholic's families, nevertheless, alcoholics, as well as patients with any other disease, need adequate treatment and prevention of alcoholism. The second point is not less important the first as it is possible to continue to remain the alcoholic even if the last glass of vodka was drunk 10 years ago.

Alcoholism stages

On severity of a disease allocate 3 stages of alcoholism.

First stage of alcoholism

It is often called household alcoholism. The alcoholic of this type can daily take alcoholic drinks, at the same time is strong not get drunk and even to be proud of alcohol resistance of the organism. The hungover syndrome still is absent, but mental dependence on alcohol begins to form. The person is irritated, angry if he cannot drink a shot glass in a minute - another. Alcoholics at this stage seldom ask for the help the doctor. They do not admit to themselves and surrounding available problems, but if the first stage of alcoholism lasts several years, it will pass into qualitatively other form of a disease.

Second stage of alcoholism

Joins symptoms of the previous form of a disease hungover, it is an abstinence syndrome. The disease is expressed in feeling of weakness, all body pain, nightmares, deterioration in appetite in a sober state. Alcohol intake helps to reduce manifestation of these symptoms partially. At the alcoholic of the second stage gradually begin to change the personality and mental capacities. Already on this phase of alcoholism the first manifestations of a complication of a disease – a tremens or delirium tremens are possible. The second alcoholism stages can also proceed several years.

Third or final stage of alcoholism

Serious pathologies of a pancreas and liver of the alcoholic reduce tolerance of his organism to alcohol. The person takes alcohol in the frequent small portions now, and in his body irreversible changes collect. Signs of the third stage of alcoholism are serious somatic and neurologic pathologies: hepatitis, cirrhosis, pancreas necrosis, stomach ulcer, polyneuritis, etc. The final stage of alcoholism proceeds no more than 3 years and comes to an end with a lethal outcome.

Beer alcoholism

Beer alcoholism is considered one of the most burning issues of mass alcohol intake. The fashion for beer is cultivated by producers of this low alcohol drink. I am eager to satisfy beer as a way, beer for mood in the good company, beer for appearance a hair and fortresses of nails … Beer alcoholism becomes the reason of many serious problems with health caused not only by the use of regular small doses of alcohol, but also the unlimited use of liquid in the drink and after it. It is no secret, that beer is quite often drunk to a vprikusk with the salty fish, chips, croutons and other products causing thirst.

In medical circles there is a term "beer heart", for designation of the pathology accompanying beer alcoholism. Systematic overflow of circulatory system of the person liquid leads to the increased arterial pressure, increase in load of heart, expansion of cavities of body and its hypertrophy.

Beer alcoholism – at all rather offensive phenomenon. Except heart pathologies at the person who is regularly using beer the inflammations of a gullet and a stomach caused by influence of cobalt as a part of intoxicated drink meet more often. Beer alcoholism leads to early wear of kidneys and a pancreas, significantly reduces a potentiality and fertility (ability to fertilization) at the man.

Female alcoholism

Female alcoholism – even more acute social issue and a serious illness. To allocate female alcoholism as a separate type of a disease, inborn bad portability of alcohol the woman's organism forces. The clinic of female alcoholism and its complications considerably differs from male alcoholism.

So, for example, if it is required to the man up to 10 years of regular alcoholism to become the alcoholic, at the woman the first stage of alcoholism proceeds no more than 3 years. And further the accelerated increase of symptoms and manifestation of the complications accompanying female alcoholism is observed: hepatitises, pancreas necrosis, cirrhosis. Quickly there are also personal changes: sensitivity, malignancy, hysteria, sexual dissoluteness develop. Female alcoholism is less widespread today, than men's, but under adverse social circumstances, strong emotional shocks, work in pub or at the relatives abusing alcohol, the woman becomes an alcoholic before the man.

Treatment and prevention of alcoholism

Лечение алкоголизмаAs well as any other disease, alcoholism needs treatment. And the earlier it will be begun, the result will be more effective. The problem of therapy of alcoholism is complicated often by unwillingness of patients to be exempted from an addiction. In such cases treatment of the alcoholic is done under pressure of a family or administrative services. It is carried out in the conditions of a narcological hospital and consists of several stages.

At the very beginning of therapy to the alcoholic help to get rid of a hungover syndrome medicamentally. Isolation in a narcoclinic is in that case necessary to eliminate the minimum probability of contact of the patient with alcohol. The second stage in treatment of alcoholism proceeds months or even years and consists in recovery of the general state of health spoiled by regular alcoholism. During this stage of therapy of alcoholism different methods of coding – implantation under skin of the drugs causing disgust for alcohol are usually in addition applied. And at the third stage there is a social rehabilitation of the alcoholic by means of the psychotherapist and sobriety society, and also at family support.

Unfortunately, successful healing from alcoholism not always gives a 100% guarantee from palindromias. Prevention of alcoholism at the person having the diagnosis of alcohol addiction in the anamnesis continues all life and assumes full refusal of alcohol.

Prevention of alcoholism at healthy people, especially among youth – a task of the state, public organizations, medical institutions, families, schools. In fight against a dangerous disease all methods of prevention of alcoholism are good: explanatory conversations, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, restriction for sale of alcohol, etc.

The use of alcoholic drinks in Russia and the world

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