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Воспаление крайней плоти и головки полового члена - баланопоститBalanoposthitis is called the combined inflammation of a prepuce and a balanus. At the localized inflammation only of a prepuce the disease is called "posthitis", and the isolated inflammatory process only of a balanus is called as "balanitis".

To balanoposthitis most often leads insufficient respect for hygiene of generative organs to a delicate male disease. As a result of it under a prepuce the ideal environment for reproduction of streptococci, stafilokokk, colibacillus and other causative organisms is formed.

The infection can get on a penis of the man during the unprotected sex if the partner has a vagina dysbacteriosis. Also infectious infection of a balanus at oral or proctal contact is possible. Allergic and toxic forms of a balanoposthitis meet much less often.

Among the factors provoking development of a balanoposthitis call also a phymosis (narrowing of skin of a prepuce). This disease leads to an incomplete exposure of a balanus and, therefore, to its insufficient hygiene.

Conditions for reproduction of an infection and development of a balanoposthitis can create the diseases connected with disbolism and with considerable decrease in immunity, for example, a diabetes mellitus.

Balanoposthitis symptoms

Clinical symptoms of a balanoposthitis are reddening, and also strong swelled a prepuce and a balanus. Patients with symptoms of a balanoposthitis complain of a burning sensation or an itch. Quite often the disease is followed by genital allocations with an unpleasant smell. The balanoposthitis sometimes causes increase in lymph inguinal nodes and an ulceration of a balanus.

The pus emitted from a preputial bag (a skin fold of a prepuce of a penis) is considered later symptom of a balanoposthitis. Long inflammatory process leads to decrease in sensitivity of a balanus and can affect quality of an orgasm.

Ignoring of symptoms of a balanoposthitis can also end with spread of an infection to an urinary system, development of an urethritis, pyelonephritis, renal failure, etc.

Diagnosis of a balanoposthitis

The diagnosis "balanoposthitis" is established by the doctor-urologist during physical survey. Carrying out additional analyses at explicit clinical symptoms of a balanoposthitis, as a rule, is not required.

In diferentsionny diagnosis of a balanoposthitis from a disease of Reuters, depriving of skin, a leukoplakia or oncology of a penis studying of bacterial crops of allocations of an urethra, a prepuce and balanus are applied. Sometimes also the biopsy of fabrics of generative organs is necessary.

Treatment of a balanoposthitis

Treatment of a balanoposthitis complex also includes the solution of, at least, 3 tasks. To treat a balanoposthitis, as well as the majority of other infectious diseases, it is necessary using antiseptic agents and immunomodulators. The head and a prepuce of a penis is recommended to be processed Miramistin or Hlorgeksidin's solutions within 1 week and longer.

It is also important to remember that hormonal drugs in treatment of a balanoposthitis are practically not used today, and prescription of antibiotics is justified only in case of the proved bacterial etiology of a disease.

How to treat a balanoposthitis by means of immunomodulators?

Drugs for local increase in immunity are appointed individually with the purpose to improve protective properties of a mucous membrane of generative organs. Most often at a balanoposthitis rectal reception of Genferon or irrigation by Tsikloferon is recommended.

Effective treatment of a balanoposthitis is possible only at observance of the strengthened intimate hyena. Patients are recommended to wash carefully generative organs several times a day with warm soap solution. After a shower careful drainage of a balanus is obligatory.

How to treat a balanoposthitis of the complicated form?

Крем для лечения баланопоститаAt the balanoposthitis complicated by a paraphimosis (infringement of a balanus) surgical treatment is applied. Circumcision at a balanoposthitis can be made by means of the laser or a surgical scalpel.

The procedure is carried out under local anesthesia. Anemic, so-called manual reposition of a head at a balanoposthitis works well seldom. For prevention of repeated infringements at recurrent cases of a balanoposthitis carrying out a tsirkumtsiziya (trimming of a prepuce) is recommended.

Prevention of a balanoposthitis

It is possible to avoid development of a balanoposthitis or a recurrence of a disease by means of careful intimate hygiene. The second important factor of male health is the responsible attitude of the partner to the health. Regular surveys at the gynecologist will allow it to reveal timely dysbacteriosis of a vagina and will prevent development of a balanoposthitis in the man.

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