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Useful properties of avocado

From the medical point of view in avocado all is useful: fruits, leaves, seeds. In fruits there are practically no proteins and sugar therefore it can be included in structure of medical diets. Leaves and seeds of this fruit have the healing properties, from them accept broth at dysentery, coloenterites, colitis chronic.

Польза авокадо

Useful properties of avocado are defined by the vitamins K which are in it, F, S, E, V6. Therefore avocado is useful at bad immunity, low hemoglobin, nervous exhaustions.

Also antineoplastic property of avocado is revealed. Phytochemicals and phytonutrients were found in fruits - these elements destroy tumor cells.

Avocado helps to acquire carotinoids – the organic matters which are well influencing a condition of eyes, skin, teeth. In total 50gr pulp of avocado increases assimilation by the person of carotinoids twice.

It is established that the regular use of fruit promotes removal of irritability, drowsiness and fatigue, increase in working capacity, improvement of overall health. These useful properties of avocado are provided by the substance of a mannogeptuloz reducing the level of glucose and promoting its best assimilation by brain cells.

Thanks to the potassium of avocado which is a part normalizes transfer of nervous impulses, recovers work of muscular system, water-salt balance.

Avocado and as the antioxidant which is slowing down aging processes, protecting organism cells from free radicals is known.

In cosmetology use fruits and oil of avocado. Oil is effective for increase in immunity of skin, recovery of protective function of epidermis, and pulp of fruits, thanks to the content of fats, protects dry skin, prevent emergence of wrinkles. Avocado for recovery of the splitting, oily and dry hair is useful.

Use of avocado

Fortifying properties of avocado can be used during rehabilitation after the postponed infections and other diseases, at avitaminosis.

As the dietary product of avocado is useful at diabetes, dyspepsia, Qatar of a stomach, gastritis, a cataract, a lock.

Ability of fruit to reduce amount of cholesterol therefore it is included in a diet at a hypertension, an anemia, atherosclerosis is known.

At dysentery, colitis, the coloenteritis which is followed by diarrhea prepare such infusions from avocado leaves:

  • one tablespoon of leaves is filled in by 300 g of water, cook 8 minutes. Later maintain two hours and filter. Drink such infusion on a half-glass for three times a day min. for 30 to food. Treatment lasts two or three weeks.
  • In the same proportions also avocado seeds infusion cooks. Drink it in 30 min. prior to meal, on a half-glass. Treatment lasts two or three weeks.

For recovery of dry hair prepare a mask from one ripe fruit of avocado, two tablespoons of olive oil, and egg. A mask hold half an hour on hair. If an oily hair, instead of olive oil and egg adds honey and kefir.

For moistening of face skin it is possible to make a mask of pulp of avocado and olive oil. Means is put on a face, a neck, washed away in 15 min. The mask from avocado, grated carrots, an egg yolk and honey is useful to the dry and withering skin.

Avocado oil for care of hair, skin, nails can be used in pure form, it is possible to add to finished cosmetic products for strengthening of their efficiency, it is possible to mix with other oils. Practice massages, grindings and applications with oil.

Inside oil of avocado is accepted for the prevention of a heart attack and a stroke, treatment of ulcers of a GIT, gastritis, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, infertility. Oil helps and at deterioration in a potentiality, problems with production of milk at the feeding women.

Drink avocado oil on one teaspoon 2 times a day to food – minutes for 40. The course of treatment lasts 20 or 30 days. At the same time oil of dark green color with a nut smell and taste is more useful. If color at oil yellow, so it underwent cleaning, and is not so effective.

Смузи из авокадо

To choose really useful avocado, it is necessary to examine attentively it – on its peel there should not be cracks, spots, a surface softishly and gives in to easy pressing by a finger. It is desirable to put a firm fruit on ripening on two or three days.


Avocado cannot be used only with its individual intolerance.

It is important to clear a fruit correctly: in a stone there are a lot of toxins which are emitted at contact with air. Having cut fruit, the stone needs to be removed quickly. It is possible to store cut by avocado only in the refrigerator, it is no more than two days. In order that pulp did not turn black, it is sprinkled lemon juice.

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