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Pyramidon – non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug with the expressed anesthetic, febrifugal, antiinflammatory and antirheumatic action.

Form of release and structure

Pyramidon is produced in the form of tablets on 0,25 g, 2% of solution in ampoules (on 1 ml) also by 4% of solution in ampoules (on 5 and 10 ml). In one packaging – 6 tablets or 10-100 ampoules of drug.

Active ingredient pyramidon and caffeine-sodium benzoate is a part of means.

Indications to use

According to the instruction, Pyramidon is recommended to be accepted at fever, neuralgia, a miositis, acute joint rheumatism, arthritis, a chorea.

Effectively kills a headache.

Drug, thanks to its good tolerance, is also recommended to apply to treatment of acute rheumatic polyarthritis at children.


According to the instruction, Pyramidon is contraindicated at:

  • Blood diseases;
  • Ulcer gastrointestinal diseases;
  • Lactations and pregnancies;
  • Acute gastric and intestinal bleedings;
  • Hypersensitivity to means.

Do not appoint drug to children up to 14 years.

Pyramidon should be used with care at bronchial asthma and the revealed hypersensitivity to other non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Route of administration and dosage

In most cases Pyramidon is accepted on 1 tablet (250-300mg) 3-4 times a day.

At acute rheumatism drug is appointed to accept 1,5-2-3 g/days in a dosage. Treatment at this disease is required long, it is carried out before disappearance of symptoms of an acute course of rheumatism then for 2-3 weeks the patient passes a maintenance therapy, accepting 0,6-0,9 g/days.

Drug to children appoint 0,025-0,15 g in a one-time dosage. More exact dose is defined by the doctor depending on age of the child.

Side effects

Drug can oppress hemopoiesis process therefore at Pyramidon use surely it is necessary to control a condition of blood regarding development of an agranulocytosis with a leukopenia.

Besides, means in certain cases can cause rash on skin and other allergic reactions.

Special instructions

Use of Pyramidon in the form of solution cannot be combined with salts of the organic nitrogen-containing bases and alkaloids, with oxidizers, and its powder - with menthol, methyl-isopropyl phenol, aspirin, resorcin, tsinkhonfeny, salol.

It is noted that the anesthetizing effect of drug amplifies at its combination to caffeine, analginum, acetphenetidiene, phenobarbital.


Analogs of means are the following drugs:

  • Amidozonum;
  • Amidafebrinum;
  • Dimapyrinum;
  • Anafebrinum;
  • Dimethyl-amino-phenazone;
  • Piramon;
  • Aminophenazonum;
  • Novamidonum;
  • Pyramidon;
  • Dimetilamino-antipirin;
  • Dinapirin.

Besides, produce the combined drugs which part Amidopirin is. Among them there is Pyranal, Piraminal, Novomigrophenum, Pyranal, Pyraphenum, Pyrcophenum, Amizol, Piramein.

Terms and storage conditions

Pyramidon should be stored in the dry cool place protected from sunshine.

The period of validity makes 2 years.

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