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Pineapple extract

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БАД Ананаса экстрактPineapple extract – the dietary supplement to food (dietary supplement) having enzymatic activity and applied to control of body weight.

Form of release and structure

Dietary supplement is produced in tablets a dosage of 200 mg, on 40 pieces in packaging.

Effect of drug is caused by properties of the bromelayn which is its part received from stalks and pulp of pineapple. Bromelayn represents a complex of the proteolytic enzymes participating in process of the proteolysis and making positive impact on digestion.

The vitamins which are a part of drug, organic acids, essential oils, mineral substances, phenolic connections strengthen immunity, take part in a metabolism and have fortifying effect on an organism.

Indications to use

Pineapple extract is recommended to be accepted for correction of weight, and also for normalization of processes of digestion of proteins and digestion of food.


Drug is contraindicated to persons with individual intolerance of the components which are its part and also to women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Route of administration and dosage

Pineapple extract is accepted within 4 weeks on one tablet a day during meal.

The expressed effect is observed when administration of drug is accompanied by a proteinaceous diet and intensive exercise stresses.

Side effects

As a rule, use of extract of pineapple does not cause side effects. In certain cases at hypersensitivity to components of drug development of skin allergic reactions is possible.

At emergence of by-effects it is necessary to consult with the doctor.

Special instructions

At the weak enzymatic activity of a gastric secret which is characterized by frequent abdominal distention, fermentation and developments of stagnation constant use of extract of pineapple in the recommended dosage for digestion improvement is admissible.

Before reception of dietary supplement it is recommended to consult with the treating specialist.


Similar action dietary supplements to food Bromelayn with apple cider vinegar and Solgar Bromelayn possess.

Conditions and periods of storage

Pineapple extract is recommended to be stored in the dry, protected from impact of a sunlight place at a temperature of 10-25 °C.

Drug is good for use within 3 years of date of production.

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Pineapple extract тбл No. 40, Evalar (Biysk)

289 rub.

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