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Useful properties of batata

Batata or sweet potatoes as it is called still, concerns to family of a morning-glory family. From more than 1000 types, this vegetable culture is the most valuable foodstuff. Come from Central and South America, thanks to the useful properties batata is widely cultivated in warm and wet regions now.

Батат - сладкий картофель

According to many researches, on content in total of all nutrients batata occupies one of leading places among the known vegetables, it is recommended to include in the diet as vitamin and fortifying means.

Nearly 5% of vitamin structure of batata are the share of ascorbic acid. Also it contains a large number of Niacinum (RR vitamin) which is irreplaceable for normal functioning of a nervous system and exerts the activating impact on bark of big hemispheres. The lack of this vitamin B an organism is caused by the uniform refined food and is shown as reddening and a peeling of sites of skin, open for the sun, and also serves one of the depression reasons. In addition in batata there is a lot of also other vitamins – In, And, K and E, thiamin and Riboflavinum. For saturation of an organism as vitamin A it is better to choose dark orange grades of batata in which it contains much more.

Sweet potatoes batata surpasses in the content of potassium practically all known vegetable cultures. Also phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron and sodium are its part. Caloric content of batata makes 61 kcal, at the same time it practically does not contain fats and proteins.

Carry the starch which is contained in a large number which is important as the emollient and enveloping means at treatment of diseases of digestive tract to the main useful properties of batata. Sweet potatoes batata in general are saturated with complex carbohydrates, cellulose and food fibers and recommended to people with digestive disturbances which do not transfer cellulose of traditional vegetables – carrots, beet or cabbage.

Also progesterone is a part of batata that does it by valuable foodstuff in a climacteric. On the last researches sweet potatoes have property to promote stabilization of sugar in blood that allows to use it at a diabetes mellitus.

In addition it is considered that batata provides normal activity of kidneys and a liver, influences elasticity of blood vessels, and also is prevention of development of oncological diseases.

Use of batata

Sweet potatoes are widely applied in many kitchens of the world. Some grades of batata taste like bananas, chestnuts or a melon. In the countries where it is widely cultivated, batata is the main food crop. In Uganda the root crops which are dried up in the sun with peanut sauce are widely used, in Egypt and China from it cook street fast food.

Eat sweet potatoes crude, baked, boiled and stewed. And the low caloric content of batata allows to use it in a daily diet, without being afraid to gain excess weight. For fresh salads it is rubbed on a large grater, it is especially well combined with juice from a lemon or a lime. It is possible to add to salads also leaves of a plant which are also rich with useful substances. Boiled and baked batata is recommended to eat with a pickles. In China sweet potatoes with wheat porridge are considered very useful.

Жареный батат

Batata it is possible to combine with any meat and grain. At preparation of dishes from batata it is the best of all to use hot spices – a curry, ginger and pepper which supplement sweet taste of a root crop.

Batata dishes – an integral part of American cuisine. From it prepare a set of sweet dishes with butter and brown sugar, and also use as an alternative to usual potatoes.


Batata, being the most valuable food culture in the world, has no special contraindications except individual intolerance which is shown as allergic reaction.

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